Eddie Cibrian Fires Back at Brandi Glanville, Calls Her A Liar


Former RHOBH star Brandi Glanville has never held her tongue when speaking about her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian and his new wife LeAnn Rimes. As we previously reported, Glanville just revealed that her Christmas was “hell” because Rimes posted photos with her children over the holidays, and now Cibrian is speaking out.

“It upsets me,” Eddie told PEOPLE. “Brandi is lying. She lies for the sake of publicity and she has to bring in my wife unfortunately for it to make headlines. It isn’t fair. She never asked LeAnn to not post pictures of the kids during the holidays, ever. They don’t even talk!”

Brandi claimed that seeing LeAnn post photos of the children made her sad because it reminded her that she wasn’t with them, to which Eddie replied, “She sees the kids as much as I do. She was with them for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. And I miss my kids tremendously when they’re not with me, but I don’t ask her not to post pictures.”

“It’s unfair for LeAnn,” Eddie added. “What has she done? Nothing, but love the children.”

After Eddie’s interview went public, Glanville fired back at him on Twitter. “Sad that my ex has to go to the press & call me a liar when HIS LIES broke up our family he knows I [sic] cud just share our emails & be vindicated,” she wrote. “What mom wouldn’t want HER kids full time? They have been with me since birth. Im glad they have Leann to support them cuz u can’t.”

In the end, Eddie said that he doesn’t want the comments in the press to affect their children. “They’re well-adjusted. But it saddens me that they can get on the Internet and get influenced by this negativity that only comes from one side. That’s really disheartening,” Eddie said. “[Our sons] have a mother who loves them, and a father and a stepmother who loves them. That’s all that should matter.”

Brandi tweeted, “I deleted a couple tweets [sic] I really don’t want to start this new year feuding with my baby daddy,” Brandi wrote. “Let’s stay positive (me included).”

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104 Replies to “Eddie Cibrian Fires Back at Brandi Glanville, Calls Her A Liar”

  1. I have always hated the term, “baby daddy” and “baby mama” It reminds me every time of the total breakdown of moral parenting and children not being the most important thing. It makes me sick and makes me glad I am getting older. I won’t be around to witness another generation of this disease.

    1. No Jake the only dumbass is the one that falls for Brandi Glanville whining over having to share custody… all she cares about is herself!

      1. then I wish a creepy woman would steal your husband and your small children half the time for you to understand it 😉 She was asked a question and answered it. If you actually think Brandi lies about feeling bad about seeing pics of her kids on lean’s instagram then you’re a pretty big dumbass as well babe

        1. I feel pretty certain that Sherry avoids being a drunken mess all the time who acts like a spoiled teenager in public to avoid her husband wanting to leave her in the first place. And she likely isn’t married to the kind of guy who bangs every cocktail waitress within a 50 mile radius. Seriously, how the hell is all of this Leann’s fault? Brandi acts like an idiot to the point that no one in their right mind would want to be married to her, and Eddie is a sleazy bastard. They are the ones to blame here. You can’t “steal” a husband who was seeing everyone on the side anyway, and you can’t destroy a marriage that was already a mess.

      2. She actually provided the email, to Mr. Real Housewife, sent in November asking that Leann not share holiday photos of the kids bc it upsets her. She said it’s fine any other time. I cannot stand Brandi, but I do believe it is incredibly painful for her, and I feel for her in this situation.

  2. I find it funny how Eddie and wife are always the victim. They cheat and it’s bad for brandie to be upset. ..I’m not a fan of brandie, but she has every right to be pissed off…not everyone that get married are going to make it,but if he or she are not happy they can be an adult and get out before they cheat!

    As far as her boys…yah someone playing mom to my kids…not ok! Get your own!

    1. It has been many years. She should make like Frozen and LET IT GO! She’s been dining out on being a scorned wife for too damn long, and she should be happy someone else also loves her children instead of using them like pawns in her publicity game. She has nerve complaining about him talking to the press when she has verbal diarrhea herself.

      1. Agree. Not fair on the kids to have to be her therapist. She needs to learn to handle her emotions. It’s very SELFISH. Regardless of who was right or wrong 13 yrs ago it’s time to move on at least in public for the kids’ sake.

        1. That being said I also agree that Leann should leave the photos off social media. I’m more commenting on the boys having to handle their mom breaking down. Putting that on social media isn’t helpful either. Everyone needs to put the kids first. These two women are both at fault.

          1. What’s also interesting about this story is that Tamra commented on nic Richie’s Instagram post all about step parenting. That was 2 days ago . . And slightly more interesting than a verbatim People recap.

          2. I always wonder if the kids themselves wanted to post them. It is such a natural thing now to immediately post the photos to instagram or FB. I doubt very seriously anyone was doing it to hurt Brandy. She should be ashamed of herself for saying she had to get the vodka out because her kids were happy. They don’t understand, and shouldn’t have to be made to understand the nuances of her pain. We get to be kids for such a short time, the rest of our lives we spend as adults, well, most of us anyway.

            1. I have to agree. The kids may be spending a lot of time on the therapy couch in the future talking about how mom needed to pull out the vodka bottle to cope. AND that she announced it to the world on social media shaming their father and step mom. They are half of their father so probably feeling half shamed in the process. Yuck. Pull it together Brandi.

              1. They can just slip it into the sessions were they are discussing how step mom, slept with dad while mom was still pregnant. Or how mom kindly asked step mom to stop posting pictures and they ignored her requested.

                1. It’s not the kids responsibility to sort that out. Speaking from experience. I agree Leann should stop posting but mom needs to get it together.

                2. Aside from everything that has gone on (which is all pretty bad) my main point I was trying to make is that learning coping skills is important. Pulling out a bottle is not a coping skill – it’s not good. I worry that the boys won’t know how to cope with emotional trials as they grow up. That’s all. Leann and Eddie are no angels. And aside from feeling bad for the boys this isn’t a topic I care too much about. So I probably shouldn’t even comment bc I haven’t thought about it too much.

                  1. Ha! I agree with you and think you are doing well with your comment! Brandi does need to stop drinking so much and taking zanax (spelling?) and just concentrate on those boys, we all know she loves them that isn’t in question but she lashes out all of the time. I think Eddie is a waste of space and Leann shouldn’t post pictures, not on the holidays anyway. I just feel for those boys and what will happen as they grow up! So sad! 😀

    1. ORE, Reading this I just didn’t know what to say, other than I felt like crying for the kids. So your comment is perfect! ❤️

  3. ORE, Reading this I just didn’t know what to say, other than I felt like crying for the kids. So your comment is perfect! ❤️

  4. One other thing as I’m just catching up to see what I missed last night due to time difference what was all the nonsense about when she had the kids Christmas Day and Christmas Eve? My friend didn’t have her three as for the second year they were with her ex. She volunteered in a soup kitchen and delayed Christmas until the 28th when they were home.❤️

  5. I don’t approve of the things Eddie did, but I am with Eddie on this. I’m glad he stuck up for his wife. Brandi is a known liar and always seeking attention. She is a very “needy” and selfish person. Again the priority should be the children. And this should not be played out on social media for the children’s sake. Brandi needs to get over it, like it or not, they are together and have been for quite awhile. Given the way Brandi behaves, I can see why Eddie left.

  6. LeAnn has been insanely jealous of Brandi and using those kids as weapons against her since before they were even divorced, stalking them at school for starters. She’s trash and Eddie is a walking pile of vomit. This is horrible for the kids to have to watch the slime who helped break up their home hump their stupid father’s leg in her tacky little bikinis all the time.

    Brandi needs to go to the family court judge and get full custody with demented Eddie allowed supervised visits only , LeAnn not allowed anywhere in the vicinity. They should not be allowed to treat marriage as a temporary amusement and the kids as weapons.

    Brandi is far from perfect but she is a good mother and the seriously wronged party here. This situation is disgusting and those kids have been put through enough over their father’s zipper problem.

    1. I do believe she tried for sole custody and the judge didn’t grant that request. At this juncture it wouldn’t be the best thing for the kids for her pain to become once more more important than what is best for the boys. It is unfortunate that she has never grown into a strong woman. I used to cheer for her and think surely she will become a bigger, better person with some character. What she is teaching them is that her feelings override ANY AND ALL joy they have. She makes it clear that she alone has the right to stamp out anything that doesn’t keep HER FEELINGS at the top of everyone’s calendar, including the kids. That is what is so damn sad. They are going to become selfish, grubbing cheaters like their Dad because that is the only thing she seems to pay attention to publicly. Her revenge is drinking and “dating” to the point of oblivion. Yes, let’s do that and SHOW them what happens when you have some fun without her!

      1. Well said! Her woe is me attitude and just overall self-centered assholeishness is so tiresome and does not a ‘good’ Mother make.

  7. The difference is Brandi is the children’s mother. She also said if Eddie isn’t posting why should Leanne? Which I agree with. Two of my friends who are recently remarried it is in the custody that kids are not even to be on the new wife’s social media unless she is tagged in a photo but she may not post one of the kids. The other neither patent can put any pics of the kids on social media.

    1. Eddie did not lie, it is Brandi who is lying per usual. Brandi twisted the story so that an email from her to Eddie became a conversation between her and Leann. Why did Brandi do this, just like Eddie said Brandi uses Leann’s name to make headlines.

  8. It is all sad. I can see both sides in this argument, yet I wish they would all grow up, learn to be respectful of one another and think of those boys above themselves. The boys will grow up soon enough and learn to resent them all if they do not get their act together, like players on the same team and not in totally different leagues. Poor boys is right.

  9. So Brandi whines and airs hers business on Twitter and Instagram but when Eddie responds , she’s suddenly saddened that he goes to the media??? I agree with him on one thing, she’s perfected the art of how to create headlines. Once again a case of you can dish it out but you can’t take the response!!!

    1. I agree with what you said…I also find it ironic the things he chooses to respond. Funny when it’s about child support he’s quiet – it’s been reported he pays when he can – checks are scattered through out the month. I haven’t read a response from him (but I don’t really read all things Brandi and Eddie either).
      This situation has really given me pause because I am a mom, a ‘step’-mom and my children have a step mother. I love all of our children with all of my heart and would do anything for any of them. I used ‘step’ mother because mine call me momma k rather than ‘step’mom. I see now how posting pictures could upset the mom, at the same time considering my situation, should I post only pictures of my kids and not the others – not going to do it, it would hurt the kids feelings and it’s all about them.
      I believe Brandi did ask them not to post pictures at Christmas and they ignored her. Christmas is hard when the kids are young. I think Brandi was asked a question and she answered – her truth. I wish they could all three act like adult but then again look at who we’re talking about.

      1. kt I wish all step Mums could act like you and 3D. I know she is awesome and you also sound awesome. Life could be relatively simple if people would see things differently.

        1. Thanks! I love all of our kids unconditionally. Best thing I realized was they aren’t going to act like the ones I raised (by myself) so I accept them for who they are. I told them could call me whatever they wanted (as long as it didn’t start with a B -lol) they chose momma k! We are perfect all the time, we’ve had our trials, but love conquers all!

      2. Eddie did respond to Brandi’s LIE regarding child support. Brandi lied and said that Eddie wanted her to pay him child support but what was really going on had to do with a written agreement made between Brandi and Eddie a few years before where Eddie’s retirement fund would be used to offset any underpayment or overpayment of support.

        1. That is true. I believe she still loves Eddie, and that is where it all comes from. When it happened to me it killed the love, and I wish something could heal her wounded heart because she is wasting her only youth on him, a creep. I would have thought all the crappy stuff he does would kill it off for her. Just sad all around.

          1. Brandi is competitive and shallow. I think that if Eddie and Leann had broken up Brandi would have taken the end of her marriage to Eddie better but Leann “won” because Eddie ended up marrying her.

            The shallow part is that she is still attracted to Eddie because he’s hot. I know a lot of people think Eddie is not as good looking as he was years ago but Brandi has made comments indicating that she still thinks he’s a good looking guy.

        2. Also, I see your kids have a step. That didn’t happen to me, I just became a step-mom. Your posts have made me look at it differently, kt. Thanks. I do wish for her that she could “fall out of love” with Eddie. Then the pain wouldn’t be right at the top of her mind. I see her youth slipping away. And when I say youth, I mean it. 40’s and 50’s was young for me. I never felt old until, well, I just didn’t. I hope she finds some peace because she certainly doesn’t seem to have any now.

          1. It’s not easy, we are actually opposite of BG, mine don’t care for their stepmom which has made things difficult, but she doesn’t treat them right either. If anything she taught me what not to do. Anyway, glad it made you see a different side.

              1. It’s all good, they don’t really care for their dad either, he never had/has time for them. No bitterness here meant more time with me!

  10. Anything without the red heart in the top right hand corner is not me! I will get rid of them in a day or two!

  11. This story is like a few days old, since then Brandi did release the email, another blog posted a photograph of it, she sent an email back in November saying she appreciates that Leann loves the kids, but could she do her a favor and not post picture of her kids on social media over christmas, and only asks over christmas, she says Leann can posts photos any other time.

    So Eddie is again a proven liar, again.

    1. Yes, and it has been on the news here for days too…mostly entertainment news. I do not like Eddie or Leann, and though Brandi is not a favorite, some of what she asks makes sense. These boys really need parents who act like adults and not irate teenagers.

      1. Yeah, I think asking to not post pictures on social media is very fair. There’s no need to share the pictures publicly. Leann could take pictures and hang them up, if she knows it gonna upset Brandi why wouldn’t you just not post the pictures to keep the piece.

        1. I agree that posting pictures is not a necessity but Brandi posts pictures of her sons in general and posted pictures of them on holidays both before and after the email. Also the same time she supposedly sent this email she made a dig at Eddie on one of her podcasts which is typical Brandi, “boo hoo so and so should feel sorry for me because __________” and then bam “so and so is a c—, so and so is bankrupt, etc.”

  12. I don’t disagree with anyone on here but I’m SO SICK of this child custody bullsh*** being played out on social media. If Brandi asked her not to post pics over Christmas and Leann did it anyway, shame on her. But shame on Brandi for going to the media about it instead of directly taking it up with Leann and Eddie for Pete’s sake. This going back and forth is ridiculous and just like Tamara and Simon, ENOUGH already. The damn public is not judge and jury so take your crap to the courts and handle your business with your kids in a private matter. Just my opinion of course:)

    1. Brandi did already directly take it up with them, they ignored her. I actually think taking it up with the courts would be worse for the kids, it’s a lot more serious if it goes to the courts.

        1. Yeah another blog got a copy of the email from Brandis reps after Eddie said she lied, She sent an email on the 3rd of November asking them not to post pictures publicly over christmas, and only over christmas as any other time is fine, and then over christmas Leanna posted pictures.

        2. Brandi sent a long email to Eddie where she made the request, the email was also very “all about me” and also she took digs at Eddie like it being his fault that she has trust issues with men.

          Brandi said that she had a direct conversation with Leann and Leann’s reply was a refusal and yet Brandi’s proof is an email to Eddie. The email actually proves Eddie’s point because which is that “Brandi lies for publicity” and uses Leann’s name “to make headlines.”

      1. It actually isn’t for the kids unless you are callinlg them in to testify in front of the parents. Proceedings involving children are sealed, so there is no publicity to them. And that is exactly why Brandi isn’t taking this up with the courts.

        1. If it were for publicity, just like with LVP, why wouldn’t she have just gone straight to the press? Why send a private email, they ignore her request, and someone specifically asks her if she gets annoyed that Leann posts pictures of her children and she tells them how she privately emailed a month ago and they didn’t respect the mothers wishes.

          If she wanted publicity she wouldn’t do things in private. Eddie calls her a liar, she publicly wants to prove he’s lying so she goes to press – she clearly has no problem getting press, so there’s no need to send private emails and texts if she wants publicity.

          1. She didn’t go to the press to call Eddie a liar to begin with, she went to the press to play jilted wife YET AGAIN so she could get attention and make everyone feel sorry for her.

  13. I think Both parties need to step back and look at what they doing. The marriage ended a while ago… irrelevant of the reason it is time to move on and be civil for the sake of their kids. If either party wants to display there life and social media that is their choice. By putting this to the press/out in public it makes Brandi still looks very bitter,

    1. No, the reason is NOT irrelevant. The kids most likely hate the trash who helped break up their home and devastated their mother. They should not be required to accept such a person as a second mother. People talk about what’s best for the kids without having a thought or clue how it actually is from their point of view.

      1. I have to disagree. Who says there home was happy before when brandi and Eddie were together. We have no idea. From the looks of photos seems like the kids accept there stepmom. U can’t steal someone who doesn’t want to be stolen. There is a reason he kept cheating on brandi and so far not on Leanne. While I’m not blaming her, it’s likely that marriage would have ended anyway. He clearly was not happy

        1. Of course he won’t cheat on Leann she had the money! Saying that I can’t stand Brandi either’ but he is no role model for his kids. Poor kids!!

      2. I do wonder, in all honesty, even though it looks like she helped break them up, if she really knew they were TOGETHER. Granted, he is a liar and a cheater. But to believe Brandy, that she didn’t know anything was off is difficult for me. But back to Leann. I haven’t looked into her past at all, but did she really break up that marriage? Sheana was still involved with him when Leann came into the picture, so, if I believe Sheana at all that he was a great liar, how was Leann to know there was any chance he would stay married to Brandy. For all we know he could have shown her forged separation documents. Later when the whole thing hit the fan, she might have clammed up for his sake. She never gets to leave the home wrecker title behind, ever? Like Eileen, in Brandy’s opinion, that is a sin that is never forgiven? Wow. I just think it is about time, 13 years later, (is that even right, sounds to long) so 10 years though, for Brandy and everyone else to move on. From all reports, the boys do love her, she is good to them, and she does love them. I would just hate to be live in a place where one was NEVER forgiven. It has been proven over and over that children of divorce think that if they would have been better kids, their parents would still be together. Proven also that they have a much more difficult time trusting and/or having a lasting marriage when they are of age. What else are they going to have to live with. Constant shame for something they did like smiling and loving someone who their Dad so obviously loves? No matter what happened 10 years ago when the younger one was a baby is it fair to constantly speak publicly about someone they love. That can’t be good for their psyche.

        1. 3D you know I can’t stand Brandi, but she was pregnant when Leann started the affair. That alone would stop most people. She walked out on her husband once Brandi kicked him out. Yes by now she should be moving on, her whole ‘career’ has been built on the cheating and it’s way past time to let it go but that wouldn’t keep her in the public eye. I can’t stand Leann or Eddie all I feel is deep sorrow for those two boys. How messed up are they, a mother like her and a waste of space father who doesn’t work.

          1. I thought he had a job on CSI Miami. He did a while back but I don’t watch cop shows anymore so I don’t know. I don’t even know if Leann has any more hits out lately. It is sad, sad, sad, you are right about that. If Brandy could just see past the pain then maybe she could see a better way to handle things. How awful to be stuck in such a painful head-heart space for such a large chunk of her youth.

            1. It’s all just so sad as far as I know Leann only performs in small clubs now no large venues unless that has changed in the last few months. The reality show they did bombed, I just looked at IMDb and he has a few things plus CSI so my earlier comment was wrong but he hasn’t done much. But neither of them are good role models and I just feel so sad for the boys. Brandi really needs to get a grip of her life and show the boys how it can be done.

      3. I don’t think they hate her, do you really think that? If they did that would be so bad for them to carry the pain and hate of an adult matter in their young hearts. It hardens a young heart to have hate be a daily feeling. They are just children.

  14. The email was sent to Eddie…if it was sent at all….and Eddie’s quote to People reads like a partial quote to me…there was probably more said after this they didn’t print:

    “She never asked LeAnn to not post pictures of the kids during the holidays, ever. They don’t even talk!”

    And he was responding do this , which Brandi said during an interview.

    When the Interviewer hinted that LeAnn may be doing it just to piss Brandi off she responded:

    “Oh, she does 100 percent. I said it doesn’t make me mad; it hurts my feelings. It’s the holidays. I’m missing half of their life as it is. I tucked my tail and I went, ‘Please, just on the holidays, don’t do it. It kills me.’ And she’s like, ‘It’s my family too, and I’m going to do whatever I want,’” Brandi said. “That lack of respect, maybe if she had a child herself, she would understand it a little bit more, but it’s hard. You deal with it.”

    His point was ….Leann didn’t say that…because Leann and Brandi don’t talk.
    I also visited Leann’s Instagram page to see what she posts. She posts every day….and most of the pictures are of herself or a blackboard with quotes written on it. The sweater picture was not posted on Christmas…but on the 29th of December.

    Maybe Brandi should stop following Leann on Instagram.

    1. Brandi sent the email 3rd of November, 3 weeks layer on Thanksgiving day Leann posted a photo of Brandi’s children. If I sent an email and she specifically posted a photo on thanksgiving day, I’d take that as a “I’m gonna do whatever I want” too.

      The interview between Brandi and Nick Richi was recorded before Christmas but wasn’t released till January, the photos posted on the 29th (which is still the christmas period anyway) didn’t even exist when she did the interview, she’s referring to the photo posted on thanksgiving day in the interview.
      Leann just did it again posting more photos over a holiday period by posting pictures at christmas.

      1. Look, I get it. You are a big Brandi fan…so probably nothing she does will ever change that. I also get that she has been wronged, but she has been unmarried now far longer than she was ever married to Eddie. She has to move on…if only for her own sake. Maybe Leann is posting these pictures just to get to her , but if Brandi doesn’t follow Leann on Instagram, she will never know they were posted. The best revenge is living well…sitting around getting drunk and feeling sorry for yourself is not a good life. Nobody is making Brandi choose that ….except Brandi. Instead of opening bottles of wine and stalking her ex’s new wife when the kids leave, maybe she go volunteer at a soup kitchen and or walk local shelter dogs and try to help others who have real problems.

  15. Brandi was the victim when he dumped her for his new wife. But now she’s the perpetrator by hurting her kids constantly with her selfish, ignorant big mouth.

  16. FGSakes, I didn’t realize it was 13 years now. Man, long enough to grow a tree 25 feet tall. I planted a little tiny sapling the size of a pencil lead 13 years ago, it is 25′ X18′ now. I am not saying she doesn’t have the right to hurt, she never had the right to be a skank and drink herself shitfaced in front of the world and blame a smiley photo of her children for her drinking. That’s shameful.

  17. I would almost swear that half of these comments have been posted by Brandi the truth cannon and her minions. That is so Jill Zarin of her…

  18. I fully agree with Eddie. Brandi is having her own New Year’s pity party with no sympathy from me. What a rotten to the core, dirty dealing woman. So sorry that Eddie & Leann do not have those boys all the time.

  19. The ones who broke up a home behind the mother and wife and children’s back are to blame for what occurred and whatever follows because of it. End of story. It’s not even a reasonable question. People really lack common sense.

  20. I can’t believe Eddie had the nerve to open his snout and accuse anyone else of being a liar and not being fair, lol! I guess SkankAnn threatened to cut off his allowance otherwise and then he wouldn’t be able to afford to go out on any dates with any other skanks.

    Also, I do not believe there’s any statute of limitations that exonerates someone for helping break up a home with children.

  21. Brandi has real issues as she cannot let go and move on. She should not give Eddie or Leann the satisfaction of knowing that she is in perpetual purgatory. For heavens sake Brandi needs to stop being so predictable and be a woman that her children can respect. At this point, Brandi will never see something or someone that is good for her because she continues to look in the rear view mirror.

  22. All this is BS, if it bother’s trampon string soooo much, then get off facebook, instagram, twitter etc… Put on your big girl panties and get over it, you are not the only (divorced) parent in the world, deal with it and quit whining—it’s so juvenile… It’s been like 8 years twat, time to move on, get over it… In other words; GROW UP ALREADY, stop drinking like a fool and acting like a skank and then maybe you too can find a significant other to fill you empty void – or maybe get a hobby but PLEASE, do us all a favor and STFU, really, no one cares about your problems (real or imagined)….

    1. Hey, HW’S R STUPIT, could you PLEASE refrain from saying crude, vulgar things, especially stuff that’s years old? Jeeze, we are tired of hearing about an accident in a photo.

  23. Brandi said she sent Eddie an email in November. Who can confirm if Eddie even read the email. He probably saw it was from Brandi and deleted it without reading it.

  24. I read the email she wrote, so Eddie might not have been lying that Leann didn’t see it. It almost proves for me that she would take him back in a heart beat. I don’t read the gossip mags but I haven’t heard any cheating rumors about Eddie and Leann. Why can’t they all sit down and discuss it? The boys would see them all talking and maybe it could help heal the wounds on both sides and show them that families can get along even in divorce.

  25. It is very sad to see all the public display of a family’s
    personal and what should be private dynamics. When you have children your first responsibility is their well being, raising them to be healthy physically and emotionally. Not use them as a means to profit or as a weapon to hurt others. Parenting is about self sacrifice and being a role model of the best qualities and traits in people not the worst. This not about Brandy and Eddy is about their kids. All that buy into this are fostering and encouraging a social behavior
    which ignores children’s needs and puts selfishness and self gratification in the fore front.

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