Eddie Cibrian Doesn’t Have To Pay Brandi Alimony Anymore, Brandi Denies $40,000/Month Expense List


Brandi Glanville has been feuding with her ex-husband again, after the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star claimed that Cibrian was asking HER to pay child support. Claims in which Eddie says are “a preposterous lie.” RadarOnline reported Thursday afternoon that Glanville had a $40,000 a month expense limit including $4,000 a month for social events and eating out.

Brandi’s expense list when she was married to Cibrian was:

  • $2K – groceries
  • $4K – eating out
  • $3K – clothes
  • $4K – entertainment, gifts, vacation
  • $2K – car payment
  • $750 – pilates
  • $750 – dermatologist
  • $500 – dentist for Brandi
  • $480 – housekeeper

After Radar published the story, Brandi took to Twitter to publish a letter stating that she paid Eddie back for those expenses. “@radaronline eddie got paid back 4any of my personal expenses during the end of our marriage. #checkurfact,” Glanville tweeted, along with a picture of a legal letter saying Cibrian was paid back.



But Radar reports that what the legal letter states is that Cibrian overpaid Glanville $114,738, which is likely the money he was asking for, not child support payments. An insider tells the site, “Eddie’s four years of paying alimony [to Brandi] are up. She received a letter from Eddie’s lawyer advising her of this. He absolutely still pays child support, just no alimony any more.”

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4 Replies to “Eddie Cibrian Doesn’t Have To Pay Brandi Alimony Anymore, Brandi Denies $40,000/Month Expense List”

  1. um, did that lawyer really send out a letter with a GLARING sentence mistake?! I sure wouldn’t use them if they can’t even proofread!

    1. Totally agree. I think she probably can’t proofread her own work. Those figures are a FAR cry from a working mom you always spout to be Brandi. Also, I would fire that expensive housekeeper you listed. Seems she leaves dog poop laying around and not cleaning it up. You are a joke. A very poor one at that.

  2. Brandi once again tried to make her ex look bad. But instead only proved just how ignorant SHE is. Eddie’s “Overpayment of support” does not mean he wants her to pay child support. And the fact that she doesn’t apologize only gives Eddie more leverage when he eventually seeks full custody. Brandi is pure stupid.

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