Eddie Cibrian Denies Asking Brandi Glanville For Child Support


Brandi Glanville’s ex-husband Eddie Cibrian is firing back at Brandi’s claims she’s paying HIM child support for their two sons Mason and Jake. Tuesday the RHOBH star went on a Twitter rant about being a single mother. “To all these young unmarried bloggers writing about getting over divorce & not seeing your children grow up 1/2 the time, walk a mile in my shoes,” Glanville wrote. “I”m not taking cheap shots at my ex in my new book cause its all true, & now Mr. fancy new cars & house man is asking ME for child support!”

But RumorFix reached out to Cibrian who denies Brandi’s claims he’s asking her for any support. “There is no truth to the claims that Eddie has requested child support from Brandi now, nor will he ever request child support from his ex-wife. The notion is preposterous.” his rep tells states. “This is yet another ploy for self-promotion.”

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  1. Brandi….. keep on building your bank account….. you will certainly need it after you are dumped from the housewives. You have become a circus show. Bums me out… at the beginning I was so pro-Brandi but now I cringe when you are on … too bad… you had so much potential and you threw it out the window.

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