Brandi Glanville

Eddie Cibiran Left Brandi Glanville Broke!

Not only did Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Brandi Glanville’s ex-husband, Eddie Cibiran, cheat on her with Leann Rimes, he left her broke! Brandi is telling the NY Post she and Eddie, “were living way above our means,” and when the couple split, “There wasn’t a lot to get.” Brandi reveals that her 2009 split from her Eddie taught her some new responsibilities. “I was a 36-year-old woman who couldn’t lease a car and couldn’t lease a house,” she tells the paper. “For 13 years, my name wasn’t on one account. I am still building my credit.”

Brandi adores her two sons Mason and Jake, she explains their split to her boys, “for now … just know that Daddy fell in love with somebody else.” Brandi is taking her new gig with Bravo as a huge opportunity. “If it is gone tomorrow, I made the most of it,” she says. “I joke that I whore myself out to anyone that will pay me. But that is kind of what is happening.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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