Drita D’Avanzo Gives Teresa Giudice Advice About Joe Giudice Possibly Going To Jail!

Drita D'Avanzo

Mob Wives Star Drita D’Avanzo appeared on Watch What Happens Live Thursday night and a caller asked Drita if she had any advice for Real Housewives of New Jersey’s, Teresa Giudice. Teresa’s husband Joe Giudice is facing possible jail time, and will be going to trial for charges alleging he obtained a drivers license under a fraudulent identity.

Drita’s advice for Teresa? “My advice would be not to think for one minute it’s going to be easy, whatsoever, especially ’cause she has kids. She has to really prepare for a lot of emotional… it’s just a lot of stress.” Andy then asks Drita if she takes her daughters to visit Lee in jail. Drita explains she leaves that decision up to her daughters, and she says it’s not really the right environment for children.

Drita said, “I feel Teresa should give their kids the choice, because ya know what? It’s not a place for kids. Some can handle it, and some can’t. I put my kids first, it was their decision.” Andy’s response? “Oh my…” Watch below!

Tell Us- What would YOUR advice for Teresa be?

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2 Replies to “Drita D’Avanzo Gives Teresa Giudice Advice About Joe Giudice Possibly Going To Jail!”

  1. Drita claims to put her kids first well thats funny case she just was telling her oldest daughter to start from this day forward being a neat clean freak cause Lee is the SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY type occd and he will go crazy nuts if things aren’t the way he want. Ok you put your kids first but yet your going to make them lie a nightmare with this monster that you say he is for your own happiness??? Well Drita lies so much nothing comes out of her mouth is got any truth to it like her dad made her do a 100 push ups a day, now this husband Less makes here (WAIT MAKES HER) ok why she wants people to think she’s made to do anything is beyond anything I an understand cause she does what she want’s and if she was so fearful of Lee why are you telling your daughter how it has to be now casue hes coming home?? For one I highly dought Less is like that but for h er to make it sound like that is one thing but she clearly proved how she will thor her kids under the bus for her own happiness not thiers??

  2. what advice can Drita give to Jac about her and her husband sucking dry Signature Apparel company? OH, and let`s not forget the back taxes she decided she didn`t need to to pay.

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