Dr. V Says Women Of RHOC Are Bullies & Lashes Out At Tamra Barney On WWHL!


Watch What Happens Live took an interesting turn Monday night when Dr. V of LA Shrinks gave her opinion on the situation between Alexis Bellino vs. Heather Dubrow, Gretchen Rossi, and Tamra Barney of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Dr. V says Alexis is a “perpetual victim.” She says at one point in Alexis’ life, she probably was the victim. “It feels to me like she’s putting herself in the victim position,” Dr. V said.

When Andy thought what Dr. V thought of the dinner party, she replied, “Bullies.” Tamra says she needs to understand why she says that and that the women of RHOC never attacked Alexis and were trying to listen to her at the dinner.

Andy insinuates Dr. V was using the term bully because it was more than one of the women against Alexis.

What are YOUR thoughts?

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19 Replies to “Dr. V Says Women Of RHOC Are Bullies & Lashes Out At Tamra Barney On WWHL!”

  1. Bully/bullying are the most overused and abused words. These women are not bullies, they are narcissistic, self-absorbed gossipy drama queens.

  2. Of course, they bullied Alexis. Just because Alexis isn’t the perfect victim in that she’s very vocal and confident when faced with their barrage of attacks, doesn’t negate their actions against her.

    Tamra was absolutely crazed last night. She’s the one who needs to be sedated for flipping out and going so far as to physically approach Alexis, lay her hands on the chair and throw her out. I’ve no doubt Alexis could have slapped the sh*t out Tamra, but she took the high road. It’s funny how the other so-called ladies deride Alexis for being vapid, fake, and immature. Yet, she was the only one who looked composed and assertive, and clearly stated that she didn’t want to ruin Tamra’s evening, but would be willing to discuss their issues in private at another time.

  3. How can they not call that bullying? They were just itching to have her say or do something wrong! If someone at school treated their child exactly the same way, they would feel their child was bullied. Tamra likes to think she’s big & bad when she has someone there to back her up. You can tell by the way she looks at the others during an argument & laughs like its a big joke. Shes too insecure to stand alone. But I would like to see how she would react if she was backed into a corner by everyone else, with no one else to support her.

  4. They were Bullies amongst other things Last Night , some of these Tamra / Gretchen fans love extreme catty bitchy behavior so of course they’re not going to see that!

  5. The Orange County women are bullies. They get pleasure on ganging up on someone over and over and making them feel horrible. If they don’t think that’s bullying, then they are more ignorant then I thought. This is an ugly side of the show to see these women justify what they are doing as constructive criticism. Shame on them !! They are the prime examples of mean girls who are bullies.

  6. She’s a grown woman… not a child… She did the exact same thing to Vicki but yet she’s not a bully… She’s an idiot.

    1. Grown or not… What they were doing was wrong. It’s simple if Tamra had a problem she should have called Alexis and addressed it prior to the party. Simple point blank. People need to stop making excuses for a way that another person feels. To sit in a group of people and say mean things to a person that you know already felt bullied is just down right mean. They made fools out of them selves and proved Alexis point. Why hate someone because they talk about what they have that’s just stupid. And these are grown women supposedly.

  7. What you see in the HW series is called the cycle of bullying. Before I learned about the cycle it always felt very wrong to me when I was around it. Abuse just strikes me as something Tamra is used to and comfortable with. Tamra laughs at Alexis playing the victim card. I think I can say with a certain level of conviction, if Alexis would have physically defended herself from Tamra the charging rhino Tamra would be pressing charges and suing. Tamra is unstable, and need considerable hours on a psych sofa. Heather is a fool for supporting Tamra and using her contempt towards Alexis to fuel Tamra. She probably gets her enormous ego stroked by helping her. Way to stoop. Heather manipulates and controls by being dismissive too.

    1. I agree with your comment about the ‘cycle of bullying.’ First, the bully ridicules the victim, then gets others to join in. Dehumanizing & humiliating them is the start. Once this pack mentality is embolden, they go for the ‘kill.’ And by ‘kill,’ I mean ‘killing or crushing’ their spirit and stripping away their dignity. Tamra, Heather and Gretchen are classic bullies. Even when they smile, they look like snarling animals to me. Very ugly people and poor role models for their children. These women are making it more and more difficult for me to indulge in my ‘guilty pleasure.’ My husband is appalled when I’m watching — maybe I should be, too.

  8. I was so glad Dr. V agreed they were bullies. It seems quite obvious to most viewers as well. I have noticed that Tamra, Heather and Gretchen appear “less attractive” this season to me because of their hatefulness. They remind me of mean girls in high school who know they hold the power. Anyone that says they were not bullies must be subconsciously defending their own selves.

  9. Wasn’t it Gretchen herself that made the analogy of Alexis sitting at the mean girl table getting bullied out of her lunch money? Isn’t that an acknowledgement that she is a bully? Being beautiful or wealthy doesn’t prevent feelings of being ganged up on to conform to others. Tamra and Gretchen are just jealous that Alexis has everything they wish for. A husband that loves her, is supportive and there.

  10. They are being called bullies because they ARE bullies. The word may be overused, but in this case, it is an accurate description. When a group of women gang up on one, shout at her, swear at her, get into her personal space in a threatening manner, and try to bring this person down, it is bullying. Kids have killed themselves from receiving this kind of harsh treatment. And don’t give me that “Alexis came back, so she should expect it.” nonsense. It is BS. That is like saying a child who keeps going to the school they are being bullied at is at fault because they didn’t cave in and leave. Why should Alexis give the bullies what they want? Maybe her staying and telling them they are bullies, but they won’t win is the best thing for young people who are also being bullied to see. And its good that she is calling the bullies out, otherwise young, impressionable young people who watch the show might think it is acceptable to treat someone the way these bullies on OC have.

  11. Tamra is the biggest hypocrite ever. She DID do wrong to Gretchen who went out of her way and tried to give Tamra a great party before Tamra’s wedding. Tamra was very wrong in just ignoring that and going behind her back to go out with Vicki. Tamra was, as usual, just thinking of herself and her wants, no one else. If I had been Gretchen, I would have ended it right there and just left. Tamra has been “friends” with everyone she badmouthed to such extremes. Whatever suits her at the time is where her “loyalty” (if you can call it that) lies. I have to laugh when I watch her talk about honesty in a marriage being so important, yet she goes behind her intended’s back about what she is spending. Some honesty. If he has one brain in his head, he should run as fast as he can!

  12. They were total bullies. Even perpetual victims can be bullied. Enjoying watching Vicki and Tamra and Heather Dubrow go at it this season . It was inevitable that the pack would turn on itself.

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