Dr. V Reveals What She Thinks Teresa’s Biggest Problem Is


Teresa Giudice and Dr. V appeared on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen Sunday night, after an intense therapy session in Lake George where the LA Shrinks star helped Teresa’s family communicate and move forward in their relationships. On the after show, a viewer asked Dr. V what she thinks Teresa’s biggest problem regarding her family is.

“I don’t know what your biggest problem is,” Dr. V tells Teresa. “But I do know what your biggest strength is. It’s when you allow yourself to be vulnerable. When you allow yourself or give yourself room for uncertainty and you give yourself freedom, everything around you kind of falls in place.”

Dr. V goes on to explain to Teresa that because she’s such a detailed woman, and the fact that she pays attention to the little details about everything in life, she allows herself to get caught up in the he said, she said nonsense, where it comes off like she’s being defensive.

“I didn’t really answer your question,” Dr. V says to Andy, who thinks she answered the viewer question wonderfully. “But I think it’s [her problem] a strength.”

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo


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