Dr. Terry Dubrow Sued For Malpractice?


Real Housewives of Orange County husband, Terry Dubrow, seems to be in some legal trouble. RealityTea exclusively reports, Terry is “being accused of performing a botched surgery on a fitness/swimsuit model to repair her belly button after she suffered an umbilical hernia. Unfortunately the surgery was not a success and in addition the victim believes Dr. Dubrow unfairly charged her insurance company for the procedure despite her dissatisfaction!”

The site also explains this isn’t the first time Terry (or any other plastic surgeon for that matter) has been sued for malpractice, and that it is actually quite common. Dr. Dubrow IS board certified.

However, a source close to the disgruntled patient tells RealityTea, “During the surgery, Dr. Dubrow cut the belly button’s stalk causing the model to no longer have a belly button. Her stomach is now completely flat with no belly button whatsoever.  This botched surgery caused a secondary hernia.”

The complaint against Terry is for Medical Negligence, Fraud & Deceit (Intentional Concealment), and Fraud & Deceit (Negligence Misrepresentation) according to court documents obtained exclusively by RealityTea.

The patient wants Dr. Dubrow to refund her so she can get her surgery repaired, and Terry is allegedly refusing.

Photo Credit: Bravo