Dr. Terry Dubrow Sued For Malpractice?


Real Housewives of Orange County husband, Terry Dubrow, seems to be in some legal trouble. RealityTea exclusively reports, Terry is “being accused of performing a botched surgery on a fitness/swimsuit model to repair her belly button after she suffered an umbilical hernia. Unfortunately the surgery was not a success and in addition the victim believes Dr. Dubrow unfairly charged her insurance company for the procedure despite her dissatisfaction!”

The site also explains this isn’t the first time Terry (or any other plastic surgeon for that matter) has been sued for malpractice, and that it is actually quite common. Dr. Dubrow IS board certified.

However, a source close to the disgruntled patient tells RealityTea, “During the surgery, Dr. Dubrow cut the belly button’s stalk causing the model to no longer have a belly button. Her stomach is now completely flat with no belly button whatsoever.  This botched surgery caused a secondary hernia.”

The complaint against Terry is for Medical Negligence, Fraud & Deceit (Intentional Concealment), and Fraud & Deceit (Negligence Misrepresentation) according to court documents obtained exclusively by RealityTea.

The patient wants Dr. Dubrow to refund her so she can get her surgery repaired, and Terry is allegedly refusing.

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20 Replies to “Dr. Terry Dubrow Sued For Malpractice?”

  1. As I have said before – the Dubrow’s are struggling $$$ and Heather/Terry will be damed if they will ever admit it. He has been sued several times and clearly is a less than acceptable surgeon. She is a noname and has no real acting career. The $$$ problems with their big beautiful home was already in progress when they joined the show – and that was the urgency to sell – not because it wasn’t big enough to accomodate a bedroom for the baby….ya right. It was all over the LA news and just use common sense. No REAL actress stoops to reality shows for work. Wait and see.

    1. I totally agree, I’ve said this more than once that they are having money problems. One, they wouldn’t (especially Heather) have gone on a reality show unless they are having money problems. I mean she is an actress and I know that they are told that going on a reality show can be a career killer for an established actress (which she isn’t anymore especially after the surgery, she looks like the grinch that stole christmas and Terry looks like Quagmire). And two, she was seriously trying to push a restaurant show when she was pushing in her debut season a eatery in LA for her and it didn’t go anywhere.

      Then there house (saying not enough room or room for another kid is BS), you wouldn’t sell your whole house because of a room. All they have to do is get a contractor and construct a room in the house. They needed to sell that house pure and simple.

  2. I had the same type of surgey 12 years ago and I did not have a high price doctor doing it and I have no problems guess the old saying “you get what you paid for” does not always mean its true.
    Next IF I was married to Heather I would run away from this wicked -itch she is a pice of work. Dr. Terry could not even blink without her getting mad and putting him down..I am not sure if divorceing her would not be something that would hurt him

  3. Ummm, it’s not common for a doctor to have malpractice suits! I would run away from a surgeon with one on record!

  4. She walks around in Chanel everything and a5mill house she can’t afford that no way
    Admit it move on buy a smaller house get rid of some things learns a budget get a life go to work

  5. All anyone needs to do is look up his reviews on Yelp and the before/after photos of his work. He is not a great surgeon, board certified or not. This lady was a fool for going to him. By the way, I saw Terry driving and yelling at another driver in Corona Del Mar a couple weeks ago, allegedly yelling at the guy in front of him, “get out of MY country” and “faggot”. My girlfriend and I were laughing hysterically at him. He was stuck in the intersection in his black Range Rover with his big nose hanging out of the car. What, Terry doesn’t like to be stuck in the intersection? LMAO. Not a stable guy and I wouldn’t trust him with a sharp instrument. P.S. Nice work on the Joker’s face!

    1. In one of the program he said….you don’t go to Mexico for a plastic surgery you only go for margaritas and chips……that was ….racist……

      1. Statistics show he’s correct and many others have lost their lives not just vanity trying to save money by getting surgical procedures down there

  6. Terry Dubrow is a pompous jerk…I thought he had a little more class than his mean spirited wife but, After the way he attacked David Beador on the last episode of RHOC I see he is classless….Terry is very rude to Paul on Botched with his cruel personal insults as well…David Beador handled himself in a very graceful manner……Dubrows need to go from Reality T.V.

  7. Terry Dubrow is very annoying. Dr. Paul said it right, he must stay up at night to come up with sorry one liners against him. He’s not funny and is an attention whore. On watch what’s happening he said I’m in seat one and Paul was in seat 2. Andy stated that there is no seat one or two and he said there is tonight. He sounded just like his arrogant wife. I really thought he was better than that, but apparently I was wrong.

  8. Terry and Heather need to go away mean old lady and creepy husband they need a lot of attention and will do anything to get it. Cant stand them they are both phony and i don’t watch the show when they are on WASTING AIR TIME CANCEL THE SHOW AND THE ONE HER HUSBAND IS ON TOO. He is creepy and i wouldn’t trust him or her

  9. For all you haters, lighten up! I think Dr. Dubrow is fabulous and works hard to help make people have better lives. I don’t think that there is a surgeon alive that hasn’t been sued. Almost all of it is that the patient has unrealistic expectations, they don’t hold up their end of the healing process or just plain greed. Now, I would hate to have haters examine every minute of my life or yours as we would all end up shot. As far as I know, only Jesus fits in that category and I am sure he had his faults as well. I have never met him personally but he has a great energy surrounding him, he is honest and works hard for his patients as well as his family. Also, we would all be put to shame if our financial records were on display. Quit hating and do something positive. Lots of love sent to Dr, Dubrow and his family.

  10. Well I am here to say that Dr. Terry DuBrow did the most amazing breast implant surgery on me and I have had Zero Trouble, they are truly perfect for me and flawless. The Money I spent was well worth it and he is one of the utmost professional Surgeons that I have met as well as his staff. My aftercare was fabulous as well with clear instruction to get me to the most beautiful results. This is definitely a procedure you don’t scrimp on paying for. I highly recommend him and will continue to go to him and his facility for any cosmetic needs. I
    A Loyal Client Indeed!! Thank you Dr. Terry DuBrow.

  11. I cannot believe what I am reading….Dr. Terry DuBrow has a heart of gold besides being a magnificent caring doctor. I hope to get a reply from the doctor himself, as it would be an honor if he accepted me as a patient. People cannot comprehend the intelligence and caring on both Terry and Heather…unintelligence people call it arrogant or degrade them in any way. That is their intelligence. Keep up the compassion and work that you do Mr.Terry DuBrow, as some day I can only hope to meet you.

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