Dr. Phil Says Kim Richards Deflects And Is Controlling


Kim Richards’ interview with Dr. Phil aired on Tuesday and McGraw tried to explain Kim’s behavior to viewers. He says Kim is very controlling by nature and that she deflects her problems onto others.

“Addicts and alcoholics are great at deflecting, and I think she’s shown a lot of that behavior. I’m not real good at letting people do that; as a result I think that can be very frustrating when you don’t let people wiggle, and I don’t let people wiggle. I didn’t let her wiggle, and think it was very frustrating for her,” he explained when promoting the interview before it aired. “Well, I’ll let people decide whether this was a storm-out or an anxiety storm, but again, when that’s their stock and trade of deflect, change the subject, control, manipulate, and you take those things away from them, they kind of run out of coping energy, and I think when it happens, you’ve gotta have a big anxiety rush — and I think that’s a lot of what’s going on.”

In conclusion he says, “I like Kim, think she seems like a nice woman. I met her children during the interview as well, they seem like really good kids. Somebody’s done something right along the way to have kids that turned out that well, so overall I came away with a positive impression of her, but think that obviously she has some things she needs to deal with.”

Photo Credit: Dr. Phil



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  • Jody

    Dr. Phil is a bully!!!

    • ChristopherM

      Oh please. He is a massive douchebag in general, but I am so tired of that word being tossed around willy nilly about people who have every advantage in the world. People who are bullied are powerless, not ladies who lunch in Beverly Hills who go on a show to NOT talk about the reason why they are on the show in the first place.

      • Jody

        Dr. Phil is a bully.

        • ChristopherM

          Overusing a term or using it incorrectly causes that term to lose its meaning. Brandi, for example, throws out bullying as a claim whenever anyone calls her on her ratchet behavior. If you don’t want to be called out for your behavior, don’t volunteer to be in a position where that is clearly going to happen. She wasn’t bullied. She just got called on her bull.

      • SidewinderVX

        Rich people can’t be bullied?

        Bullying has nothing to do with the amount of money someone has.

      • Emily

        I completely agree!

    • Karen’

      So I guess you think Kim’s kids are bullies too- because they called her out on her drinking and drugging and told her she needed to get hrlp too. In fact according to you, anyone who tells Kim anything she doesn’t want to hear is a bully.

      • Jody

        Oh my Karen you make all kinds of assumptions. I have worked with alcoholics for over 40 years. Kim is sick. Her children speak with love and concern. Dr. Phil is a bully. Kim needs firm direction but first she needs to want it if not, walk away. Blessings to Kim and her family.

        • Anonymous

          Are you missing the fact that she went on this show voluntarily to discuss her sobriety or lack thereof? If anything, he was duped into thinking that she wanted help! Why did she come on then? She “watches his show all the time” so she knew what she was getting into. Being brutally honest with someone who needs to hear it for her own sake, is not being a bully. She needs to get with it, enough is enough. Enough with damaging her life, enough with hurting her children, enough with deflecting and blaming others for the reason she drinks, enough with painting a pretty picture just so you don’t look bad. Come on, a restaurant, excuse me bar, is not just going to throw you out for just talking with other people, she was a belligerent drunk that night and needs to stop skirting around it. And no, no one believes that you didn’t order a drink at the bar! If you were “feeling the alcohol” take effect and wanted to do the right thing by going to the hotel to get off the road, you should’ve went right to the front desk and checked yourself into a room, not the bar! She needed to hear everything he said because it was all true! Sorry if you didn’t like his tone, but he was far from being a bully. She basically wasted everyone’s time.

        • I get so, so tired of the “sick” thing getting thrown in every time. They get in an alcoholic haze and do and say HORRIBLE things to the people who love them and since they don’t remember, in their mind it didn’t happen. Did you see the facility he was going to send her to? She wasn’t “sick” at the reunion and she said vicious things to and about her sister. She sat there in front of the world and defended Brandy every chance she got and never said one nice thing to or about her sister. She makes me “sick.”

  • Housewife

    Not a fan of this man at all but it was nice to watch someone not tip toe around Kim. She needs help. Her life is in danger.

    • Meg123

      I agree. Everyone has left Her alone. Lisa V hadn’t said anything since Paris when Kim was obviously under the influence of drink/ drugs and turned on Her. She is such a bitch just trying to deflect all the time. I say good on Lisa R not being scared!

      • I know. I hate the way she blames her sister for everything. Three things she said were the worst. During the show she was mad at Kyle for not saying with enough clarity that she had been sober for 3 years. She actually says out loud that on poker night if her sister saw her acting funny why didn’t she take her outside. Are you kidding? Look what happened when she did try to talk to her. And last, (it would be the last thing for me), to accuse her sister of not giving Alexia her antibiotics and therefore causing the infection from the dog bite. Wow. People instagram and tweet all parts of their life, it’s what they do. After the fact to rearrange all of the facts to find a way for it to be anyone’s fault but her own. She inspires hate, her and Brandy. No one who is truly in recovery EVER takes a narcotic accidentally. What an absolute load of crap.

    • Anonymous

      Yes it was

    • I wrote and e-mailed the Dr. Phil show about 400 times when I needed help and no one ever replied. She went on there to pretend she was getting “help” No one in recovery EVER, EVER accidentally takes a narcotic pain pill, are you kidding. In Paris when I think she actually might have been sober Lisa V. innocently asked her if she had taken a sleeping pill and she went nuts. “If I had taken a sleeping pill it would have meant that I had relapsed.” SHE SAID THAT AND NOW IT’S DIFFERENT BECAUSE, UM, WELL, it’s always different for people like her.

  • One Rotten Egg

    Dr. phil pointed out all the things the viewers saw. Kim was full of excuses and blaming others. If anything, proof is what was shown on interview.

  • funkypink2014

    That’s right rotten egg. Some folks have an issue with the truth, if anything, Dr. Phil is asking all the real questions we viewers want to know. Kim is full of it and she knows it, the gig is up. This is my last post on this ridiculous woman..Same story, different day sort of thing…

  • starr sabga

    Kim’s kids have had to cope with so much since very young with their mother’s addictions that they somehow grew strong & the opposite of her. No thanks to Kim as a mother for sure. Dr. Phil is right, she is very controlling as we have seen & she is a deflector as we also saw. Enough said.

  • Cin

    I feel sad for Kim and her family. I’m happy she is getting help…. but… I think Kim is a mean girl whether she’s sober or intoxicated… she’s just mean in general… my opinion.

  • DebBrenn

    I, for one, was glad to see his interview. Whatever his skills or success rate, the one thing I knew before I watched is that he wouldn’t let her make excuses and he’d hold her feet to the fire. He did that. Having her kids there made it clear how worried they are for her, and that she apparently is more interested in covering up her failure than she is in alleviating the pain and angst she’s caused her children. I certainly hope she doesn’t try to play the “You’re hurting my children” card ever again. It’s all her.

  • They would delete my comment if I said what I actually think of Kim Richards. I don’t care if we only see a small portion, the reputation they get, they deserve. She says and does things in public that are unforgivable. I hope I never have to see her wind up face again. Water seeks it’s own level and sediment sinks to the bottom and sticks together. Kim and Brandy are sticking together.