Dr. Drew And Andy Cohen Discuss The Effects Of Reality TV On Marriage


Watch What Happens Live guests Tamra Judge and Dr. Drew Pinsky joined Andy Cohen in discussing the effects reality TV has on marriage. Monday night, the trio discussed the success rates of marriages that have made it past the reality TV cameras and had some interesting opinions to share.

Dr. Drew said reality shows ruin marriages, but Tamra disagrees. She tells Andy that she feels like she owes Bravo so much, despite having gone through a divorce on-camera.

“Let me be clear,” Pinsky said. “Undo these odds. I’ve only said that one marriage has survive the cameras and that’s the Osbournes. When people approach my wife and I about reality shows we go “eh” because marriages don’t seem to survive. Change those habits, I’m pulling for you.”

“I feel like reality TV magnifies what’s going on in your life,” Tamra responds.

“Sometimes it magnifies it for the better and sometimes for the worse,” Cohen chimed in, telling Tamra, “I think your marriage was broken before we came in.”

“And I’ll admit that,” Tamra says.

“I think what winds up happening is, certainly with a lot of the women we wind up with on the Housewives, it magnifies it, it empowers the female in the relationship, because suddenly she has a source of income, she feels more empowered that she can do something and she gets out of a situation that was already broken,” Andy explained.

“There’s a lot of people that use a lot of energy casting these shows,” Dr. Drew continues. “Usually there is already a lot of conflict and drama in people’s lives before they go on a reality show. It may be just that.”

Andy also uses Kristen and Josh Taekman from RHONY and Shannon and David Beador from RHOC as examples. Cohen explained that he believes Kristen and Josh’s bickering is normal, but said it will be interesting to see what happens to the Beadors.

Skip to 2:14 to watch the discussion.

Who do you agree with?

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  • Andrea

    I was such a big fan of Dr. Drew until I saw him on wwhl. I didn’t like what he had to say and thought he should have kept his mouth shut more.

    • Ginger

      What upset you

    • lil

      Dr. Drew’s wife was recently approached about being on RHOBH…..

    • Anonymous

      I am going to have to disagree. Tamra took issue with his having her ex husband Simon on his show discussing how reality TV ruins marriages, and Dr Drew responded candidly and very knowledgeably. I never really watched Dr Drews show before but now I’m a fan. If he can be on a show face to face with someone and give them honest smart advice without just playing nicey nice for the cameras then he is a man of integrity worth listening to.

  • Andrea

    But I do agree with what Andy said about divorce and the cameras.

  • SCruzlvr

    Just Tamra trying to kiss Andy’s ass somemore. Oh how the RHOC has helped her so much, kiss kiss. Helped her become the plastic fame whore she has always dreamed of. What’s most disturbing is how she’s trying to pimp out her youngest daughter–her “mini me”. Her forehead was lifted so high tonight that it only emphasized her lazy eye more. She will die from exhaustion trying to look young. But her hands have showed her true age since she started on the RHOC.
    Is Tamra the only housewife from the entire franchise who has never accomplished anything on her own?

  • getreal

    She contradicted herself….In the Twitter war Tamra had with her daughter, she admitted to breaking up the family and having guilt over it. Doesn’t that mean she chose the show over her marriage and family? I have no doubt that Tamra is immensely grateful to Bravo for her D-list status, but it came at the expense of her family and I find that pretty disturbing and heartless. Dr. Drew is right, but Tamra doesn’t want to admit that reality to the public.

  • ceebee

    If she believes that reality tv magnifies what’s going on in a marriage and her marriage to Simon was already in trouble, why would she ever go on a reality show? If she cared about the relationship and her family, she would have gone to counseling, NOT to Bravo.