Dorit Kemsley’s Husband PK Calls Lisa Rinna Schizophrenic

After a trip to Vegas, Dorit Kemsley couldn’t wait to share with her husband PK that she quickly bonded with Erika Girardi. However, Dorit was struggling whether or not to invite Lisa Rinna to her upcoming birthday party, because she didn’t want Rinna to be the only person left out.

Kyle Richards headed off to Croatia with her family.

Teddi Mellencamp met Lisa Rinna for lunch, despite warnings from Lisa Vanderpump and Dorit Kemsley. However, Mellencamp liked Rinna and decided to make her own decisions about which women to befriend. Teddi then mentioned that she was inviting several of the women to watch her in a horse jumping competition…

Everyone gathered to celebrate Dorit’s birthday. Teddi brought her husband, Edwin. Hosted by Vanderpump and her husband Ken, the party started with martinis. Rinna was happy that she was invited, but was also nervous. Dorit’s son Jagger made an appearance at the party. He called Erika the “bad guy.” Dorit swore to the camera that she never said that. “My son’s very into bad guys and superheroes,” Dorit said. Shortly after that, Rinna decided to make a speech. “We are in a really nice place, so thank you and happy birthday to you,” she said.

Erika had a meeting about her memoir and opened up about her non-existent relationship with her father. “I just knew that whatever I was searching for was not there,” she shrugged. “It is what it is.”

Vanderpump, Rinna, and Dorit arrived to watch Teddi compete at the horse show. Teddi rode her trainer’s horse, admitting that having her own horse was too rich for her. She completed the course smoothly and took first place. All of the women were very impressed, especially Vanderpump, who was the only one who seemed to care about horses.

Dorit decided she wanted Teddi’s husband Edwin to get to know PK and she invited the couple over for dinner. But they quickly got down to business, with Dorit admitting she had been engaged twice before PK. Then Teddi revealed she and Edwin had struggled through IVF. “You also feel bad, because you feel like you’re failing,” she cried to the camera.

Over dinner, PK warned Teddi and Edwin about their experience with Rinna. “He thinks Lisa Rinna is schizophrenic,” Dorit said. “She’s one person one minute and then another person another minute. She’s rage and regret – rage and regret,” Dorit said.

“I’m confused. You just had this big moment where you’ve forgiven each other,” Teddi said to the camera. “And now you’re at a dinner, talking about it again. That’s not forgiveness, in my opinion.”

What do you think of this season of RHOBH? Let’s discuss.

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118 Replies to “Dorit Kemsley’s Husband PK Calls Lisa Rinna Schizophrenic”

  1. Teddi is SLAYING hypocrite Dorit and her disgusting Pervo !!! Yes Teddi , tell it like it is ! I’m loving this girl . Not a Rinna fan but good for Teddi for deciding to make up her own mind about her . Very refreshing

  2. PK and Dorit are no one’s friends. They are both pompous asses. As soon as you leave the room, they will talk badly about you too…whomever you are, because that is that they do.
    PK had the nerve to talk about his perfectly healthy child who was born with a conehead (happens at birth) after Teddi and her husband just spoke of the horror of losing their infant son shortly after birth..and he called it comic relief? WTF?

    1. 100% agree. Besides being pompous, they are the ultimate fakes. PK should take a lesson in how to be a housewive husband from Mauricio, Ken, Harry, Tom and stay out and away. Me thinks he wants to be a housewife.

  3. He is, I think, the hottest husband in the entire Housewive’s franchise. I also love that she was so honest about how they met. Now, that was reality. Sorry, Mauricio, but you’re still my guy for being my fave, Kyle’s, handsome husband. He is a hottie, but you are suave and debonair. I choose………..Mauricio. Love ya’, Kyle!

  4. This let’s be overly wonderful parents this season since we look like asshole parents last year, is way too much for me. Just keep it real.

    1. And then there was Bad Guys comment from their baby who had to be trained to say that. Dorit’s reaction was too staged. She is revolting.

      1. PK and Dorit probably watch the show…and bring the kids in..pointing out “bad guy” whenever anyone they don’t like appears…but that could be everyone?!

  5. Looks like Teddi isn’t going for Dorit’s bullshit. After the things she and PuKey have said about Rinna? Seems last years “Were people doing coke in your bathroom?” has magically morphed into “Rinna said PuKey and I were doing coke in the bathroom.” Rinna never said that. Ever.

    And what is there to say about LVP’s passive/aggressive British Humour? What a nasty, vile woman she is. Rinna isn’t her only target. She does it to everyone.

    1. I like what an independent thinker Teddi is and she isn’t just taking sides

      Dorit and Pervo continue to be atrocious! Is it me or has his man boobs gotten bigger ?

      1. I like Teddi so far, anyway. I hope she doesn’t change. She seems quite real and honest….like no other so far. I could be wrong, but I like that she says how she feels to a person and does not just run around and badmouth them behind his or her back like the others do constantly.

      2. I did not focus on his boobs. Clearly he is always overweight. He needs to see the plastic surgeon that Dorit sees. I think she is adorable…looks, only…and her attitude makes her ugly. Humpty needs some work done…to shape a face out of the big potato head somehow…then maybe some lipo?
        I am usually not like this. You started it when you mentioned the man boobs.
        I know what they are too….but then again, I won’t go there! 😉

  6. Rinna is my least favorite housewife of all the franchises I watch, but I still think this was some stank behavior from Dorit. If you say you are moving on, move on. Don’t say it, and then dredge it all up again. It sounds as desperate for a storyline as Rinna’s annual feud with someone.

  7. I cannot stand when they bring last years crap into a new season. we had to hear about it all last year – do we have to hear it all over again this year? If that’s all you have then you need to leave. Dorit is the new shit stirrer of BH. I am loving Teddy’s honesty and frankness. THAT is real!!!

  8. I like Teddi’s honesty and being straight forward. I admit I enjoyed watching Dorit and EJ interaction and was hoping Dorit was growing up, but UGH – she’s petty AND still needs a new glam squad that sticky hair was not a good look.

  9. Because she doesn’t see them most probably. Puts on Mother of the year act when the cameras are on. after all, she spends most of her time with her glam squad. Spare me.

  10. I am willing to give Rinna another go. But, I must say I’m guarded for I’m inclined to agree with PK that she is schitzophrenic.
    So far, I like Teddy, open & honest.
    Dorit is trying too hard in my opinion. I did not like her hair at the birthday bash at all.

  11. How true! It reminds me of Downton Abbey…a bit. The governess brings the children down for a token visit and then the children are sent away…and never seen. They are like children of other parents….not like your own children.
    I think it confuses a child to see his or her mother crying and getting a bit overly dramatic like that…scary to a kid. They wonder what they did wrong to be suddenly the center of attention…when they never are??
    I thought the speech delay might have been related to not having anyone talk to the child so much…ignored for the most part.
    Yes, maybe the children are only seen if a camera is close by. Oh, and wasn’t PK the best father for buying a tux for his son? What? I doubt he wen tux shopping. For sure, that was already purchased..maybe by the nanny herself on an errand for them….

  12. I noticed that too…yes. I didn’t mention it, but I noticed it…while watching next to the hubs…the bunless wonder. Yes, bunless…(He was wearing a long white lab coat when I met him…and it hides a lot….)

  13. Dorit is trying so hard to be like EJ it’s ridiculous. I agree with Teddi, if you kissed and made up, leave it there and move forward. You know I’m not a Rinna fan, but I felt she was sincere…

    1. Seriously, since this new season started, I have yet to view an entire episode. I’ve caught maybe 15min. of each. These women bore me. I think I’m finally over all of them. NY, I still find entertaining, but that’s it.

      1. I have to look at it. Are these reenactments of real events, real events live, or a scripted show? I am not sure I will be able to watch it…just from my ER experience. Some scripted shows are fun, even if they mess up, just because of the acting…and some of what they do that is actually right. They do make so many mistakes, even so. I just don’t know if I will want to watch the real deal…since I already lived it, if that makes sense.
        I did watch Big Bang and Sheldon last night. Comedies are nice.
        Isn’t Victoria coming back this Sunday? I have to check but I thought so. I still have to watch Will and Grace from last night and MDLLA…just skipped them to watch a Netflix series I thought I would not like…but now am hooked.. Stranger Things. Also, the hubby never watched an episode of Monk ever, so now we are binge watching old Monk episodes on Amazon Prime. He likes them. I think they are funny. Every time I see the actor who plays Monk, Tony Shalhoub, I think of him in the movie, Galaxy Quest, where he played a very stoned actor from a Star Trek like B TV show…who actually met aliens as his character…. He was so funny in that. If you never saw Galaxy Quest, you have to see it. Tim Allen stars in it among others…funny.
        Have a nice day. I am in the house on an extremely windy day. The snow that was cleared yesterday is now in drifts everywhere..from all the wind, and I cannot get to the place where my Corey prefers to go potty…so we improvised..and he is not happy…nor am I. He did jump around in the snow..but it is way deeper than he is and I cannot even trudge through a lot of it..too high…terrible. Now the dishwasher part that was supposed to arrive yesterday…was not delivered due to weather…and fingers crossed the P.O. will attempt to walk to my front door from the street..We did clean it and most of it is still clear….help!!! I don’t know if it is in the teens yet either…unreal cold.
        I will close here. Have a nice day Rain.
        I hope everyone stays warm and dry today as much as possible and has a great Friday and weekend.

    1. Yes, pretentious.
      Do you get the feeling that all of their lines are rehearsed? When PK came in and asked about the dishes, don’t you think he already saw the delivery man arrive with multiple boxes of designer china? He stopped so quickly when she said she had to cook…and just left the room…all rehearsed.
      They are so, so phony, it is hard to watch them. All of the time with the kids is planned..even what she will say on camera. I swear they knew they would rip Rinna when Teddi and her husband were with them before they even got there. They had to rehearse what they would say at the dinner and schizophrenic Rinna was the topic of choice. They are a sad couple…. I feel sorry for their children, really.
      PK just has to buy enough Birkin bags and nice things, and he will keep Dorit happy. It is all about the things and not much else.
      I don’t mind seeing the nice things. I just don’t like the nouveau riche attitude with the constant showing off. Why do we need to see the receipts?
      They are just too fake and I like some reality in my reality TV…just some?

      1. Way bigger than mine! I guess Dorit felt like she had to get hers bigger to make his look smaller?!?!?!?!

        Hope all is well!!!

          1. Doing good…my day off. Was a tough Christmas and New Years. Are y’all getting some of this cold weather? (and before anyone else snaps my head off – TX ‘cold weather”).

  14. (I actually call him that at times…yup.) I told him that white coat really hid a lot, and I was a sucker for the guy in the white lab coat…who came to take me away?! (That reminds me of a song….)

  15. Oh honey, I’m so sorry that it was bad for you also. We lost Shadow at the beginning of the year and Daisy 2 days after Christmas plus a bunch of other crap that I won’t bore you with

    1. I know! Why would a leather baf ever be worth that ridiculous sum? Oh, because some fools would gladly pay it for the status symbol?!
      I love a gorgeous leather bag, really, but if I won the Powerball lottery or whatever (someone bought the latest ticket in my town!) I would never throw money away on leather to that degree. It is just a leather bag. I wouldn’t even spend that much for a leather piece of furniture. ($ 14,000?)

    2. When I first noticed them yearssss ago, I really liked them. Now that just about every “celeb” on any level has one and carries them everwhere, I find them too common. Not my style. Not nearly as costly, but I do like several Kate Spade bags. I have also found bags from Marshalls that I like too, lol.

      1. Here I go with my ‘justification’ again – right now I own 4 purses, 2 LV, 1 Kate Spade and one ‘cheap’ cross body (well, ok five I have a sequin after 5). My mom used to have – oh my gosh – 60+ purses, had to match her shoes or she wouldn’t leave the house. So, in my mind I save $ because I only have 5. I love it that as women, we can all be so different with out likes dislikes etc. If I had a closet like the RHW, I’d probably go insane trying to figure out what to wear.

    3. I have more fun carrying fake ones and having people comment. I was in Beverly Hills on vacation and I handed my fake Fendi to my 12 year old niece to carry. People were actually staring at her and girls her age were commenting. It was the funniest thing. We couldn’t stop laughing about it.

      I also had a fake Rolex and it kept better time than my real one.

      1. Too cute!!! I can totally see myself doing to same! I told my husband if I get a Louis V, I will carry it until it falls apart – you know the whole justification thing – WELL my bad, you can’t wear them down/fall apart, they last forever.

        1. Actually, the fakes that we bought in a back alley in NYC are leather, well made and wear like iron too. Makes it even more delicious, IMO.

          If I was a HW, I’d be dripping in fake stuff and having a good laugh at the others. Heck, maybe all Dorit’s stuff is fake. If it was, I’d almost admire her.

          Nah, not even then.

  16. Real Sandy, I’m in West Texas so we have more seasons than other portions of our beautiful state. We have had two weeks worth of freezing temperatures, but not much snow. I am originally from the Midwest so I know all about being snowed in and drifts. The problem here is we can have a range of temps in a matter of days and our bodies never fully adjust. It can be 60 one day and 25 the next and back to 50.
    I just saw it’s snowing in FL…crazy!!

    1. We have had crazy changeable weather here too in NJ. I know what you mean about not adjusting. You are outdoors a great deal too,
      This is the longest cold spell of this intensity that I remember.
      Yes, snow in Florida. It has snowed in the south not long ago too…even New Orleans and elsewhere. Crazy weather!

    1. I know! There are so many other nice bags.
      It is just like a super expensive luxury car to them, like a Bentley, just to have what very few can afford to have, but it has no expensive machined parts….

  17. Thank you Sandy. That’s very sweet. Shadow and Daisy loved each other to the moon and back. Someone just threw Daisy out like a piece of trash. We found her out in the country. It was love at first sight for the two of them. We only had 12 years with Shadow but 14 with Daisy

  18. BWAAAHA!! Well, I think we’ve wrapped up this mystery, Scoob. Off to the mystery machine for more adventures. PK, I raise my glass to thee.

    Side note, I *LOVE* how much Dorit loves her babies. And I can’t stand babies. Or watching most parents work themselves into a lather over their crotch fruit. But it’s just presh.

  19. I hope that you know how very precious you are . Of course I remember little Corey , stay safe dear, I hope that the power stay on and things don’t get too bad

  20. A bomb cyclone ? I’ve never heard of such a thing . It sounds serious , now I’m concerned . Will you and your family be safely at home

    1. Staying warm indoors and watching Winter Storm Grayson on TV and out my window…high drifts of snow and no visibility with the wind and heavy snow coming down. This will bring lots of snow..the drifts from the wind will be huge…big already in spots.
      Hubs will attempt to use the snow blower late in the day…
      Thanks Dais. ❤️

        1. Yes we are! Now they say the snowfall totals will be much higher than initially thought. The wind gusts right now is shaking my windows…getting worse as I write. I fear the wind much more than the snow itself…can do damage.

          Right now the governor of NY is on, saying NYC is getting around a foot of snow and the wind is the problem more than the snow. My eldest son lives in NYC. My younger son is home today. He said his office was open?! We told him not to risk it, driving in a blizzard. The governors of NJ, NY, MA and elsewhere have declared states of emergency, so no one should be on the roads. Unreal.
          Take care.

          1. That’s horrible . I would be freaking out . My sis is in PA , I guess I need to give her a call and check up on them

  21. Girl , I’m still using my sugar skull purse that I bought at a craft show 3 years ago . I do have a ton of shoes and scarves but only 1 dress

  22. Dorit is STILL fake and unlikable! I really wanted to give her a chance butttttt well………..I changed my mind! I don’t even really want to talk about her because she thinks even bad stuff is good for her staying on the show.

    1. I don’t like it when these loons think they can pull the wool over our eyes and just rewrite history, like we aren’t even watching, like we don’t know or forgot what we saw. It’s insulting.

  23. LOL I thought the same too! Who reacts like that except someone who never sees their kid and wants to make everyone think they are the most doting parents?! Again, fake. They can’t help themselves, can they? And it’s so fascinating that they think we all lap it up. What are we? A blind, dumb bunch of viewers>?

  24. I like Teddie. She has been a great addition so far. I like Dorit & PK, but I’m not sure why they brought up the past with LR. Maybe just to warn Teddie.. Let’s face it; PK was right about LR. She is loose cannon. I am so glad to hear their little boy is doing well.

    1. The Kemsley’s are LVP’s foot soldiers and as her never ending jabs at Rinna clearly indicate, LVP is not quite over Rinna calling her out (2 seasons ago).

      1. You know, I was compelled to go back to Season 1 and start watching again from the beginning because of something I saw on Twitter. What an eye-opener. I originally was a fan of LVP but I guess I was young(er) and stupid. Her sniping goes right back to day one. She’s gotten nastier every season and her treatment of Rinna is borderline abusive. I’m glad Rinna is confident enough to laugh it off. LVP fools a lot of people.

        1. She’s definitely always had that air of sarcastic bishiness (disguised as “British humor”), but for me it wasn’t until around season 3 or 4 when she went full throttle passive/aggressive.

          1. I agree, but perhaps she was on her best behavior? until people decided to make her the “queen” but the foundation was there. I also noticed that at the Season 1 reunion, Andy did a segment on Giggy being the “breakout” star of the show. Suddenly, in Season 2, Giggy is being taken everywhere for filming. She’s played her cards very well indeed.

          2. Watching season 2 now. Her treatment of Taylor Armstrong is horrific. LVP is totally jealous that Taylor and Kyle were getting close.

  25. Yes, it is terrible here. The wind is atrocious…still, brutally cold, and what I shoveled has snow cover on it from the wind blowing drifts…but I ran out when my Corey barked at the mailman across the street, and I ran across the street(I live on a corner) and I got the dishwasher part, (and he did not have to stop the postal truck on a hill, though he had chains on his tires), so that is the project for tomorrow. It is simple…with online video instructions…and I think it will fix the leak..though I told the repairman it was the rubber gasket….Fingers crossed I will get this leak fixed.
    My eldest son gave me some gift cards for Christmas, and one of them was Netflix. I heard about Black Mirror..not sure if I will like that, but like you, I don’t know. I have not seen it yet. I have to say, Stranger Things is addicting…I think I watched 8 episodes so far…to be continued, until I catch up, anyway.
    Oh, and I think that Better Late than Never is back on TV…a show about older men who travel the world together…and it is quite funny…to me, even though it may be a guy thing…old guys on vacations in exotic destinations. I still like it? Last year’s was Asia. Henry Winkler, Wm. Shatner, George Foreman, and Terry Bradshaw. I watched last year’s on demand. It is on NBC..already missed the first 3 episodes from what I just saw.
    Thanks for the recommendations. XO

  26. Love and missed you too sweetie pie. Sorry been super busy. That’s nice you had a white Christmas. Sucks though that you got snowed in. Yes, it’s been so cold. We aren’t acclimated to weather like that, burrrr

  27. Hi Rain…OMG Yolanda is on Wendy as I write…and looks like she had more work done…face, anyway.. She is talking about how tired she was..the chronic fatigue…how she forgot the alphabet…and how she was in a wheelchair or something and a specialist in Belgium helped her. Now tey are talking about Rinna…and how Yo was in bed for years, etc…”fighting for my life”. “I didn’t know what Munchauses was when Lisa said it…”. And now she has a new TV show…about models.
    Well…It is on now.

  28. I was trying not to pay attention. They flashed a picture of Rinna up behind her…on screen, and she said something about how bad it was that she could make fun of her illness but now she apologized to her..or something like that…yup.
    It was to promote her new show…whatever it is called. She even brought a crystal to Wendy.
    She wants pity, pity and more pity and then for people to watch her show.
    Wendy said something about, I hear you bought a farm in Pennsylvania to which she replied, Where?…like she did not want anyone to know…and said something about yes, with chickens, etc…living a simple life away from LA…
    Clearly she spends only part of her time on the farm..and has a fabulous place in Manhattan that she lives in.

    Also she said she was in love with a man who is just a few months older than her…

  29. Needy, yes! She is so needy. She needs constant attention…negative attention is still attention, so she will settle for that if she has to, but she wants adoration more than anything…and cannot live without a super wealthy man in her life…or so it seems.

    1. I honestly don’t think she can control herself. I supported her as you know but she seriously thinks that pity is the way to get her what she wants . It’s making me quite pissy with her

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