Dorit Kemsley Thought She’d Be Fast Friends With Erika Girardi

It’s no secret that Dorit Kemsley and Erika Girardi have not been friends this season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It all started with #pantygate and got worse and the two traveled to Hong Kong and fought during last week’s episode. Dorit is revealing she thought she was would besties with Erika.

“I thought her and I would be fast friends. We have some friends in common and they told me they thought she and I would really connect and be great friends,” Dorit told Us Weekly. “She’s a glamorous girl, and I was under the impression that she just loves to have fun and that we’d undoubtedly connect.”

“Obviously, we got off on the wrong foot. Erika and I are actually very dissimilar. We are not alike at all,” she said. “All the other women, they really had a warm attitude when I came in. Erika did not, and she takes a little more time to get to know. I think that’s who she is.”

Dorit claims she has apologized after #pantygate and is just ready to move on. “I am honestly so past the drama of it all. I never thought it would escalate into what it became,” she said.

And she’s still hopeful for a reconciliation. “I think it’s very possible that we will be friends one day. “Nothing has happened that’s so tragic. I mean, we all love to make a big deal of it, but really in the grand scheme of things, it’s nothing we can’t get over,” she said. “I think if both sides want to reconcile, anything is possible.”

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81 Replies to “Dorit Kemsley Thought She’d Be Fast Friends With Erika Girardi”

  1. Dorit is new, and she is married to PK, pretty much newlyweds with two kids in a short time. Both kids have issues, one with misshapen head (now okay) and one with a speech impediment. I like to give her a break because I think she is trying to do too much maybe. She wants to give hubby attention and believe he knows what he is talking about, but really she should just leave him out of this show, since it is Housewives, not Househusbands, and PK just will not quit with the insults.
    I think pantygate would have blown over of not for PK’s words. I don’t believe he saw anything, but any gentleman would have gotten up and moved his seat if someone did show her private parts at a party like that and not even mentioned it. Clearly he wants to be a star of this show, but he is putting nails in his coffin when he opens his mouth, since he is ruining it. He probably coached Dorit to buy the panty or got it himself…as a joke gift , but more like a jab to rehash the incident.

    Then Dorit would not just say thank you to a compliment coming from Erika. I do not think they ever got along either, since they seem uncomfortable around each other. I liked Dorit when she was rollerskating that one day…She seemed more friendly and had fun.
    Erika and Dorit may be more alike that they realize since both love attention and are not so good at giving compliments and just expect to receive them. JMO

    1. I’ve had such conflicting feelings about Dorit. I want to not like her so bad but then I realize that really the problem is PK. I DON’T like PK. I kinda feel a little sorry for Dorit? After reading her saying that she thought she would be close friends with Erika based off mutual friends’ assessments of their personalities, I have a minute understanding of how she was reacting at first. Like you said Sandy, she’s new and she was probably trying to reach for a warm comforting friendship from someone. I know she had LVP technically before, but I have a feeling LVP acted more as a coach to her than a friend. Dorit has had many moments away from PK where I see this little glimmer of someone I’d really like. And the first time I’ve felt something very genuine from her is when she was accused of doing Cocaine in the bathroom by prolapse lips and was trying to hold it together in the car afterward. I know there are so . many people that don’t like Dorit here, and honestly, I’m still on the fence. BUT I would like her to stick around because I think she has the ability to grow but damn I hope one day her storyline will be divorcing P(u)K(e)

      1. I wanted to like her too…I’m also with you in that I don’t LIKE pukey. I don’t feel sorry for her – if she can be attracted and marry a ‘man’ like him, it says a lot about her. What lips said was – even if it’s true – wrong…lips is just wrong no matter what she says.
        I give Eileen credit this year, I feel as if she’s distancing herself from lips a little…

  2. Dorit – you don’t need friends like that. Granted her husband is a bit strange and nasty but I don’t feel that way about Dorit. Amazes me how all the ladies thought the panties were a riot until Erika lost her temper and then they backed off. Erika is making the most of going pantyless. You wear a short dress with no undies – I think it was planned on her part to make people aware she didn’t have any on but she didn’t take into consideration that PK would be in on it.

    1. So she knew PK was going to be there so she planed to wear a short dress and choose the chair in front of him??!


      1. Or set it up for LVP to put her hand up her dress…
        Women go without panties every day – it wasn’t a big deal until D and manboobs made it a big deal…

        1. P(u)K(e) and his gross oval head and his eternally slobbery lips make me want to hurl every time he’s on my screen!!!!!

          1. HAAAAAAAAAA! I have a movie scene going thru my head this morning…13 Going on 30, when the lovely Jennifer Gardner says “More Like PUKEY”. Does anyone else remember this scene?

      2. no…. not what I meant. But seriously whenever I happened to go without undies – years ago – lol – I paid attention so as not to flash – I didn’t want the others to know what a superior one I had cuz I didn’t want to make them sad due to the fact that mine was the best looking…. omg – I’m kidding – I’m just in the mood to have fun!!!!

    2. Cin,
      These women are tough, I just don’t think Dorit knew how tough. Lisa R and Eileen led her on, too.
      Pk does for sure, and LVP doesn’t defend her until the bitter end.
      We are all talking about her so someone’s plan is working.
      That’s my take, have a great day!❤

      1. hmmmm well I’ll believe it when I see it. People also thought she’d be out for this season and she’s come back probably at her best ever. I think she’s got too many strong relationships with their heavy hitters that she won’t axe her just yet. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing either a full cast return, or Dorit out.

        1. Well I SO hope you’re right!! I’ve been an Eileen fan since day 1 . She’s a sweet and genuine woman. Her alliance with Rinna cost her quite a bit
          I don’t think she will be out because of fans dislike of her. Andy doesn’t give a shit about that. I’m worried she’s too ‘boring’ in terms of whats required nowadays to stay on the show

          1. I remember i reviled Eileen when she first started on season 5. I was very blinded by Kim and my feelings about her. When I rewatched the season without my Kim Colored Glasses i fell in love with Eileen and have loved her ever since. My hopes are dreams for season 8 are:
            -Rinna is ditched by everyone and has to fight for any sort of relationship ala season 5 Brandi
            -Eileen, Kyle, Erika alliance
            -Dorit humbles herself and tries to start over with Erika successfully
            -LVP stirs up more drama on Erika because she’s upset that Dorit gets loose and exposes herself once and for all

          2. I agree. Plus, she really is just basically “on loan” from Young & The Restless. From her own mouth the soap is contractually her first priority and they literally shuffle her back and forth from set to set to squeeze her into Housewives filming whenever she has a break, whether it’s 3 days or 3 hours. She’s joked that the scheduling has been so grueling that she’s running on fumes when she has to tape both shows, only having a chance to sleep on her dressing room couch or in the car on the way to meet the girls.

  3. Morning all!
    I love the new name for PK! P(u)k(e), perfect!
    PK and his first wife were friends with Lisa and Ken, and I think PK lost a ton of money. So out they trot Dorit their willing surrogate.
    And guess what? We are all talking about her and her pervy husband!
    I do not dislike LVP, and I adore her causes, but somewhere Pinky is sitting lips pursed with a slight smile, one arched eyebrow, saying to herself “Job well done.”
    Oh, and I do think Dorit has beautiful children,and should hightail those little darlings back to Connecticut, too many wolves in BH, she is not cut out for this.

    1. her children are adorable. I’ve live in Orange County. Kids can have a good upbringing there as long as you watch them when they are teens… lol… I loved California now I’m stuck in cold Wisconsin….

      1. So sorry! Wisconsin must be freezing! I’m in Ohio, we get very gray like 8 months out of the year, but not as cold. Wisconsin seems beautiful with all the little lakes, though.

  4. Aww poor George. I don’t think I wish that on him. Here’s my edit. PK admits he’s Brooks’ bottom and moves to the bayou.

    1. All perfection! When Erika and Dorit become friends, she helps Dorit launch a new clothing line called TrashyGurl complete with crotchless panties, cannot help it! Too good!

  5. Yes, she should! Hope it’s a good day! Btw, Sandy, I’m a real genealogy buff, and I have traced part of my family back to Rowland Roland Taylor burned at the stake in England in the 1500’s. You are the genealogy buff, yes?

      1. I find geneaology addicting if you actually find family trees and history for centuries. The good and the not so good are interesting…but it is all the hubby’s. Oh I found out my one grandmother was with child (my mother) when she married at a very young age…just by doing the math. Oh well. Stuff happened.

    1. I have delved into my husband’s family tree, and I have found a lot out there, especially on his maternal side. A lot has been researched by others and in some documents on the net I found. I found he is related to the Drakes all the way back to you would not believe it… 1000s…Drake to Drago, etc. Captain Frances Drake directly, Sir Francis Drake a 2nd cousin 11x removed. I have spent hours and hours looking up his family…some of them founders of New Amsterdam and more.
      For my own family, I did not hire anyone, and it has not been easy when my ancestors are Italian and I don’t have enough to go by.

  6. Have you ever been fixed up with someone and everyone said you would make a great couple. You meet and you think to yourself, what the hell were they thinking fixing me up with them? Meet Erika and Dorit. Not a good fit. Jealousy comes to mind. Dorit is a follower, Erika is a leader. I don’t think Dorit is dumb per se, just way out of her league with Erika. What do they have in common, that we can see on screen? Dorit’s bitch, i.e., Puke K (I’m stealing that one) controls her. He’s an idiot and the things that he says, what a creep. Dorit, stop listening to the puppet master, LVP, stop listening to your bitch, have your own thoughts and express them. Then, maybe, just maybe, you’ll be on Erika’s level. Now go off and tend to those two adorable babies.

    1. Sorry Mary Boston, I totally disagree, kinda one sided..but hey, I have done that a time or two myself. So I guess it’s an even-steven thing then.

  7. Mine could care less too! I am in awe when I find something about his family. We did the DNA and he matches others with the same lineage and trees.
    He had a relative who was thrown out of Switzerland for religious reasons, and he came here and started a church in PA in 1710. I found writings of what he, the reverend, said on the ship, as he sailed around the north of England to avoid being followed. The hubby did not know he even was Swiss…thought his mother’s side had German in it, but the Swiss relatives did speak German, and I found a lot written about them.

  8. Yes, I know some churches kept baptismal records, if they were not burned, but I have not actively pursued that. It would be easier if I spoke Italian and maybe traveled there. Some families have some trees, etc. After years, I finally found my mother and grandmother’s Ellis Island record…and the name was spelled so wrong, I could not believe it, but it happened and it was them. So much is wrong. They left out parts of names like birth towns with half the name, etc with the Italians who spoke no English when they arrived.

  9. If you could just find out what’s what going back to when they immigrated to America, the rest once you reach back to into Germany should be a breeze – they keep immaculate records via “Familienbuch”, “Burgerbuch” or “Ortsippenbuch”, they usually can take you back to the 1600s. It’s a pity Hubby’s not into it, that kind of info is so interesting!

    1. My problem DOWR, is that my husband was the baby, and everyone is gone. He does not even remember meeting a grandparent, strange. He was born during the war to an older mom with four other children. His father was a prisoner of war in Siberia, I know that from my sister in law before she passed. Maybe they were hush hush because of all the horrible times in Germany. I thank you so much for this information, because maybe I can find a clue! ❤

  10. I think they need Cher or Portia de Rossi, someone like that who would never in a million years do it, but omg!

  11. O m g! To everyone??!!! This is serious, and it hasn’t happened yet to my old Bavarian who is approaching 76! YOWSA!!!!

  12. Only Kyle. Which is why they butt heads. I don’t see Kyle as weak at all. When the show began, Kyle had 3 kids at home, small ones. Farrah was graduating from College around the first or second season. I always try to balance the good against the bad in people. Especially since they are not potential friends, just a cast of women on a show. If Eileen would allow Rinna to dry up and fall off I would be able to like her. I get sticking with long time friends. I do not get staying quiet, and laughing when that friend is being crude and wrong. It goes against my basic personality to just watch. I also get not saying it in front of everyone in the middle of the s**t storm on the boat and at the dinner. But in the limo later, it wasn’t funny, IMO.

  13. I want Jane Leeves. She is the Brit who was on Frasier and Hot in Cleveland. She is funny. She lives in LA the last time I checked too.

    1. Make sure he gets a PSA test every year. It is very important.
      I know what you mean. I had to get into a fight to impress upon my physician hubby that he should get checked. They are the worst.

      1. He refuses to do that . And get this!! His doctor told him that it’s NOT necessary ! I didn’t believe him so I emailed the doctor . He told me there is no evidence to suggest finding it early makes any difference !! Wtf ?????

        1. Is he a real doctor? Who says that? At age 50 and up or earlier if there is a family history, it should be yearly. One in seven men will get prostate cancer. If there is even a slight increase (should be indetectable), it should be repeated at once to be sure and then again at least once a year.
          If he has symptoms such as hematuria, nocturia, painful urination, frequency of urination, difficulty trying to initiate urinary flow or low flow, he should go to the urologist.

        2. It does not hurt to get it done earlier. Ben Stiller was 48 when he found out he had prostate cancer, and the younger the occurrence, usually it is the more invasive type. His own doctor said the same thing, but he insisted he do the test.

    2. My sister has been to the doctor one time since her youngest Son was born in 1976, I kid you not. And, the diagnosis was wrong! She gets illnesses, too. She just had a bout of what she promises was Psoriasis all over her body almost. She doesn’t live here anymore, so I didn’t see it with my eyes. I agree with her about certain stuff, like no mammograms or colonoscopies. I’ve had one of each, the latter caused me more problems for years than what the test was supposed to detect. I read the stats from 2016 about how the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S. is hospital mistakes or illness caused from something inside the hospitals themselves. So, I take my cues from those facts, and use natural health medicine whenever possible. Naturally the 11 days spent waiting for a surgeon to come back from Thanksgiving Vacation when I broke my neck put me off hospitals forever. I never paid them a penny. I told them, after I realized what they used to surround the titanium splint, or whatever it’s called, that I was going to sue their as**s off, I signed a release, and never paid them a penny of the almost 200 grand the entire bill was. I wouldn’t have gotten that much from a lawsuit when all would have been said and done, and it would have been YEARS of fighting. I asked my husband to promise me, when I was waiting, and still conscious before the coma, not to pay them anything, because any payment is a legal statement that money is believed to be owing, until I could personally see and read the bills, he promised and kept his promise. My husband is 76 now, and healthy, but does go see his doctor regularly, and takes certain medicines. He is very stubborn,
      ( not me though, hahahaha. ) He is 14 years older than me, so now I have to remind him sometimes to take his pills, and he reminds me to drink my nighttime tea.

  14. The prostate cancer is much faster growing in the younger men who get it, so it is much more of a problem. My hubby had a colleague who died from prostate cancer at 47.
    As cancers go, it tends to be one of the slower spreading on average, but it depends where you are in levels. There are different numbered levels of tumors.
    Ben Stiller had the faster growing kind in his 40s, and after he insisted, his doctor did the test, but he said the doctor did not even want to order it. No harm in having it done earlier.

    1. So I guess my husbands doctor went to school with Ben stillers doctor

      I was telling her, he’s over 50, WHY DONT YOU JUST SO IT!!’ I just couldn’t understand what the big deal was

  15. Hello Rain, What a surprise, I agree with you. I believe Dorit was brought on as another friend for LV. Last season it seemed LV was running out of friends. But to be fair, I simply don’t like Dorit. Tried to be open when she first appeared but she just seemed to be all “Showy”. Look everyone see how rich I am. ugh I guess the Rolls for a birthday present was to much for me to soon. And PK……please.

  16. lol that’s BS and everyone knows it. She was brought on the show because she’s LVP’s friend, to be LVp’s puppet and do her dirty work: attack Rinna, Eileen, and Erika… the people who threatened and challenged her last year … how convenient. No one buys that Dorito is actually there to be friends with Erika. She & her disgusting husband are just plain vile I hope they don’t come back next year, the sight of him is repulsing, literally.

  17. I thought I read that his Kidney Stones were better, t’s late, so I can’t come up with the proper medical terminology, but better. Did I misunderstand? I hope not, I am so sorry if I am wrong. I am praying for him and you in my nightly prayers, Sweet Sandy. Only the best for you, you deserve it, enough of the s**t already‼️❌⭕️❤️

    1. He has a few medical problems. He passed a stone a couple of months ago, and then he recently passed another. He still has one more…grew a lot in just a couple of months and still in one kidney, so it will not pass on its own (at that size and so far not moving…) and needs to be treated via ultrasound (lithotripsy) to break it up. That has to be scheduled.
      He has been treated for prostate ca and is in remission (had radiation) but still needs hormones for 3 years to suppress testosterone…
      He is having cataract surgery in May…
      There are a few problems, and fingers crossed, he will be okay…he also has UC…and that was made much worse from the radiation which had him very ill after Xmas. He is still on extra meds for that.
      That was long! Getting old is no fun at all.
      Thanks for your concern. XOXOXO.

  18. and she thought wrong…Dorit needs to be a one season and doner……im not interested, never was and I can’t wait for a reunion mash up clip showing her just how thirsty she was to have Erika like her…..and when Erika didn’t respond she went on a haters campaign….bring back Yolanda

    1. Oh I love her too!! I always have . I hope she comes back too , but I think Andy wants troublemakers and she’s a gentle sweet woman

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