Dorit Kemsley Says She Likes Erika, But Stands By Her Remark

Dorit Kemsley is reacting to the drama on this week’s episode of RHOBH in her blog. First, Dorit says she thinks her American humor comment was completely misunderstood by the ladies. Dorit insists that she was just joking around with her husband about Erika not wearing panties the next day and stands by her remark about Girardi being guarded.

“It’s always a treat to spend time with my girlfriends, especially Lisa V. I was excited to help her find a special birthday gift for Ken, something that didn’t have four legs! Ha!

She might have a sharp British sense of humor, but not everyone sees what a caring wife she is that absolutely adores her husband. It was so special to help her find a gift for her Ken, and I’m not kidding around when I say we are two peas in a pod! You don’t come across a lot of people in life who you can count on and connect with. It’s great to be so playful with Lisa, I just love her and I can’t stop laughing most of the time. The silliness about the rubber and the watch is a prime example of how we joke and play around. We’re like two silly little girls when we’re together!

The moments with my children are both heartwarming and sad at times to watch. Jagger and Phoenix are so precious, and it’s so reminiscent of the times that were such a struggle as a mom and the difficulties I faced in this moment. Becoming a mother changed everything for me. It’s the single most important role to me, and as a mom I’m prepared to do whatever is best for my kids. When Phoenix started favoring one side of her head and we heard the concerns of the doctors, PK and I decided to take immediate action and get her the headband. It was so difficult to see her in it every day, but we knew it was what was best for her. I just can’t wait for her to be out of it and this whole issue to be over. For my son Jagger, it was also alarming that he wasn’t engaging and speaking with us more, and the doctors recommended speech therapy. It’s a slow process but we are committed to it, and I believe Jagger is going to really benefit from it. He even enjoys going. It’s so hard to be a mother at times like these. It truly pulls on my heartstrings and gives me sleepless nights, but I’m trying my best and willing to do anything to benefit them. I’m so thankful to also have the support that I have in the house. With no family close by and both myself and PK running the business, it’s a godsend to have found the people we have to help us. They truly are an extension of our family, and the babies love them.

The parts with Eileen were really touching. I found myself crying watching her speak about it. I sympathize with what she’s been going through. I can’t imagine the heartache. I really feel for her and what she’s been going through. Everyone dreads the day that this will happen to them, and she’s handled it with such poise and grace.

PK and I were both excited to attend the White Party. I was looking forward to catching up with everyone since my birthday but also I wasn’t too sure about wearing white! White can be a tricky color and it has its challenges—especially in the underwear area—like we all talked about! I thought Erika’s outfit looked great, but it was a surprise to everyone when she said she was without panties. We’ve all been there without underwear. It’s not that big of a deal, and PK and I have a good sense of humor about these things as you can see when we are joking about it the next day.

I really do like Erika, but I stand by my remark that she is often guarded. I personally haven’t felt much warmth from her, and she has a tendency to snap at both PK and I for no reason. I think my comment about “Americans” was misunderstood. Of course I’m American and very proud of it. I’m simply stating AS AN AMERICAN, I do think we all need to relax a little and lighten up. The joking around is often a bit of harmless fun and personally I enjoy it. It keeps me young and playful! But everyone’s entitled to their own opinions, and each of us speak our minds openly, whether we agree with each other or not, and that’s just part of being a strong-minded Beverly Hills Housewife.”

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22 Replies to “Dorit Kemsley Says She Likes Erika, But Stands By Her Remark”

    1. Hi Jay, I’m glad you stuck around with us. Yes, she is boring. What in the world does she do all day. What business does she have? I really don’t know. If Boy George is her husband’s only client, yeah, that’s going well. What has he done lately. No offense to BG, loved him in the day.

    1. Good Morning Rain, I hope the San Fran hottie is sizzling today. Intolerable is a good word choice. I started out liking her, but it’s dropping more and more. Give me something to like other than two cute kids…

  1. OMG! Cud she try a little harder2 convince us that she’s playful! Yuck! Give me a break! PK was checking Erika out& she didn’t like it bc he admitted it, on national TV. LVP again starting sh_t.This British humor is BS! It’s called passive-aggresive! This chick is plastic! She better stay in her lane bc Erika doesn’t play these stupid games! We shall see what happens but this chick is the type that is a name dropper& tries2hard2 fit in!! I’m out. Peace!

  2. Your babies are adorable and that’s the only good thing I have to say about her. PK is a pervert. He was checking Erika out and I mean all out. Erika was sitting properly. I want to know, I thought humor was to be funny not insulting or mean. Gee, my two English friends have great senses of humor but they never act like this. I’m trying to find something to like about this one, and I did the very first show, but now, not so much. Prove me wrong, girl.

  3. I read – somewhere, don’t remember – when she and PK are watching TV in their bedroom, BoyG lays in their room on a couch and watches with them…huh?
    I’m sure I will get comments for what I’m about to say…we all see how much LVP garners unconditional love, she wants the same from her friends. They are supposed to be exactly who she wants them to be. Look at her and Kyle’s friendship, yes they have fun but if Kyle says something LVP doesn’t care for – look out. Right now, this chick – Dorit – is LVP’s Giggy, she follows her around like a dog on a leash.
    Dorit acts a fool. Why does a grown woman feel the need to write a blog in such a childish manner? I feel sorry for her children, to have several nannies just because mommy is too busy watching TV with Boy G. And I’m sorry, their discussion in the jewelry store was very distasteful. I don’t care if you are buying a $20 or $20,000 watch, have a little class. AND I’m not talking American vs. British class…just plain class.
    LVP does have a wicked sense of humor and she used to be funny, now she’s just mean. She’s playing Dorit like she has others, she tried with Rinna but it didn’t stick. LVP was wrong for sticking her hand up Erika’s dress, don’t think she didn’t see Dorit’s husbands sneaking a peak and tried her best to cause an issue – and I still say this was a little set up. LVP is a reality star queen, she knows exactly what to do to start drama. I do not care for what I’m seeing this season from LVP. I am wondering how the dynamic will change when Eden joins.
    Well…I ranted way more than I thought I was going to…just disappointed in LVP.

    1. You go girl. You can like LVP, she has many good qualities. Personally, I find her to be a snob, she judges everyone by their pocket book, and expects everyone to kiss her ass. Yes, she is manipulative and she’s been caught and doesn’t like it. I’ve been ganged up on, is old and tired.
      PK was digusting. Yes, I also found the comment in the jewelers totally inappropriate. If Brandi said it, LVP would have been all over her, right. And, dear goodness, I love dogs. Putting the dog on the counter and how they have them drink from the restaurant glasses, gross. Four paws on the ground at all times. I’d love to go to one of her restaurants with my 120 lb. German Shepard and have him sit on a chair next to me. I wonder what reaction I would get. I’d put a napkin around him, give him a plate to eat off too. Enjoy the day. Rant on and often.

      1. I have a like dislike ‘relationship’ with LVP. Sometimes I like her sometimes – UGH! The last two – three season, I see her as two-faced and just flat out mean girl, but cries victim.
        I bet your German Shepard would be better behaved than some of these HW!

  4. I saw that too…she was being discreet, like a lady should. Many women go commando to not have panty lines – guilty as charged. I don’t believe it is either, again feel sorry for her children. It is extremely rare a baby’s head reacts like her daughter’s due to favoring it while they sleep. I have seen it before, but it was a neglected child.
    Yes, Boy G was big – back in the day – but now?! OOOOooo wait, he’s on Celebrity Apprentice – this is all making sense now…
    Good point, Rain…LVP may think she has her a loyal BF, but she may turn out to be a sneaky cat.

    1. Oh, my. I thought the same thing kt. Only when a baby is left for hours in a crib will that happen. I also responded on another post. Her adorable son’s speech issues could be because he’s surrounded by many non-English/English is not their first language people. My niece grew up with her Chinese grandparents. She really didn’t speak until they moved out. It was confusing and she was blending the languages. Well, her kids are adorable and kids are off limits.

      1. Yes, MaryBoston, it’s typically seen in orphanages. My hubby and I have done a couple of Doctors without Borders trips, it’s very heartbreaking. I’ve never heard of it happening due to favoring while they slept – doesn’t mean it can’t happen, just saying I’ve never heard of it. That is interesting regarding your niece, is she now bi-lingual – did her speech pattern clear? Yes, kids are off limits, I think SHE should spend more time with her kids!!!

        1. She is multi-lingual. Chinese and Spanish. Her speech pattern cleared up almost immediately.
          She doesn’t even know her two cutie pies and that’s sad. And, how wonderful of you to do that work. You are a special soul. Peace and Love

  5. She’s irritating and wants so hard to fit in. The problem is she has no idea who she is yet so she plays the chameleon game. Right now, she’s playing like she is an up and coming BH socialite. She isn’t a hands-on Mom. Her husband is strange and WHAT DO THEY DO FOR A LIVING? Does anyone know? Taylor and Russell all over again with the fake everything, all the way down to her annoying fake accent.

  6. I like the banter & the humor. People really do need to lighten up & stop taking everything so seriously. So far I like Dorit. I pray for her kids. I can’t stand Erika. I haven’t liked her from day 1. She is boring to me.

  7. Hi Aunt Bee, They made a remark about using “rubbers”. It was really not appropriate in that setting at all. You could see the jeweler’s faces just drop.

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