Dorit Kemsley: RHOBH Season 8 Has Unexpected Feuds and Friendships

RHOBH star Dorit Kemsley is opening up about season eight of the show. Kemsley says there are “twists and turns,” including “unexpected” feuds and friendships this year.

“But then again, any feud would be an unexpected feud as long as it’s not a repeat of PantyGate,” Dorit told TooFab. “PantyGate had its day, and I think everybody can agree that you need to let sleeping dogs lie.”

Dorit had a rough first season, as she feuded with both Erika Girardi and Lisa Rinna. Now, she is bringing us up to date regarding the dynamics between the women.

So what changes this season between Dorit and Erika? “Erika and I didn’t really start off on the right foot last year, so we really hadn’t gotten to know one another. This season, that’s very different. We actually get to know one another. I can tell you that there are some unexpected friendships. There are definitely twists and turns.”

Will we see PK as much this year? “I don’t think he has to run to my defense as much as he did last season, so in that regard, he’s a little bit out of the spotlight. But PK is always by my side. We roll together. There were some unfair accusations [last season], and at the end of the day, it was a husband going to bat for his wife, and that’s what he did.”

Why does Kyle Richards feel f*cked over by Dorit in the trailer? “Kyle has been one of my closest friends from the beginning, but we have our moments this season. Sometimes in great friendships, particularly when you’re in a group of women, things can be misconstrued, and sometimes it becomes a bad case of telephone.”

Sounds like things are going to get interesting in Beverly Hills.

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  • UnrealHousewife57

    Since when does she travel with a glam squad? Is she copying Erika? I don’t recall her talking about it last year.

  • eastcoast cam

    i honestly want them to be friends. i think this year we’ll see a different side of her.

    • Rain

      I really hope so! I want to like Dorit but she needs to start being genuine

  • kt

    Love her lipstick…I feel a…I wanna be like Erika vibe – just the interviews and comments I’ve read…

  • Aunt Bee

    I watched the premier and still can’t stand Dorit. She and her boasting reminds me too much of Heather Dubrow. Glad Kim is gone and wish she would have taken Lisa Rinna with her. I like the child raising ideals of the new girl.

  • Starr

    I cant judge yet as it’s way too early in the season. A lot of travelling to come & we all know how that goes. Will wait & hope for friendships & peace & harmony.

  • Panda

    Hi! She had a glam squad last year. You see them at her house and she brought them to Hong Kong. One of them is actually does the hair for the kardashians.

    • Rain

      Thank you for that info , I didnt know that

  • bluebell

    I like Dorit & PK.