Dorit Kemsley Reveals Husband PK Will Be Less Involved in RHOBH Season 8

Last season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, new Housewife Dorit Kemsley’s husband PK rubbed a lot of viewers the wrong way. In a new interview, Dorit is revealing that PK will be less involved in the upcoming season.

“I know he had a rough season. I think he took it well, he’s a big boy,” Dorit admitted. “This season, I think that PK took a step back. He took a back seat and kept it simple.”

As you probably remember, PK caused quite the stir last season when he outed Erika Girardi for not wearing panties and revealed he caught a glimpse of her goods.

But Dorit is standing by her man. “The thing is, he and I always support each other,” she told US Weekly. “We’re partners in this life together. We roam through life together and we will be there for each other.”

Dorit acted coy when she was asked if Erika and PK had made up. “It had been five years since I put out a swim line and now the ideas are pouring out of me,” the fashion designer shared. “But you’ll see me trying to balance that with being a mom. It wasn’t easy for me to do as a career woman because I wasn’t a mother when I was doing my career before and I think I can do it.”

What are your thoughts on PK and Dorit? Are you glad they are back for another season?

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  1. I won’t missed wanna-be housewife PK. You can’t convince me that Dorit would have anything to do with PK if he didn’t have money.

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