Dorit Kemsley Responds to Lisa Rinna’s Cocaine Accusations

Dorit Kemsley is taking to her blog to discuss last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kemsley responds to Lisa Rinna’s cocaine accusations and talks about her fight with the ladies on the boat in Hong Kong. She describes the boat ride as pure hell.

“Well…this episode started out with a bang and ended with another bang.

It really makes me feel sad that grown women are acting like this. I mean, jumping in front of someone’s face and flipping them off…we are not kids. Surely there’s a better way to resolve things.

What happened on the boat was pure hell. Three women all coming at me like that together, I was blindsided to say the least, and it felt like plain old bullying, which I won’t allow. I will stand up to that type of behavior and won’t let anyone attack me like that. It was mean-spirited and unprovoked. We all know these issues they are raising have been rehashed many, many times already, and I’ve listened and apologized, and it was put to rest. I shouldn’t have to keep facing it and in such an aggressive manner. I tried to listen, but it’s hard to listen and act caring back when people are being that aggressive and saying such horrible things to you. These are not the actions of people wanting to resolve things. I was really shaken by it and hurt, because I honestly feel like I’ve tried to make amends so many times already. When does enough become enough?

Aside from being shocked that Erika Girardi was now raising these issues again, I was also shocked by some of her other comments. To say to me that I’m desperate for her attention or that what she says matters and is important and what I say doesn’t matter…I mean, who says that about themselves? I find it strange to think someone can think of themselves in this way and say these things to someone else.

Coming off the boat, my head was spinning, and I was emotionally drained and distraught, and I wasn’t thinking clearly. I made a comment about Erika’s glam squad that I now regret, and it wasn’t personal towards them but was in reaction to these strange comments she made about herself and her own self-importance. Her glam team isn’t involved. They are all very nice and talented, and I’ve enjoyed some good times with them. I was just shaken by everything on the boat and the Erika, Lisa R and Eileen ambush. It was very unsettling.

As for Lisa R, this has gotten so out of control I don’t know where to begin. From the aggressive attack on the boat to the Hong Kong dinner when she was just relentlessly coming at me again and again to the point even Eileen had to step in to my defense (!!) and now to these outrageous accusations about drugs being used at my house. Oh and let’s not forget the “Do I trust my husband” comment. This is all just too much. To talk of drugs and if I trust my husband, these are low low blows. I’m a mother and a family person, and I have my children to think of. You can’t go around saying comments like this about people for no reason, and all along Lisa R was smiling and enjoying saying all those horrible things. I guess we are starting to see the true colors of people. And to question my husband, we all saw how she reacted to Kim R when she mentioned her husband, smashing a glass, getting up to strangle her… I can’t even begin with how many things are wrong here, and Kyle , too, was clearly upset that she would do that after how she treated Kim.

It really is a shame that things came to this point. I wanted to have an amazing Hong Kong trip with the girls to support Lisa V’s phenomenal work with her foundation and trying to stop Yulin forever. But no, the good cause and mission got lost, and we had to revisit old feelings that I thought were long gone and done with. Poor Lisa V having to see all of this happen on a trip that she’s been working so hard on. I’m really grateful to have such a great friend and for her efforts to jump in and stand up for me. It was shocking that the girls felt they could all gang up on me, but when Lisa V would say anything in my defense, she was immediately shut down as if I shouldn’t have anyone supporting me whilst a barrage of attacks were being directed at me from three women!

Well, thank goodness, we went to see Buddha. I certainly needed to relax and have a laugh on the trip up the mountain with Lisa V and Kyle. It was great to spend some time with them to lighten things up after all of this drama! I was very thankful to have a “zen” moment and enjoy the nature and beauty of the Buddha.

So with a calming breath and a deep sigh, we move on, and I’m so glad Hong Kong is behind us.”

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87 Replies to “Dorit Kemsley Responds to Lisa Rinna’s Cocaine Accusations”

  1. Dorit is just an idiot. True she had accusations about her husband and drug use for no reason, but really, this chick started the wholes hung to begin withI…..

    1. Dorit started pantygate to begin with, but didn’t need to have accusations about her drug use or slimy husband cheating on her.

      1. I don’t think Lisa was accusing PK or cheating on Dorit so much as posing a rhetorical question to shine some light on his ethics and sense of character. If he’s trustworthy and these two simply happened upon an innocent mistake on Erika’s part, why the circus theatrics and running gags putting Erika in the hot seat about her Pretty Little Puss (which I STILL hold there is no way he could have seen it)? If you trust your man you’d likely not have to make a scapegoat out of the person who mistakenly flashed him..if that even happened in the first place.

  2. I don’t think Dorit is a user herself. But I’ve seen too many things where drug use is concerned among the “glamour set” up close and personal: someone saying something as obvious as “you need to touch up” and the mad group rush to the bathroom is usually code for going to hit a bump of buggar sugar. I actually don’t question whether Dorit indulges, but looking at the gathering she had around her table…it’s a possibility. I know she at least knows what “induced” behavior looks like, no? She worked in the Italian fashion industry and is surrounded by music industry people. She knows what time it is.

      1. She lived there for ten years, worked for an Italian designer. She started her own swim line in New York maybe 6 years or 7 years ago, and she was showing during Fashion Week but stopped roundabout 2013. Back then she had no accent AND no lips. She’s been married to PK for what, 3 or 4 years? Looks like she took time off to be a mom. Anyhoo, the Italian fashion industry can be glamorous debauchery on a Caligula level, and fashion, music, and film industries tend to mix and mingle with all the same bad habits amongst them. She knows darned well what it looks like when people disappear to discreetly do their business.

        I cut my teeth in Italy starting in my 20s and was lucky to have bosses who were like parents or older siblings to me, so I’ve never had peer pressure to partake.. even while watching people around me high as kites, & for the last 20 years I’ve been able to “look” but had no desire to “touch” (I’m terrified of street drugs from watching all those health class films in junior high, lol). But yes, anyone who makes it out of Italy intact has at least SEEN a whooooole lot of crazy…like coke served on silver platters carried by ‘little people’ crazy, or in more discreet circles “suggestions of a touch up” crazy, or now because everyone is equipped with smart tech and recording devices, texting each other or suggesting that you “order pizza” crazy . That “ordering pizza” talk was also very big in 2007 in New York. I believe that SHE didn’t necessarily do anything that night, but her guests…???

  3. I am sick to death of this stupid panty situation. It was a five minute thing that we now must hear about every darned episode.Is that all they really have to talk about?

    1. Isnt it the same difference with Eileen’s behaviour last season toward LVP? It took up the entire sick season. Again, it was Eileen & Rinna. So, nothing is new this season.

  4. Good Morning All, I absolutely love Erika and I was very surprised at her behavior. I thought she had put that situation behind her and she did, but she never discussed her feelings with Dorito. Too bad she didn’t do it, because it came out in the worst way. Sorry Erika!
    I understand where Rinna was going with that stupid question of if she trusts her husband. A gentleman would have gotten up and changed his seat or moved away, if there was anything to glance at. The way Pervo was slinking around in his seat, he should have dropped a napkin so he could get the full view. If Dorito didn’t catch that, Rinna was making it known. The whole cocaine thing…who knows and to be honest, I don’t care. It’s just sad that this accusation is now out there. Kids are involved, Rinna. This could even lead to Child Services being called and that would be beyond terrible.
    That’s the issue, stop talking shit because it sticks. Hey, where’s Rain this morning?

  5. One of the reasons I adore you Rain, the salty/sassy part of you is just like myself. I also had to apologize last week and I’m still horrified on the language I used. All’s good with me. Love and Peace, the San Fran hottie.

    1. I bet we all came by it honestly. I know I did. My Mom’s Mom, Nana, was a Southern Lady until she got on her sewing machine. She made wedding quilts for her Great Grandchildren, every one of the girls!!!!! She quilted them on those old quilt frames, by hand, I have the quilt frame in my rafters. But when the needle or the thread would break in her Singer, ooohhh, get outa the way. But I learned how to insult a person from her ❤️

  6. Rain sweetie, we’ve all been there at one time or another. Not to fret, we all understand as you were the #1 target unfairly. We’re a team here & we will always have your back Hello , take note, & this is your always agree to disagree friend too. Love you girl.

  7. Oh, wow, I didn’t know that. I’m also a pot girl. I can’t wait for the recreational shops to open in MA. It relaxes me and helps me to sleep. I don’t do it often, but enough that it does help. But, the code thing, I’m so naïve.

  8. All is good here. Work is busy. Hope all is well with you too. I’m in the last throes of finishing up details for my trip in May. It’s coming up fast.

  9. I am in total agreement with Dorit regarding the gang up by Lisa R., Erika & Eileen. It was ugly. I was excited when they brought in Lisa r. to the housewives show but omg now I’m sorry she joined the cast. The stuff that comes out of her mouth and flipping the woman off on a regular basis and the words she flung at Dorit about cocaine, her husband. She is a dangerous friend to have. Erika – have loved her all along but now second guessing. I think she took the pantygate and made it her story for the season. It has always looked like she was the one to keep it going.

    1. I agree. I notice when Erika was on WWHL, she made a comment about knowing that was going to be a story line & Andy gave her an awkward look. These people a as dumb as a box of rocks if they think this is what we want to watch.

  10. Love you Rain sweetie. No apology necessary as far as I’m concerned. That is what makes you the person that I absolutely adore though

  11. Oh, please, it’s not a gateway drug and not addictive. It would help those greatly who are going through this awful opioid epidemic; now all that shit is addictive. I’m so tired of all the bullshit about security and the like. How about selling it right out of a pharmacy like all the other stuff, you know, the stuff that can actually kill you. Please!

    1. Finally, with the new law that passed here in Nv., it is. A prescription is needed, but easy to get from what I hear. So, your wishes at least here, I don’t know where you are, are coming true. They have these little boutiques, with all the different kinds, and the fragrance when entering, like a coffee house to a coffee lover like me. I haven’t been able to purchase, but the scent is enough for now. The DEA, FDA, and all the big pharma, are not out to cure anything. UhOh, no more politics, sorry.

  12. 5 days in Zurich, 2 days in Lake Como (I’ll tell George and Amal you said hey), 2 days in Florence, 4 days in Rome, and then a week in Sicily. We rented a villa. We did this before, but at a different villa and area. I’ve been to every where before except Zurich. It’s only the third most expensive cities in the world….WTF was I thinking. We’re going to be driving from Zurich to Lake Como, that’s going to be amazing. I’ll have rosary beads with me the way my Italian hubby drives…say a prayer for me now 🙂

    1. That drive IS going to be spectacular! The lakes are my favorite region in the whole of Europe. I know Zurich is a bit of a pain price wise, but just thank goodness that you’re coming to Europe in May, and not the high season when everyone on the whole damned continent is on vacation leave from their jobs (July-August). It’s a complete nightmare with traffic backed up on every motorway AND the price of everything TRIPLES! Grrrr….

    2. Oh! I am so jealous. What a beautiful trip. Godspeed, Mary. Out of all those wonderful destinations, I’ve only been in Rome for 11 days, and that was spectacular. Barcelona, Paris and London round out my entire traveling overseas experience, and I feel blessed for those for real. Are you a good flier?I’d say have a beautiful trip, but it is unnecessary.

  13. Me too. I’m not a drinker, but smoke. A good friend of mine also has MS and it helps her immensely. She also has her medical card, but would be getting it from the Black Market otherwise. At the end of those commercials I always think to myself, I’m better off with the disease than the “cure”. Seriously.

        1. Oh yeah?? Awesome
          It took Sanjay Gupta on CNN few years ago to talk about how a young girl was being treated successfully for people to come around
          Also , now they separate the compounds so you can’t get the benefit without getting high (THC)
          Where’s the fun in that lol?

  14. This is too much, for someone to say that she was glad that Hong-Kong was behind her, speaks volumes. These clawing cats lost the entire essence of why they were there in the first place, to stop the horrific Yulin dog/cat festival once & forever. God bless LVP ALWAYS.
    Right now, I’m watching all episodes of this season up to tonight’s show–last night in Hong-Kong. I cant begin to express how it shocks me everytime the hypocrisy & venom displayed by Rinna, her below the blow hits, her underhanded ways & her complete hypocrisy.
    As long as Eileen & Rinna are friends, I cant warm up to Eileen. “Show me your friends & I’ll tell you who you are.” In a nutshell for me, both are identical.
    AS for Queen Erika, SHAME ON HER!!!!!!!!!! So into herself it’s sickening. My recap of her:—- 1) She’s a cold block of ice that not even a bull-dozer can penetrate. She has a small heart & a very massive ego . She has love for just one human, her son.
    2) Her husband is a well known, highly respected & highly intelligent man & much in demand. If she cared so much about his reputation, she would never wear a necklace around her neck with one of the worst words in the world, an insult to all women. Neither would she wear a very short dress, be pantyless & then openly state that she was without in front of men. Classless.
    3) Take ownership for her error & yes, Dorit & PK made it a wrong joke, but ALL the women joined in, ALL & enjoyed their time with pantygate as much as Dorit did. For Eileen & Rinna to support her attacks the way they did on the boat, left me bubbling over with anger for all 3. It was unfair, unkind, unjust. They all wanted to dagger Dorit & to keep pushing in that dagger deeper & deeper. Dorit was a lady but stood her ground. I blame Erika for saying it was okay & over & then attacking the way she did. Again, unfair, unjust, unkind & uncalled for.
    4) Erika wanted Dorit & PK to formally apologize to both her & her husband & if that was done, then she would like Dorit again? Grow up, woman.!! How come she does not care one iota how her almost nude body & sexy dancing would not affect her husband? Priorities all messed up. I think she had more class as a waitress, truth be told.
    I did ask my husband how he would’ve handled it when I told him about PK’s remarks. He said he would’ve been very uncomfortable, lifted his head up, look from side to side to avoid eye contact with her lower half especially if he could not shift his chair to another position. He felt she brought the attention on herself by saying in front of men that she was without underwear to again attract attention. On my final note, my husband, although born in our homeland, spent a great many years from infancy to adulthood in England & he’s a true, blue gentleman. Because of him, I understand LVP’s humor very well.

    1. Starr: I’m with you 100%! ITA with all of your coments! I couldn’t have put it better myself. Can’t stand LR, ED, or Erika. They are ruining this show. PK was not the only one show saw Erika with no underwear, Kyle also said she saw it herself. I’m not buying Erika’s BS. Love LVP & her humor. She cracks me up. LVP, Kyle, & Dorit were having so much fun on their ride, while the 3 nut jobs were boring.

    2. I must say that while I don’t agree with you on everything, I admire the way you break down and articulate your observations.
      When I look at Erika, I see someone not as confident as she portrays. I think she desires validation on a very deep level, this has to do with the emotional neglect of her mother. Her mother loves the limelight, and Erika is determined to show her she is worthy. The c*** necklace and fierce attitude protects a very fragile heart, which is why even the smallest slight is remembered. LVP has a little of this too, but surrounds herself with animals who will not hurt her, imo.

  15. Yes, I know the expression about people being like ….t doesn’t stink. I know what you mean. I don’t know why, but though LVP may seem full of herself, she is also sure of herself and her principles, and I like some things about her, like her love of animals and her humanitarian efforts too. I don’t like how she pushes all the nudity with her staff on VPR, and that made me take a doubletake, so I don’t think she is perfect either.
    But I do think Erika is full of herself to the nth degree. I think she flaunts her wealth a lot, like the two jets, the entourage, etc. So, you see what you want to see maybe when you like the persona projected to you. She may be a big personality and have a sexy aura about her, but I see her differently from you. Neither one of these women is perfect either.

    I liked Shannon a lot, but I think even she has changed, for the better in some ways with being less of a doormat when it comes to her husband maybe…or maybe that is what I want to see, since she also is not perfect. I think watching yourself on TV makes you take a good look at your behavior, and she and her hubby saw that.each was treating the other without the respect they should have had. Anyway, I don’t think Shannon or Lydia are enough for me to start watching againg, but I never say never…since I may have little willpower. I went back to Atlanta now and said I wouldn’t?

    1. Hi, Sandy. I never went back to Atlanta, now doesn’t that make me……kidding. Things like that little sentence get these housewives to ruin trips that normal, middle class working people save for a year at a time, or more, to go to. It boggles the mind. When I was young and pretty, my husband would not have appreciated me wearing the “EJayne” outfits, and doing the videos. He wouldn’t stop me, but he wouldn’t be proud. I see that they have been married, I think it’s almost 19 years now, since when we see the show, it’s long past being filmed. I think Erika cracked on that boat. I really do. Kyle is still my favorite HW of BH, Lisa used to be right up there with her, and I still am a fan. I think it must be exhausting to fly into another time zone, cross the equinox and all, and be ready to film. 18 hours to Barcelona, not even across the time barrier, and I was so tired. That was my first trip overseas, and I was a white knuckle flier, so by the time we arrived, my entire body ached from being so tense and never once closing my eyes. My poor sister. But, it evened out because she has Vertigo, so I was in the position to help there. We went a lot of very high places on our trips overseas. Then, my doctor gave me valium to fly…..what a difference that made.

      1. Hi 3 D’s. I don’t think too many men would want their wives in those EJ outfits, except maybe for their own eyes only. Trophy wives tend to be more glamorous eye candy though, and the guys want to show them off more, on average.
        I know EJ and Tom are still married and not because he had a great prenup either. Yet, it is a major age difference for them, and I think he may be easier on her having her EJ life because he knows she may walk if he is too possessive or domineering.
        I could never be in a loud fight in public, and especially in a foreign country where you are an unknown in unknown territory…laws are different too. I would have walked away. Asians are so reserved for the most part. That was such craziness at the restaurant, and their mouths never quit on the boat too…just not right. ( My longest flight was to Maui from Philadelphia via Denver and Oahu connections.)

  16. LOL at not needing to be wired up!!! RIGHT? These das the most I can handle of anything is Prosecco or a stiff vodka cocktail when I’m trying to avoid sugar. Thanks for the love, right back at’cha, Rain!

  17. I also think her flaunting is simply by virtue of her being in the music industry, and playing to a niche audience that’s all about strutting, sashaying, and never lettin’ ’em see you sweat. Her alter ego Erika Jayne is literally the true life embodiment that every traditional drag queen has aspired to be in life, at least the Old School ones.

    Like Octavia St.Laurent in the gif and all the famous personalities that came before and after her, these “girls” wanted beauty, opulence and money to burn (or at least enough for their glamorous frocks to wear to the infamous Drag Balls of their time). And in the middle of all the beading and sequins they led a hard life that was sharpened with a quick wit, sharp tongue, and a little boasting for armor’s sake

  18. I want to apologize to everyone here who had to read the really foul way I reacted to the W……troll. I have a problem when a “man” comes to where a group of ladies, mostly, are chatting peacefully threatening them with a halloween mask on. I will from now on keep my language,
    ( come by honestly ) to myself.

  19. Lisa R., Ericka and to a very slightly lesser degree, Eileen are horrible bullies. You are the pick of the bunch this time around, before that it was Kim, and prior to that it was Brandi. I think u do an admirable job of at least trying to defend yourself. Was also extremely shocked when Eileen did try to stop them also. This whole debacle about Erica and no underwear, is entirely Ericka’s fault. My God! She’s a middle aged woman – why the hell would she go out with no underwear on, a teeny tiny dress, and not know how to sit like a lady. To me – Lisa R and Ericka are birds of a feather – there is something terribly wrong with their lives that they have to continually gang up on someone that they have determined is weaker than they are. For one thing, it’s so blatantly obvious that they both go EVERYWHERE solo – even their husbands don’t want to be seen with them. Lisa R. should spend a lot less time and money on her blubbery lips and spend time with a shrink to determine why she is so horribly mean spirited. Ericka, well she is really a peace of work. Her attitude on DWTS is exactly the same – she brings back that RHBH voice (that is usually reserved for you) in telling her dance partner that he doesn’t have to like her, he just has to make her look good. If you note, the one or two times her husband has been on t.v. with her, she actually acts like she’s afraid of him – constantly defers to him. She really is a disgrace. Bullies are bullies are bullies and these two take the cake. I think Eileen is a mean girl too, but I hope she shapes up. In life we don’t necessarily have to turn on T.V. to witness a bunch of mean girls, because they’re always around us. Mean little girls, do grow up to be mean, nasty women – I have seen it time and time again. For the life of me I don’t know how they get away with it. As for Ericka’s glam squad – OMG! I guess they do their jobs, but she looks absolutely stupid when she goes out – always see through clothes, outrageus hairdo’s way too much makeup. At least on DWTS, they don’t have as many filters on their camera lenses as they do on RHBH – she’s showing her age just like the rest of us do. Just keep your chin up Dorit and actually stay away from those two LR & Ericka – they are soulless..

    1. Welcome, Pat Fortescue, havent seen you before, please stick around, we’re a very caring, agree to disagree with respect group.
      I agree with every single point you made. Spot on !!!!!!!!

    2. I find Dorit and PK to be vile. Having Boy George living w/you is not what makes a couple have character, sound judgement or be likeable. Just because it’s British humor doesn’t make it less rude. LVP has lived here long enough to be very aware of how rude it sounds. When an American is in England and would make a mean comment like LVP constantly does, the British would judge them as we do LVP. I hope Bravo says goodbye to Dorit and PK. Bravo has allowed Vicki and LVP to have too much power on their shows. I stopped watching RHONJ when they stupidly let Teresa back on. I’ll say goodbye to Atlanta soon as Kenya is too grating and nasty. I’ll wait and see if Kim comes back/which I’d love! The sad thing is that when these RH series began they were fun and light hearted. No more, just $$$

      1. I’ve tried to watch Atlanta a lot of seasons. This year I didn’t even try. Kenya is nasty personified, and the rest need to learn how to speak English even when they are with each other. Believe me when I say that wasn’t a bigoted remark. I can not understand what they are saying when they go into that slang. Similar to some young people. From anywhere, any color, any religion…….I love to see Judge Judy force them to stand up and speak English.

  20. It was legal before 1937. What is upsetting to me are the people making and upholdiing these stupid laws – they probably sit around discussing it along with a martini in their hand…. makes no sense. … it should be legal.

  21. Always enjoy your posts too, Rain. I am a big, huge fan of LVP, but I see her shortcomings very clearly. They are so small in comparison to the great good she does. There’s no need for her to compete with anyone, especially Erika. LVP will always wear the crown in the eyes of many, she cant be matched—AT ALL.
    What legacy is Erika going to leave for her son? I think she had more class when she waitressed. What she’s famous for? wearing a dirty necklace around her neck, dancing to thousands scantily clad? A sex symbol? Cold & uncaring? beauty fades, then what? What, at the end, is her son going to stand & say? my mom was the greatest gyrator on earth? she was laced in cash? She may as well be pole dancing at a sleazy nightclub, same difference to me.
    One does not weigh evenly with the other & it’s chalk to cheese even comparing what she does to what Lvp does.

    1. ITA! LVP is a very accomplished business woman, & yet she remains humble & tries to help others. That’s a sure sign of a good person. And one that uses their time/money to help others. She works circles around these other ladies. And yet they have an attitude of self-importance. LVP will always be the Queen, & no one can ever take that away.

  22. Ditto. We all make mistakes in life. It would be an awful place to be, Earth, if we could never take the wrong step and be forgiven. We would all live on our own private islands if we were supposed to be alone in our thoughts and feelings. The women should take a lesson from here, where we agree to disagree, and MEAN IT. We would be like the “Borg” from Voyager Star Trek where 7 of 9 came from if we all believed our thoughts and feelings were the only correct ones.

  23. Disagree again Rain, so sorry. Money or lack of it does not form one’s character. She’s big headed, pig headed & thinks the world of herself. She’s better than anyone, prettier than anyone, more talented than anyone & she definitely thinks she has a Harvard brain. Dont lose sight of her frozen heart either. Wrap all of those traits with a beautiful bow & what do you have inside? an empty box. I do not hate her, as I hate no one, but I Dont like her ways at all. Rinna or Eileen’s either for that matter

  24. DITTO. I was raised in the 60’s. I had a hit of something different before I ever had a hit off of a joint. Now, joints cost a hundred bucks, then, a lid was $8, maybe $10 if it was Alcapoco Gold or Red. Anyway, so long ago…….

  25. Speaking of relax I just thought of this thread while I was over at YouTube looking on my subscription feed: my blood pressure shot up at the sight of PK’s face in my video playlists no thanks to my Bravo sub, lol. He’s got interview clips as they prep for the reunion, and by his own admission , it was HIS idea to get Dorit to do the show since they were newly transplanted to California from New York. Said they didn’t know anyone other than Lisa & Ken, and that yes, he wanted to provide ” support” to her during filming, so he’s responsible for the big splash she’s made this season. How dreadful. I hope there is truth to Andy saying PK’s getting a taste of the hotseat at the reunion. Lord knows he certainly wanted the spotlight for him and his wife bad enough.

      1. Maybe he really is? He could be a house husband for real. She was the one with the business and probably cashed out, since there has been none of her Italian swimsuit business since about 2013. He has had money troubles himself. I know he knows Boy George and is supposedly more…but maybe he needs Dorit to make the money now. PK has been friends with Lisa and Ken as DOWR has written, and he asked a favor of them to get Dorit on the show.
        Last night he really seemed to love the camera on him a lot, but I have to say, PK, you really are not so photogenic. Please do not turn sideways. Your profile is worse than your frontal view. (I did not say full frontal…that would be appalling!)

          1. I know what you mean. He is probably the instigator in all of this. She sort of looks at him for approval, and then he adds fuel to the fire for her and makes it even worse. He taints her for sure.

              1. No way. It would be like watching two children…and the Katie in the mix…not enough for me to watch. I don’t think so, but I may be wrong?

  26. Sure, agreed, love is love. But kids do not remain innocent always. They grow up & face reality. Nothing much left to say, except, love you my friend.

  27. I guess they can be called “nouveau riche”. Again to disagree, I prefer Dorit well over Erika. Last year she was bff to Yolanda, another heartless into self person. And Erika was cold then, even colder this time around. Next season what, North pole cold? She just does not rub well with me, I would not be able to associate with her frigid attitude. It will depress me. Look how she answered her dancing partner last night. Everyone bows down to her as they are intimidated by her, her beauty, what she does. I guess they must be insecure or admire her life. I dont.

  28. Dorit, you have spoken in every episode about Erika being cold, hard to connect to; then the stupid panty-gate? You drug that to each of the girls separately so you deserved all of what Erika said to you b/c you’re obviously threatened by her if she isn’t “friendly” or “friends” with you or you wouldn’t make such idiotic comments
    All I know is Rinna has been in the Hills for a lot longer…so she’s not an idiot when she’s left at a huge dinner table w/1 person!?! Hmmm

  29. Love you Dorit, PK, & your beautiful children. You are a great addition to the show. You really handled yourself with class & dignity against the 3 stooges.

  30. What great words you have written today. I am a Christian 2. I try to do what is right & treat people as I would want to be treated. That’s 1 thing I love about LVP, she is not perfect, but she has a great heart for people & animals.

  31. Off topic! Why is Stassi so obsessed with being Ariana’s friend??? Did you see how she sucking up to her last night ??

    1. I am watching it (Stassi and Ariana) at this moment! I watched DWTS last night. What does for LYFE mean? Murder for lyfe? Weird watching this…Love watching Ken dancing. Sweet! Tom Tom’ cute.

  32. Well put 3 D’s , as always. I fully agree with the Kim/Brandy versus Rinna. At that point though, I thought Rinna was the cat’s whiskers, not anymore now. I swear, Brandy looks like an angel compared to the devil Rinna displays.
    These are ungrateful people who wait until they’re on a lifetime gift of a trip & ruin it everytime with bad behaviour. Oh well, we cant change people, we can only change ourselves. Always love your posts & you as well.

  33. Oh Rain, I love how you love the odd ducks, that’s what just so lovely about you & never change that–for any reason or anyone. I’m kinda that way too myself. My kids constantly say that their mom takes up for the battered person & will sit with the sick & lonely rather than be with the popular that has full house. One can view that as the same difference, I do.
    I actually feel sorry for Vicki & have found forgiveness for her wrong actions even though I have lost so many to cancer & still am losing.
    Just like you Rain, I have lived a very full, busy life, have been through many of life’s experiences, most the difficult road, but faith, hope, trust in God brought me through every difficult page of my life & I thank Him for that all through every day. My favourite words that I live by are: “God said it, I believe it & That’s that for me.” I would never call myself a strong woman, but, I am a woman of strength & I’m always true to myself as well. I guess I am an odd ball for sure. Still a child at heart though, I still love baby dolls & my life is not only dedicated to family, but to animals worldwide. If I help acheive one change in my lifetime, I will feel I have done some good to & for the voiceless & helpless. Because of health reasons, I am now an advocate, my voice is still strong.
    That’s me in a nutshell.
    Let me tell you this, I admire your strong convictions at all times & your wonderful nature & goodness that comes through your posts & I know your world have had many bumps, but you make happy, not only for yourself but for all who come in contact with you. I’m one of them & I love you for it.

  34. No, no, no Rain. I’m a really simple person, no airs & graces at all & I feel so humbled by your totally kind words. I just do not know how to receive a compliment & I’m blushing right now as I am always in a back-ground. But I thank you from my heart
    Just a tiny story about my personality. On of my dear sisters insisted she was going to throw me a birthday party one time. I pleaded with her not to over & over, I do not like being the focus of attention, but she refused to listen. This went on for a couple weeks until I told her I loved her for her wonderful heart, go ahead, have the party, but I wont be there. That ended that right away. So see Rain? I’m really a quiet sort & I’m not all that. I honestly wish I were, but I’m not.
    I promise you, I intimidate no one, & if ever you met me, I would certainly embrace you with a lot of love because that’s mostly what I have to offer & never costs a penny. Thanks so much Rain, I feel all squishy inside. Love you tons.

  35. Never thought of it that way, Rain. Food for thought. I grew up with 7 siblings & many cousins, got along with all except for usual bickering with each other & me the biggest tattler always yelling for my father to come to my aid. Even with that, I mostly lost myself in the crowd & spent hours on the steps watching tiny ants & creating stories about their lives. It was fun for me somehow, stupid as that sounds.
    Know what? My daughter is a therapist & I will ask her. Thanks for the tip. Really good food for thought. Luv u lots.

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