Dorit Kemsley Makes Debut In WWHL Clubhouse

Dorit Kemsley appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen after an all new episode of RHOBH with Boy George Tuesday night. Making her debut in the Clubhouse, Dorit caught up with Andy and answered viewer questions.

A viewer asked Dorit if she has ever taken a dip in the lady pond. “No, I haven’t,” she said.

What is the origin of her accent, a lot of people enquired. “I don’t really know. I don’t hear what everybody else hears. I would say it’s probably a combination of everything,” after Boy George interrupted saying it’s not an English accent, she continued, “I’ve lived all over. I’m married to a Brit, of course my inflection… I draw them from him.”

Another viewer asked Dorit if she blames herself for pantygate because she was the one who made it such a big deal. “I did initiate the conversation with the girls, so I have to take responsibility for that, but as I learned, once things come out of your mouth they sort of take on a life of their own and then they escalate, particularly within a group of women. You have to sort of be accountable.”

Why was Dorit mad at Erika when it was PK who was staring at her lady parts? “I never got mad at Erika, at all. I simply said that if I was wearing a short dress and I didn’t have any underwear on, I would have been extremely conscious that there was no view. I think it’s something that was a mishap. I had said something to the girls and then I really wanted to make light of it and that’s where the gift of the panties.”

Another viewer asked Dorit if she really didn’t remember her dinner conversation with Lisa Rinna talking about Eileen’s mother passing. “No of course I remembered my conversation with Rinna. I didn’t remember that tiny little snippet about Eileen during a very long conversation with Rinna at my dinner.”

A caller asked Dorit out of all of the Housewives, who turned out to be the most different from her first impression of them? “Erika,” she said. “I think before I met her I thought her and I would be fast friends and I just thought her and I were very similar, but I didn’t know her. She takes a minute to get to know. She’s definitely guarded.”

Another viewer asked Dorit why she was rude about Erika’s success and career. “I didn’t mean to be rude. I didn’t really know much about her. At the time, I had heard she was a performer, but I didn’t necessarily know she was successful performer and artist.”

The last caller asked Dorit if Lisa Rinna was being hypocritical for carrying a bag of pills around. “Lisa Rinna is not sober and Kim Richards is. So, I don’t really compare the two. I don’t think she was being hypocritical in that sense. But, I do that it was a tad judgmental because Kim is in a good place.”

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6 Replies to “Dorit Kemsley Makes Debut In WWHL Clubhouse”

  1. Still not sure what I think of her. It seems obvious PK is loving the attention. Also… sorry for being catty but her dress on WWHL was hideous. She looked ridiculous.

  2. She was funny on the show. It is a shame she can’t resist being rude to people for no reason. I mean, when a guest walks in your home and the first thing you do is give them a backhanded compliment about their outfit, you really need to work on your hospitality.

    1. I thought the same thing Christopher. she keeps saying she wants things to be good between her and Erika and yet she insults Erika before she even has a chance to even say hello. wow. I think Dorit is jealous of Erika. I bet PK doesn’t linger and stare at Dorit private parts. lol

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