Did Dorit Kemsley Make Lisa Vanderpump Cry During Filming?

We have some very interesting news in regards to the upcoming season of the RHOBH.

A fan was dining next to Lisa Vanderpump, Ken Todd, Kyle Richards, and Mauricio Umansky.

The fan (@chelseaconnors) says the foursome was sitting next to her during dinner. Chelsea says that they were not filming, and that they only talked about the show.

Kyle ended up taking a picture with her and her friend. Lisa wouldn’t take a photo with them because she was crying. Chelsea says that Dorit said something on-camera that betrayed Lisa and Kyle.

“This is not a drill. Tonight, I dined (next) to Kyle, Lisa, Ken, Mauricio. Giggy was on the table! Things you need to know: they were not filming. They only spoke about the show. In season 8 apparently Dorit said something on camera that betrays Lisa & Kyle, they got in an argument. Lisa was crying, and wouldn’t take a photo – but Kyle is always down for ur gurl!!!! 5 years after my first pic I AM DYING. DYING. I will never be the same #rhobh” she wrote.

Does it surprise you that Dorit possibly betrayed Lisa and Kyle?

Photo Credit: Bravo


9 Replies to “Did Dorit Kemsley Make Lisa Vanderpump Cry During Filming?”

  1. I am never surprised by any RHW show. They all talk about each other constantly. Its par for the course. It’s a tv show – the ladies have producers sitting behind the camera asking all kinds of personal questions to incite drama…that’s show biz.

  2. The whole cast was in NYC recently for NYFW and Dorit being on the cover of a magazine. Lots of photos on Instagram and they were being filmed. Based on the photos/videos, all seemed fine with lisa, Dorit and

  3. Here we go with people doing waaaaay too much for ‘The ‘Gram’. First of all, it creeps me out that people can’t even dine in peace without everyone around them notating invasive little pieces of info that they can squeeze out of a chance encounter. If this is at all true, why would she try to spoil it for viewers creating some buzz about something we may or may not see on the screen? And she shouldn’t be surprised, btw, if Lisa blocks her on social media after this. When I was crisscrossing the States earlier in summer summer visit, I literally saw at least 3 Housewives, never bothered them, felt the need to ask for photos, nada. Made remarks on a forum or two on how beautiful they were in person (true) or how I enjoyed their show (also true) and left it at that. They’re still people at the end of the day, and should be left to have some semblance of privacy when they’re not filming or on the clock doing official duties for their job.

    1. Oh Aunt Bee, Gigi goes everywhere with them. He is kept cleaner with more doctor visits than most people, I’m sure. So there’s nothing to be worried about.
      I actually spent the morning with my nephew’s dog & Miss Penney smelled glorious & has weekly spa days. So, if our baby is so pampered, how much more so for Gigi. Major animal lover here as you may know. Tons of love, Aunt Bee.

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