Dorit Kemsley Jokes About Lisa Rinna’s “Bag Of Vitamins”

Dorit Kemsley is reacting to last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in her blog. However, Kemsley glazes over any drama that occurred in the episode and focuses on her nerves for planning PK’s party. She jokes about Lisa Rinna’s “bag of vitamins,” and talks about how much fun she had rollerblading with Rinna and Eileen Davidson.

“My afternoon with Eileen and Lisa R was so much fun and just what we needed, something uplifting and a great way to bond! We were all in a playful mood. Being from the East Coast, roller blading wasn’t anything I’d ever tried before, but we had a lot of laughs.

It was also nice to hang out with Eden and Lisa R and to plan a calm evening with smoothies! I’ve been wanting to get to know Eden more and haven’t really had a chance since the game night when we met. Lisa R is so funny with her bag of vitamins. I’ve never seen anyone this prepared. If I have a headache, I’ll be going to her first!

And then onto P.K’s birthday. Wow, talk about nervous! Planning parties is not an easy task, especially when it’s for the love of your life, and after the most beautiful birthday he threw for me, I really wanted this to be something special and memorable with the perfect atmosphere, delicious food and a fun surprise for the guests. Thank you, Boy George and Culture Club, for that truly memorable live performance!

I know PK means a lot to George, and they have a wonderful relationship, but it was so special for us that George and Culture Club agreed to do this intimate show for us at our home. We’ll never forget it. Everyone was loving the music and having so much fun, and I loved being home and having Jagger and Phoenix join in the fun! Jagger loves an opportunity to dance! Just like his mommy.”

Photo Credit: Bravo