Dorit Kemsley Jokes About Lisa Rinna’s “Bag Of Vitamins”

Dorit Kemsley is reacting to last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in her blog. However, Kemsley glazes over any drama that occurred in the episode and focuses on her nerves for planning PK’s party. She jokes about Lisa Rinna’s “bag of vitamins,” and talks about how much fun she had rollerblading with Rinna and Eileen Davidson.

“My afternoon with Eileen and Lisa R was so much fun and just what we needed, something uplifting and a great way to bond! We were all in a playful mood. Being from the East Coast, roller blading wasn’t anything I’d ever tried before, but we had a lot of laughs.

It was also nice to hang out with Eden and Lisa R and to plan a calm evening with smoothies! I’ve been wanting to get to know Eden more and haven’t really had a chance since the game night when we met. Lisa R is so funny with her bag of vitamins. I’ve never seen anyone this prepared. If I have a headache, I’ll be going to her first!

And then onto P.K’s birthday. Wow, talk about nervous! Planning parties is not an easy task, especially when it’s for the love of your life, and after the most beautiful birthday he threw for me, I really wanted this to be something special and memorable with the perfect atmosphere, delicious food and a fun surprise for the guests. Thank you, Boy George and Culture Club, for that truly memorable live performance!

I know PK means a lot to George, and they have a wonderful relationship, but it was so special for us that George and Culture Club agreed to do this intimate show for us at our home. We’ll never forget it. Everyone was loving the music and having so much fun, and I loved being home and having Jagger and Phoenix join in the fun! Jagger loves an opportunity to dance! Just like his mommy.”

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  1. Well, I can tell her blogs are written by her or at least not edited for any errors in grammar, etc. She is who she is, and that is a braggart who is nouveau riche to the nth degree. I guess it is easy to brag when you amass wealth, but she is hard to stomach with all of this Boy George stuff. I actually liked Culture Club when they were popular in the early 80s. I don’t think George has been so popular since, unless I am just unaware.
    I don’t know if it was the sound quality of Bravo’s recording or what, but Boy George did not sound nearly like he used to back then, and it was not good, on my TV, anyway. The way Dorit speaks of him, it is like he is one of the surviving Beatles or something or Mick Jagger, and I could go on, but Boy George and Culture Club are just not as popular now. They did have their hits back then, and that is great. She seems to need to find something to brag about to have any conversation, and maybe she should widen her circle of friends to have more material to name drop with…and I really cannot take her or PK, especially as parents. The children will be raised by nannies and whatever issues may come up, we should hope nannies can deal with it, since the parents are absentee, and the chiildren barely look them in the face as if they are strangers.
    Well, I am not sure if Dorit will be here next season or not. I do like to watch parties, but hers was just okay…or we did not see enough of it maybe.
    Let’s see more vacations. I thought Mykonos was too little of a good thing and minus Dorit, Rinna and Eileen, it was watchable. Erika is growing on me…without Yo around.

    1. Dorit’s parenting feels so staged!! “Gotta shoot a scene with those kids today!” I imagine she and PK saying. I always wonder what people like Dorit get out of making snide comments like she does (the tshirt dress dig, really???). And the pills!! If LR isn’t careful toting around Xanex unlabeled in a plastic bag she could find herself catching up to Kim in the amount of visits to a jail cell!!

      As much as I dislike Dorit, I am hoping she will be around for the long run. I’m getting sick of the constant musical chairs going on lately and I think Dorit has a lasting storyline going for her that I’m interested to see play out.

    2. ITA. dorit first runs to LVP about the bag of pills as if to say rinna is some kind of drug addict, now in her blog she laughs it off like “rinna is so funny w her bag of pills”.

    3. Sandy, I think you were in my head. lol The only thing you forgot was how PK loves being in the lime light as much as Dorit. They are completely insufferable. Good post!

  2. Aww, I just think she has the potential to add something to the show that past 1 timers haven’t had the chance to add. Maybe my opinion will be changed by the end of the season, but right now, I’m thinkIng this is just the start of miss Dorit and the perv. Just so you know, PK turns my stomach so much.

  3. Who knows? Maybe not. It does move slowly, but they wanted to show us her relationship with Lord M, and then how Albert was before they got married. I did just rewatch the few minutes I missed. I did see the ending, but missed some of the part just before. It was good. 😉

  4. Katie is horrible. Sheana is starving herself and just jealous of Katies’s bigger wedding or just that she is not the center of attention, maybe? I agree about James too. His parents splitting are not the real cause of his behavior.
    Yes, lots of drama on this show. James gf must be an airhead to think he will stay faithful to her when he never was byehat we are seeing, anyway.
    Brittany fell for Jax…not sure why, but she is good for him, though he is stuck as an immature teen in his mind and never grew up. Jax is troubled and on something for sure. All the cosmetic surgery in the world will not turn back the clock for him either.

    1. Part of me is afraid that Brittany isn’t smart enough to catch Jax’s cheating, like going through his phone etc like all the stuff Kristen and stassi would do. I hope that this is not the case where he found a woman who adores him but who is too naive to catch his lies. This way he has his cake and eat it too

      Jax can’t change just like James can’t change

      1. Well, it seems the other girls are rubbing off on Brittany a little bit, and Jax hates it too. He was hoping for naive. He even said, in front of her mother, I just want to do what I want to do! The Brittany said she lets him do what he wants, but does Jax just want to, like you said, be with other women.
        He may never change. I still hope some part of his tiny brain sees that this may be the only girl who seems compatible with him for the long term, and he is not getting any younger. They are together for one year now, so that says a lot.
        James is pretty much hopeless now, though he is a lot younger than Jax…and maybe will mature? He must have been raised a spoiled brat. He has no respect for others and no manners at all. His temper tantrums are way out of control. He must have been a terror growing up.

    2. at the time of katie shower, scheanna was having issues with her hubby. hard for her to be happy for her friend getting married when her marriage is falling apart.

      1. I still think she should have tried harder to fake it then. Misery loves company maybe, but it was not an excuse for bringing up the money. She would not have liked it if the situation was reversed, I am sure. .

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