Dorit Kemsley Had a Feeling Lisa Rinna Was Guilty Of Saying Those Things About Kim Richards

Dorit Kemsley is sharing her thoughts about the cheesecake tasting on last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and the feud between Lisa Rinna and Kim Richards. Dorit writes her blog that she had a feeling Rinna said those things about Kim, but she is happy that it ended on a positive note.

“I’m so happy to see that all the hard work Lisa V and Ken have been doing is making a difference for the puppies. She spoke at Congress, and now they’re about to open their first dog rescue. You can see the unstoppable drive, passion and determination in both of them. A fabulous place for tons of adorable puppies. I can’t wait to visit!

I thought it was excellent to meet Carnie and hear about the concept of Love Bites. I love it, and the cheesecakes taste delicious! I was looking forward to hanging out with the girls again. I didn’t want to leave my darling Phoenix when she was crawling and going after my shoes. It was just too cute. She is definitely her mother’s daughter!

I knew that this could be quite an evening with everything that has been going on and was hoping for the best since we were merely there to support Kim and her soon to be born first grandchild. I honestly had a feeling that Lisa R did in fact say those things. All of us didn’t want any of it to be true, but it did happen. I’m not aware of the full history between Lisa R and Kim, but there are definitely some deep scars, and I’m very happy to see that they have started the healing and forgiveness process—let’s hope it lasts! Healing is the best way to move on, and I think this is the right step for everyone involved. Hopefully we can grow and move forward in a positive way, and I can’t wait to meet Kim’s first grandchild! She will no doubt be such a great grandmother.”

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16 Replies to “Dorit Kemsley Had a Feeling Lisa Rinna Was Guilty Of Saying Those Things About Kim Richards”

  1. So this was a support for Kim party and her being a new grandmother? Did anyone else other than guilty Rinna bring a gift? Just wondered.
    I loved Carnie and her cakes as well as her wisdom. She really would be a nice addition to this group (as a Housewife) with her voice of reason and pleasant, down to earth personality.

    1. Carnie was on The Talk last week and they talked about her being on RHOBH. One of the ladies said she would be a good addition to the show and Carnie made it sound like she wanted to do it. They should replace Rinna with Carnie.

    2. Didn’t think this was a support party for Kim…it just turned out to be such. It was a cupcake tasting that Kyle was putting on to help Carnie Wilson with her new business.

  2. Dorito doesn’t know what the temperature of the room is unless LVP tells her, so I doubt she knew anything about anything. No one’s buying it Dorito!

  3. So far I love Dorit. She is a great addition to the show. She speaks her own mind & can’t be controlled by the nut jobs.

  4. Unlike many of the posts I have read, Dorit is breath of fresh air. Dorit is no dummy and is very well-travelled and has lived in several countries including Israel. Then there’s Rinna who rolled down the PCH from Medford, OR to LaLa Land. Dorit has a younger outlook on life, has small children, and considering she apparently does not substance abuse issues, looks at life with a clearer view. Dorit laughs easily, likes having fun, enjoys people and is upbeat. Is she perfect? No, but who is???? Then again, some apparently want more of the same…..issues-Kim, issues-Rinna, issues-Eileen, issues-Eden. IMO, it’s refreshing to see someone happy, great home, likes to entertain, loves to laugh and admits her shortcoming. No so bad!!!

  5. Hi!! I have been gone, and didn’t get the chance to sincerely welcome you to a blog I do not own, but feel as though it’s always good manners anyway. Especially when it looks like you have great wit, thought provoking commentary and writing style. 3D’s here, hope you stay.

  6. When Ken began sobbing after recalling the Yulin torture pits, I gained even more respect for him, if possible. I sobbed right along with him. God Almighty, how is this even possible in the world? I have no answers, only heartache.

    1. 3 D’s, you could not have said it better. I have no answers either, except heartache like you. Many a day/night, I find myself squeezing my eyes tightly shut as if to remove the horrific real life scenes from my mind. How can anyone be that corrupt, I dont know. May GOd have mercy on the poor creatures.

  7. You ladies are the BEST!!!! Rain, cant stop laughing, being in your presence must be a barrel of non-stop laughs. One of my sons is like you & I love his company. Keep up the laughs, we love it.
    Like everyone here, I really miss Suze & pray for her daily.

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