Dorit Kemsley and Erika Girardi Confront Each Other After PantyGate

This week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, #pantygate continued as Dorit Kemsley filled Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson in on what happened and gave Erika Girardi a pair of nude underwear as a joke that didn’t go over so well.

Erika followed up on her birthday present from Eileen Davidson by visiting the set of Y&R about being on Eileen’s show. It turns out, she impressed so much that she winded up getting a bigger part than she originally thought!

In fact, all the Housewives were at work. Lisa Vanderpump and Ken dedicated their time to end animal cruelty. Lisa Rinna was hosting a 24-hour shopping extravaganza on QVC for her clothing line, and Kyle Richards was casting her TV series.

Dorit met Rinna and Eileen for drinks where she was happy to report that her daughter had gotten approval to remove her headband that she was wearing to properly shape her skull. Then, she brought up what happened with Erika.

“Isn’t it, like, Lady 101?” she asked the ladies.

Eileen assured Dorit Erika would never do that on purpose, while Rinna thought Dorit should get over it.

Next, Dorit met Kyle to go shopping where she once again brought up Erika’s lady parts. Kyle didn’t believe Erika “showed her va-jay-jay to someone’s husband” on purpose. However, Dorit bought Erika a pair of lacy, flesh-colored undies “as a joke.”

Erika arranged for the ladies to meet at an escape room, which is an activity where you use teamwork to try to escape the room using clues. Right away, Dorit gave Erika the panties.

“This is a cheeky little gift, now that we’ve all seen your pretty little p*ss,” Dorit told Erika.

“I’m not really happy that Dorit’s husband caught a glimpse up my skirt. Why wouldn’t you tell me?” Erika asked the camera. “The whole thing is a little weird.”

The more Erika realized Dorit had talked about the incident, the more annoyed she became.

“The more you talk about sh*t, the worse it gets,” Erika told Dorit. “Just be careful.”

“I don’t want Erika to feel terrible about it,” Dorit said. Erika snapped, “I don’t!”

Dorit suggested they talk about the situation away from the group, but Erika said there wasn’t anything left to talk about. Dorit agreed and they high-fived.

What did you think of this week’s episode?

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Oh Dorito ! When even Rinna tells you to get over it , you know you’re scrapping the bottom . Stop fabricating a story line !!!! I would’ve shoved those panties in her multi accented mouth

Your perverted husband should have been a gentlemen and got up from his seat. Instead he moved so he could get a better look. Those panties should have ended up where all your scenes belong…on the cutting room floor. Idiot! Good Morning Rain. How was your Christmas?

3D’s, did you feel that earthquake? I’m still in Chicago but just go the feed.

No, I’m so glad I didn’t! It was only a 5.8 near Hawthorne. My husband said he felt it a little though. Thanks for asking, though sweetie. I agree with your post below, PK should have told his wife, quietly, to tell Erika. Then it shouldn’t have been spoken about again. But, BUT, Erika didn’t need to say she was going commando either. I loved the escape room, I wish there was something like that here, their probably is and I am just getting to where the outside world is in my plane of notice again. I only mention this… Read more »
1. This Dorito needs a storyline. And the fake accent. And the fake HORROR. And get a new husband because your current one doesn’t seem to have a real job. 2. Did anyone watch The Fall with Gillian Anderson? She looks like Erika when Erika doesn’t have a face full of make-up. 3. LVP is bugging me this year. I couldn’t watch the stuff on the dogs and I love that she does this, but she seems to be acting now. I think she’s over it. 4. Kyle looks completely different. Almost like she aged a lot or had her… Read more »

I admire Erika for the AMAZING way she shut down Dorit at the lunch. Dorito kept trying to make an issue and Erika kept swatting her like a fly. Nothing ruffles this woman but good try desperate Dorito

We can tell from next weeks preview that PK is real thirsty and that he’s the kind of BITCH husband that inserts himself in woman’s issues!! Barf !! Keep shoving food in your face dude!

We know that typically husbands may be included in scenes to give the wives a chance to vent, but this man is apparently cut from a different mould, the Bitchboy Mould. For him to go on the offensive in a group setting, to go after one of the cast members is straight from Bitchboy Thirst Chronicles 101. We’re only 4 episodes in and I find them incredibly offensive and insincere.

Bitchbou Thirst Chronciles LOLOLOLOL

PK gives me the creeps

Same. Who STARES at a woman’s allegedly flashed vagina, goes back and forth between admonishing her then saying how much he enjoyed it, and has a wife silly enough to blame the husband’s lack of control on the woman who didn’t even do such a thing intentionally (if it even happened at all). We saw him LEERING at Erika like a pervert, but from the cut and snugness of that dress, and seeing as how thick Erika is in the thigh/leg arena, I don’t see how he could have seen a thing. I think they’re lying, he’s a pervert, and… Read more »

You said it ll, no more needs to be said.


Dorit is trying desperately 2develop a storyline.She won’t let go of it. She hates the fact that her sick husband said he cudn’t look away! When we all knw he wudn’t.She better stay in her lane bc we all knw Erika is not confrontational but she will put a bitch in her place if she comes for her! I’m out. Peace!

I agree with Mary Boston. Her husband was not forced to stare at her. He could have easily got up and left. An accidental first glance would be ok but he just kept staring at her, deliberately. That’s disrespectful not only to Erika but to Dorit too.