Dorit Kemsley and Erika Girardi Confront Each Other After PantyGate

This week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, #pantygate continued as Dorit Kemsley filled Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson in on what happened and gave Erika Girardi a pair of nude underwear as a joke that didn’t go over so well.

Erika followed up on her birthday present from Eileen Davidson by visiting the set of Y&R about being on Eileen’s show. It turns out, she impressed so much that she winded up getting a bigger part than she originally thought!

In fact, all the Housewives were at work. Lisa Vanderpump and Ken dedicated their time to end animal cruelty. Lisa Rinna was hosting a 24-hour shopping extravaganza on QVC for her clothing line, and Kyle Richards was casting her TV series.

Dorit met Rinna and Eileen for drinks where she was happy to report that her daughter had gotten approval to remove her headband that she was wearing to properly shape her skull. Then, she brought up what happened with Erika.

“Isn’t it, like, Lady 101?” she asked the ladies.

Eileen assured Dorit Erika would never do that on purpose, while Rinna thought Dorit should get over it.

Next, Dorit met Kyle to go shopping where she once again brought up Erika’s lady parts. Kyle didn’t believe Erika “showed her va-jay-jay to someone’s husband” on purpose. However, Dorit bought Erika a pair of lacy, flesh-colored undies “as a joke.”

Erika arranged for the ladies to meet at an escape room, which is an activity where you use teamwork to try to escape the room using clues. Right away, Dorit gave Erika the panties.

“This is a cheeky little gift, now that we’ve all seen your pretty little p*ss,” Dorit told Erika.

“I’m not really happy that Dorit’s husband caught a glimpse up my skirt. Why wouldn’t you tell me?” Erika asked the camera. “The whole thing is a little weird.”

The more Erika realized Dorit had talked about the incident, the more annoyed she became.

“The more you talk about sh*t, the worse it gets,” Erika told Dorit. “Just be careful.”

“I don’t want Erika to feel terrible about it,” Dorit said. Erika snapped, “I don’t!”

Dorit suggested they talk about the situation away from the group, but Erika said there wasn’t anything left to talk about. Dorit agreed and they high-fived.

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Photo Credit: Bravo