Dorit Kemsley: I Don’t Have to Make Any Excuses or Apologizes

Dorit Kemsley is sharing her thoughts about part two of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion in her blog. Dorit says she wanted to steer clear of Lisa Rinna, because it was clear she had arguments with all of the women. She also talks about her long feud with Erika Girardi. Dorit is hopeful that there will be a future friendship for her and Erika. Read her other thoughts on the season below.

“Sorry to be late to the game. The whole house has been battling a cold that seems to be going around, and I couldn’t get my blog out in time after the finale. So…I am touching on the finale and the first episode of the reunion.

First, I want to say what a gorgeous party Lisa V throws. She really knows how to throw a party in style. It was elegant, tasteful and stunning.

At first, I really wanted to keep my distance from Lisa Rinna. I didn’t want there to be any issues, and it was obvious that the air needed to be cleared after her ruthless behavior in Hong Kong. It felt reassuring to share my experience from HK with Kim as I know she’s certainly experienced the wrath of LR. I felt I needed someone who could not only understand what I was feeling but could also make me feel less uncomfortable about being at a party with “the mean girls.” I was so thankful that my husband was by my side, because enduring HK without him felt like I was living someone else’s life. I’ve never traveled without either my husband or my children, and I’m not sure I ever will again! LOL.

Lisa R has clearly caused a lot of arguments and drama with the ladies in this group, and I can see now that it was just my turn, probably as the new girl. I was an easy target. When she brought up the situation with me and Erika again, I couldn’t believe it! It was so obvious she was just deflecting and looking to get more people attacking me. The insinuation that I have been taking about or torturing Erika the last four months is so preposterous, it’s almost comical. There seems to be a lot of fabricating story in this group sadly.

As for Erika, I would like to move on. We’ve both said things about each other, things have been massively blown out of proportion, and it’s reaching a point of insanity. She’s asked me to move on, she made it clear she didn’t want to argue anymore or rehash things, but only time will tell how much of that is true. I have high hopes, but from the last conversation at the reunion, it seems that there is yet still some residual angst, so I guess for her it will take time, but in the meantime, I will remain hopeful.

The way I talk…aka, my accent! How funny…who would have ever thought it would be such a fun topic of conversation for people?! I personally couldn’t really tell the difference between my fashion show press video from five years ago and today, but, oh well. It’s the way I speak. I don’t have to make any excuses or apologies. Sorry I don’t speak like you, yet not sorry at all! Having a laugh about it is fine. I know how to have a laugh and not take such silly things so seriously. Like it or not, this is me, so ‘nuff said.

The most difficult thing for me about the finale and the first episode of the reunion has been how the women have spoken about and treated my husband. Erika is the one who invited PK into our conversation with all the women. He did not insert himself in our conversation, nor did he feel it was his place to fight my battles, BUT he is of course as frustrated and protective of me as I would be of him. PK did say to the women that if their husbands were present he would be speaking to them and then like a true gentleman excused himself from the conversation all together. PK has always been a straight shooter. He speaks his mind as do I, and he is the kindest and most generous soul I have ever known. He is fundamentally good down to his core. He, much like me, likes to lighten situations with a laugh. We have a lot of banter in our house and in our lives, and we are surrounded by people of the same nature, therefore the assumption that he’s anything other than sweet, gentle and kind is unwarranted and without any basis. He is the furthest thing from a nasty person, in fact. Anyone that knows him would laugh that off as a joke.

At the end of the day, after everything, what matters the most is your family and true friends, and I’m so incredibly fortunate to have such loving people in my life. Not only do I have the most amazing, loving husband who is my rock, I have incredibly strong friends that I’m so thankful for. One being Lisa V, who stood up for me time and time again, I absolutely adore her and our friendship. I couldn’t have gone through what I have this season without her. Kyle is also so fun and sweet and has been a big help to me.”


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  1. Dorit bravofor standing up for yourself and your husband.Ericka didn’t want panty lines to how so she showed her puss. (This is her fault) She then announced it I’m not wearing any panties. She called her self a Hore.?. Not P k. Ericka is very rude and loud. Her voice sounds like some one holding their nose with their fingers. Oh right Dorit showed us. I’m glad she was booted off DWTS. Her glam squad is making her head too big. Along with the soapy sisters kissy her butt. Why do the producers let this story and Kim play out all season long. Andy makes Kyle look so innocent . Love Dorit & PK. I was writing Ericka didn’t want panty lines to show so she showed her puss .

    1. How right you are, truth spoken, Rusty Bumper. Well said & I fully agree. Honestly? I think Dorit is a far prettier person than Erika. She’s tall, elegant & stately & I really love PK & herself. Erika is a sex symbol, sees herself that way & it’s all gone to her head which is beyond swollen. She’s cold & heartless, who wants to be around that anyhow? Another five years & she’s a lonely has been with very, very few real friends if any.

    2. No…Erika did not announce it! Kyle did not wear panties. LVP asked Erika to give Kyle hers and tried to reach up her skirt, when Erika said she was not wearing any!

      1. Kyle wore pure white panties that she didn’t notice showed through her jumpsuit until it was too late to change, then Lisa told Erika that Kyle needed some panties and Erika said I don’t HAVE any. Not “I am not WEARING any.”

      2. She did announce she wasn’t wearing underwear! LVP was teasing Kyle, no one really expected Erika to hand over her f*cking underwear so she could have kept that tidbit to herself.

          1. One does not know me,
            But still japes on my every post.
            The dark rain stalks me,
            Is nowhere else the creep can go?

      3. And, Kyle had pure white panties on that showed through her white jumpsuit. She mentioned it privately to Lisa, who then asked Erika, EriKa ACTUALLY SAID, “I don’t HAVE ANY” NOT “I am not WEARING ANY.”

      1. Huh! This is my only screen name and everyone on this blog knows that. I don’t argue with anyone. Sorry, you have the wrong blogger.

  2. Oh, Dorit. You’re husband was slinking in his chair to make sure he got every last glimpse of Erika’s privates instead of getting up and walking away like a true gentlemen would. Your accent is hysterical. I speak four languages also, and my accent is New England. Please! Making a “joke” at someone’s expense is not funny, it’s mean. I don’t tease people or make jokes until I know them. You and PukeK are so jealous of Erika, how she looks, and her success it makes your heads spin. Go away. I hope she doesn’t come back next year. Phony to the core. Oh, I saw some footage of when you worked in Italy, ummm, no accent then.

    1. It is interesting that you said that. I read an article that was from an interviewer for a UK mag who said she spoke with an Italian accent.
      I honestly think she takes on accents of those around her, and I don’t think it is all conscious. My own husband said I sound differently whenever I visit my sister, which is where I am originally from, however, I am not conscious of what my accent is, meaning, I used to sound more North Jersey/New York, then I moved where the accents were more South Jersey/Philly, and now I live more central. Some words sound New Yorkish and then some do not. I am not conciously aware. I am sure I use different pronunciations of the same words.
      My own relative married a girl from the Bronx NY with a very thick Bronx accent, and a few years later, when she was living in Alabama, she had a very New Orleans LA like accent. There was not even trace of her Bronx accent! I was surprised, yet I imagine when she visited NY, some would return. Some people absorb accents more easily than others.
      I think some of Dorit’s words may be accentuated, but I do not think Dorit has totally changed her accent totally for our benefit. She lived in Europe while she designed her swimwear line and her accent changed.

      1. It is like picking up mannerisms of a friend. I have done that myself, spoken more like a friend’s accent than my own when I spent a lot of time with them. It wasn’t noticed until I got home!

      2. ITA! We tend to pick up accents where we live without even thinking about it. My neice had a teacher from Alabama when she was little & she picked up that accent. It was so precious. Nothing wrong with picking up accents. I love Doirt & PK. People who don’t can take a hike.

  3. I really like Dorit and I hope she is back next season. She has class, is articulate and can defend herself very well. Ericka’s schitck is getting old, the poor girl needs a hobby besides just dressing herself up every day.

    1. If you’re going to use different screen names , at least make sure you don’t make the same spelling errors. It exposes you .

      1. Apparently Erika is not the only one who needs a hobby, unless they’re paying people to police screen names of commenters they disagree with. I upvoted fyi.

  4. OMG Rain! Hilarious!
    We got a really good look at the relationship last night, he wanted a malleable woman child, and did he ever get one.
    After some of her comments regarding PK needing her help with his businesses, you could see the change in Erika and Eileen. Eileen complimented her on her talent, and Erika advising her to have her own business interests.
    PK probably took EVERY dime from her business.
    What an ass.

    1. It was hilarious when PK said ‘you’re not being nice erika’ !! SERIOUSLY?????? What a thin skinned whiny little bitch

      You could indeed tell that Dorit appreciated the women’s attention

  5. Dorit can live her life as she wishes…but I can’t get past all the nannies and maids…so when, for example, she says she couldn’t get her blog in until 3 weeks after the episode aired…I can’t help but yawn.

  6. I just can’t believe Mr brownhair PK was allowed to be on for so long. If you had to showcase a husband Ken IMHO would be #1 – Mauricio #2 – HarryHamlin #3. At least they are easy to look at.

  7. Yes. Dorit does need to apologize. So much got left out of this Snatchchat rehash…like the point.
    After LVP asked Erika to give Kyle her panties and then stuck her hand up Erika’s skirt to check and see if she was telling the truth when she said she wasn’t wearing any…and after PK slumped down in his seat to get a better view. (British humor, darling) Dorit then went on a campaign to slut shame Erika because Dorit (understandably) didn’t like the idea of her man ogling another woman’s “puss” and announcing how much he enjoyed it. Dorit then blamed the victim…and told everyone who would listen that Erika either does not know how to sit “like a lady” or she was intentionally flashing her husband…instead of putting the blame where it belonged…on PK…for leering.
    The point is…Dorit passive aggressively slut shamed Erika for her husband’s transgression…. because PK is just a man…who cannot be expected to control himself when another woman’s private parts are exposed…inadvertently or not.

    1. So what you’re saying is PK or any man is supposed to take responsibility for his actions right? So why aren’t we as women supposed to take responsbility for ours. Lets change up the “pantygate” scenario just a little. Let’s say you’re at a party with your husband. A woman walks in in a sheer white blouse, no bra, low cut to just above her nippls. She walks over close to you and bends over, her breasts totally exposed. Your husband who is standing there sees this. He later comments to you, “geez I didn’t really mind the view”. Are you telling me it then is only your husband, who looked at those exposed breasts, exposed by a supposedly intelligent woman who wore the sheer white blouse, with no bra and then bent over exposing her bare breasts to all, who is to take responsibility and should have looked away and she has no responsbility at all for purposely or not exposing herself to your husband?? I wonder if you would feel the same if a man walked into the party with loose shorts, no underwear and his junk fell out. Would it be your responsibility to look away and keep your mouth shut from commenting or would you be telling all your friends about the gross guy who should have known better than to come to a party with no underwear.

      ERIKA should have taken more care to keep her legs together. Dorit owes her no apology. She made a choice to wear the outfit she did. She’s smart enough to keep her legs together. Dorit never said she did it on purpose, just that she should have known better. PK ‘s comments were a bit raunchy but not so different from what many men, including husband’s would say if breasts or puss are publicly exposed. EJ needs to get over it and herself.

      1. Hi sadie87,
        You didn’t direct this to me, but I feel compelled to respond.
        IMO, Erika didn’t really do that, or anything close.
        Perhaps a better scenario would be for Lisa V to be the one sitting across from PK, and Kyle grab at her skirt and ask for her panties.
        IMO, it would be no story.
        Because it was Erika, the c••• necklace wearing provocative dancer, it was an issue.
        I cannot recall Erika ever being disrespectful of anyone’s home or relationship. Just had to put in my two cents. Take care.

        1. ITA…Dorit was “coming ” for Erika before Peekers looked up her skirt. Remember the “T-Shirt” dress comment?

        2. I respect your opinion sunshine and I purposely overstated my example because so many see only PK’s responsibility for looking versus Erika’s responsibility for how she dressed. I still stand behind if you wear a white micromini with no panties you need to keep your legs together. Just as if you wear a low cut top with no bra, you avoid bending over at the waist, unless of course you mean to. show everyone your breasts. Do I think ERika did it on purpose, no, do I think she should have used more care, yes. Do I think Pk was horrible for glancing, not really and despite what all the other women said about how their husbands would NEVER do that, hogwash. I have four brothers, a husband and 3 sons. I’ve lived my life with men and every single one of them will cop a glance at a scantily clad body part. Women who think men don’t are just fooling themselves. Lets’ face it EJ makes a living off showing men scantily clad body parts, both gay and straight, she can barely sing or dance so they’re not going to her shows for the impressive talent. As far as the other responders to my comment, that I’m slut shaming, ha, that’s the new phrase of the day. I was an unwed mother at 18 at a time when there really was shame in being preganant and unwed so I’d be the last to do that. I do believe women more than men now promote double standards when it comes to sexuality. I think we do have to take responsibility for how we dress, what we call each other (Rain, you and your cow, bitch and cunty comments to other women are juvenile and ignorant and one of the reasons men have no respect for women anymore, we don’t even respect ourselves or each other) . I actually love watching the housewives franchise but cringe when any of the men in my family watch as I hate for them to think this is how women really treat each other.

          1. There is a lot I agree with in this post, sadie87.

            1. Erika did not intentionally flash PK
            2. PK looked…as many men would.
            3. Women are the biggest offenders when it comes to degrading or mocking other women for their sexuality.

            I will just stop there, since this whole thing is going in a direction that has stopped being interesting….or productive.

      2. Yes. I am saying that PK …and only PK …is responsible for looking .. bragging about looking …and joking about looking up Erika’s skirt. I don’t care that he looked…but his wife does, so she should take that up with him….and not Erika.

      3. How about this for a scenario…Instead of PK, Erika is sitting across from Harry Hamlin…or Mauricio. How do you think they would have reacted to “the view”?

        1. AS I responded to Sunshine, they would have glanced. Most men would. I don’t think they would have made the comments on camera that PK did, but they may have commented to their wives off camera. I’ve learned living with men all my life(Most college educated and successful) that men are very good at sneakily scoping out scantily clad and/or pretty women. They also talk about it with each other ALOT. I never believed this when I was younger. I thought if men respected women they wouldn’t do that, I was wrong. If you don’t believe me, the next time you’re at he mall or an amusement park, sit on a bench and wait for the first attractive woman who is in short shorts, low cut top,etc. watch as she walks past men, young and old, those by themselves or with a woman. I guarantee you 3/4 of the men will look, many more than once and the woman they’re with will never know.

            1. Free ass excuse to do what Rain? Look. If you’re showing it they’re going to look. Why do you think that’s wrong of them? Listen intent is everything, it even distinguishes manslaughter from first degree murder. If you dress provocatively and show body parts, you are doing that so someone looks at you. If you don’t want anyone looking at your breasts, wear bras and high necked tops. If you don’t want men looking at your naked vagina, wear panties and avoid microminis. AT the very least, if you absolutely must go pantiless to avoid those horrible pantylines, keep your knees together when you’re in mixed company and someone elses husband is sitting directly across from you. NOT SO HARD TO DO!

          1. Is that what we are discussing…if many or even most men “look” at attractive women? If so, game over. They do. I thought we were discussing if Erika is to blame for PK practically sliding out of his chair in an attempt to get to a better vantage point so he could see up Erika’s skirt.

            1. I don’t know if I agree that he was sliding out of his chair, he definitely glanced. Is ERika to blame? I think she used poor judgement. I don’t think she flashed on purpose, I do think she didn’t take enough care. She wasn’t at a dinner for the girls. She was sitting directly across from someone else’s husband. It’s interesting to me that some of you find nothing disturbing about her actions. I just find it hard to believe that if you went to a dinner party with the man you love and some woman walked in sat down directly across from him and flashed him, that you wouldn’t have any reaction other than “you go girl” and then punch your guy in the arm for looking. If that’s how you truly feel, good for you(not being facetious). I don’t feel that way. I think people who do things like that are being disrespectful, they’re living life the way they want, sure, but not with any respect for other’s feelings. I personally feel if I was in EJ’s shoes, ie same mini dress, same no panties, inadvertantly flashed someone else’s guy, I would have apologized and said, so sorry, I didn’t mean to do that. I see that as the respectful, confident woman thing to do. If I’m in the minority on that, so be it.

          2. PuKe reminded me of this jock in Jr. High that used to tape a mirror on the top of his shoes then step up to the girls to get a look at what he’d likely never see any other way.

      4. I had my husband watch the initial “panty gate” episode. He sat stunned when he saw PK slithering around to get a better view. He was disgusted actually. Erika didn’t do anything wrong. PK was wrong and like Apple said above, Dorit was trying to slut shame her. PK does not respect woman, period. He can control Dorit and that’s what attracted him to her. I truly hope that Dorit takes the other ladies advise and pursue her clothing line. If they all say it was beautiful, she’ll do so well, especially with the HW exposure. And, by the way, that has happened when boobies have been exposed in front of others; me and my husband included. Being a gentlemen, he turned away. Being a friend, I told her to button up. She was grateful as it was not intentional. Peace and Love

        1. Well Mary I’m not sure I saw PK slithering arouind or just some interesting camera editing as I think had he been that obvious someone would have called him out. I saw him glance once, then look away. You may have that ideal husband although if boobies fell out, he actualy did get more than a glance right, then he turned away which most men would do. I’m curious as to what Dorit said that many of you think is “slut shaming”. She said point blank she didn’t think Erika did it on purpose but should have known to keep her legs together. ERika should have. I don’t know what the circumstances were where the boobs were exposed but there are true accidental exposures, ie; your bathing suit strap breaks, your pants rip and there are situations where you purposely dress provocatively,ie; microminis, no bra, low cut top. IMO if you are purposely dressing provocatively, if you drink too much and accidentally bend over in your micromini and expose your ass to a table full of men, sorry girlie, if the men see your ass and later you find out one of their wives was saying maybe you shouldn’t have either worn the mini so short or not bent over, that is not slut shaming. That is saying women need to take responsibility for what they wear, especially in mixed company around other peoples husband’s. It’s called consequences of your actions. It’s why all the movie stars have their breasts literally taped into their low cut dresses. So we’re clear, I’m not saying the women in these examples exposed their body part on purpose, I’m saying they used poor judgement and unfortunately some people took offense to that. I’m also not saying because a woman dresses like that that a man has the right to touch her, abuse her or anything like that. But if you dress provocatively and then don’t take care to make sure it doesn’t go from provocative to full exposure, some people will look, some people will comment, some people will be offended. That’s life, not slut shaming.

      5. Her legs were together the entire time. No one saw anything but MAYBE a little skin that would show if she would have had a bathing suit on. He never saw her “vag” as it is hidden and protected by our thighs, being the most valuable part of our body. Humanity would not exist without it. The whole thing was ridiculous. Nothing should have ever been said after that day.

    2. Apple, I respect your opinion but you know I disagree with some of it. I do think much of what PK said was crass and disrespectful. ON the other hand I do think his apology was sincere and humble far more so than ERika’s apology to Eileen which I thought was fairly cold and as brief as she could make it. What about giving her a hug? Do I think Dorit was upset that PK said he liked the view. Yes, of course. Do I think Dorit “slut shamed” her, nope. I still believe ERika had accountability and did, whether she intended it or not, flashed another womans husband, and not because her swimsuit strap broke by accident. I think Erika should apologize to Dorit. That is the classy thing to do and shows respect for another woman. I see it as something a woman confident in herself, her body and her sexuality would do. I’ve watched each episode several times and still have not heard Dorit say she thought EJ did it to seduce her husband or did it on purpose. Please tell me which episode this is. I must be going to the bathroom at the same time as it comes on or something. I have only heard her question why ERika didn’t ake more care to keep her legs together. There’s a big difference between saying that and saying someone did it on purpose. Carelessness isn’t the same as Intent. I still don’t understand you blaming PK for “leering” when you don’t blame Erika at all for coming to a dinner party with couples in a micromini with no panties and not keeping her legs together. If he is responsbile for his behavior, why isn’t she responsbile for her choice of how to dress? This is what baffles me Do you see her choice of attire as simply a fashion choice? If she chose to come naked with a scarf around her neck would you feel the same. Is there any line of what is acceptable attire at a mixed event like this or can a woman wear anything, expose anything and every man in the room is supposed to avert his eyes at all times to avoid seeing cleavage, nipple, ass or puss. Not being sarcastic, just baffled.

      1. An imbecile opinion as usual ! Since you keep mentioning my name , it’s obvious you want to play ! Let’s play you backwards hick

        1. So many insecure women on here feel the need to call other women names because their opinion differs from theirs. HMMM. Yet the same women call “slut shaming”. when a wife questions other women on why someone would flash their husband. Smell some hypocrisy in the air.

          1. Honey I’m not insecure at all. Flash my hubby if ya want. Doesn’t mean he’s going to fall all over you. Too funny

  8. Does anyone else watch Dancing With the Stars? I never noticed Tom Girardi in the audience shots once? Did I miss it or did he never attend?

      1. That is so weird. I wonder if she did not want him there, or if he just did not care to go. I would think, no matter how busy his schedule, he could have made it to at least one performance.

        1. Can you imagine if he did? Erika would have been seen for what she really is. I’m convinced it wouldn’t go over very well.

          1. Maybe, but she doesn’t seem the type that really cares what people think. Can you imagine just telling your husband not to attend while you are dancing on the show? I would think he would say, why not? Honestly, I do not understand what kind of relationship they have. Most of the contestants bring family at least once to see their performances. I only remember Eileen and Rinna on the first show and then no one recognizable was shown in the audience after that one time.

  9. Panty gate took over the whole season for NO GOOD REASON. If only Erika had been straight forward from the start & expressed her hurt, all would’ve been well. But No, she said she was fine when she wasnt & allowed it to continue, so it became a non-stop joke to all. Speak the truth & everything would’ve been buried with peace. Say what you mean & mean what you say. I blame her for that as well as the others, namely Eileen & Rinna who told Dorit to make sure they’re there when she gives Erika the undies. ALL ARE TO BE BLAMED, yet those two, acted all innocent & on Erika’s side because they are who they are, Hypocrites!!! Plus, for some insecure reason, they’re grovelling to be Erika’s friends. Good luck to them with that. Finally, I think PK & Dorit has been taken advantage of & abused—-My Opinion.

    1. Great comment. Every other woman except Eden laughed and talked about pantygate and rightly so. If ERika would have kept her knees together like a responsible, respectful woman should when around other women’s husbands, there never would have been a pantygate. Then instead of taking responsibility for accidentally flashing PK and apologizing to Dorit, she blamed the whole thing on them and then lied about being over it. Erika brouight this all on to herself. I also wouldn’t be surprised if a divorce is imminent. Him not showing on DWTS, coupled with her freakish outburst in Hong Kong and her blowing pantygate out of proportion is very telling I think as to how much she fears Tom’s reaction to things. I think he’s had it. Only time will tell. I like Dorit alot. PK is ok. Some of his comments are not appropriate but he was pretty humble last night so I liked him more.

      1. I quite agree. I love Erika’s husband Tom, he seems to be a real gentleman. I really hope Erika loves him the way he deserves to be loved & appreciates his goodness & generosity that he so lavishes on her without question.
        I also fully agree with your thoughts on all else.

      2. Really ? Him not showing to a DWTS means a divorce is around the corner ???? Omg
        Not even man is a cuckold like Ken who walks like a puppy behind his wife , holding her purse

        1. Has it occurred to anyone else that because we did not see her husband, mother, or child there that she requested they not attend?
          This was out of her realm, and she was not among friends.
          She may have been very anxious about it, and seeing a loved one while performing in this situation might cause her to lose her cool.

        2. RAin try to read everything someone says, not just one sentence and then respond ignorantly. I clearly said if you put several things together,ie; him not attending DWTS, Erika’s over the top reaction t what Toms’ reaction would be to pantygate, etc. IMO it points to a marriage in trouble. IN fact, any husband who really loved his wife would have said or done something when PK made the comment about EJ’s “bits being for sale”. Instead ERika went postal and psychotic about both Dorit and PK having to apologize to Tom. Why such a reaction?? Could it be because Tom felt the same as Dorit, his wife should either not dress like that or take more care when she does. Maybe she’s been called out by Tom’s associates wives in the past for this type of thing. she has commented that the associates wives hate her and that “girls are mean”. I doubt this is the type of man who wants to be publicly shamed. It’s one thing to be on a stage as a persona, it’s another thing to have your wife flash her puss at a dinner party. I know my husband would not be happy if I did that and am sure most of the women on here could say the same thing

          1. Sadie, save your breath and keyboard strokes. Something tells me pigs will fly before that person reads a full comment… even if it’s two sentences!

    2. ITA with your comments. Say what you mean & mean what you say. Can’t stand Erika, LR, or ED. Love LVP, Dorit, & PK. I was starting to like Kyle, but not anymore. She is a snake in the grass.

    3. I honestly think Rinna took out the baggie on purpose, to get exactly what she got. Attention, and a pass to be her nasty self. She makes me gag, her and PuKe. Dorit would be fie W/O pervoit. Kim being the nastiest piece of work besides BG on any HW show ever needs to stay well elsewhere.
      Eden is so involved in “recovery” she has no life. EVERYTHING is about it, after this supposed 4 years or whatever. Finding anything said or done to relate to booze and use, her life is empty of all but addiction. Might as well drink and make it fun instead of ruining everyone else’s time. What a weirdo.

        1. Thank you, HI, Starr!✾☆✧✧ I really do believe Rinna did that purposely because she has zip going on in her home, minus her lovely daughter walking in a fashion show. she shares nothing, has no events unless they’re outside, one charity when BG was still on now the BBQ. She WANTED to be spoken about. That old saying, “It doesn’t matter what they say, as long as they’re talking about you.” Then she could use it against someone,, anyone who came to mind, which turned out to be Dorit this time. AND, she wasn’t “alone” outside at the dinner, a guy was with her. ❌⭕️❤️

  10. Love Erika! And tired if people trying to dissect her marriage to Tom trying to find things wrong with it! Their marriage is none of their business and if he wants to stay out of her foray into RHOBH or DWTS, that is their decision! They probably have a better marriage than most…Also love Eileen and Rinna! Most of the time Kyle is fine, but Dorit, PK and Kim are wanna-bees! And LVP is a side sniping manipulator! Used to really like her….not so much after she started the pantygate mess and then stepped away like she wasn’t responsible!

  11. they all need to get over themselves. In my opinion Erika started and kept the pantygate going. It seemed staged from the very beginning when Lisa mentioned panties and Erika said she wasn’t wearing any. Again – in my opinion – I still don’t see the big deal about pantygate except that Erika kept it going full steam ahead. That’s okay cuz reality is that they need storylines to stay on the show so therefore I accept it was all a staged act.

  12. I am so sick of the panty story. Kyle had white undies that showed through her outfit. I noticed it even before she said it onscreen. LVP had no idea what a can of worms she would open up with that Kyle needs undies remark.
    PK’s remarks took it to another level…over the top and gross. Sure he is a man, and some things I can let slip, but he was not as funny as he thought, and he did apologize at the reunion. Dorit apologized too, but was encouraged to present the panty to Ereeka by the other women, and being the new girl, she did just that, only for it all to backfire on her. Erika has no sense of humor about it, and the others (soap twins) ganged up on Dorit a bit, taking no blame. LVP ran with it…thinking everyone could laugh about it…not happening.
    Still Erika seems stone faced and just lacking a real sense of humor. She cannot laugh at herself at all either. I still think the T shirt dress was out of place. That was the first thing that was off…but Erika likes to be different and does not try to fit in. Maybe she should stay away feom females and just hang around with the guys. I am no fan of Erika. I feel like Dorit did not know how to act, since she was damned if she did and damned if she didn’t.
    I may not be watching BH next season. This season was the worst. It was just a bunch of children with bad attitudes IMO.

        1. Poor misguided Rain. I was showing body parts long before you were born. You just don’t get personal responsibility or accountability for actions. That’s why you feel free to call other people foul names. You don’t believe there are any consequences for actions, at least not for your actions. Those pervs out there, they get all the consequences. Gotta be fair Rain.

          1. Thank you for your concern for other women’s modesty ! You’re so caring ! Now go make dinner ! Master is on his way

  13. Erika showed her entire naked body, a great body!, last season and now all the sudden she’s as new and proper as the day is long? So prim that PK *must* apologize to her husband for discussing her lack of underwear and open legs? Girl, go “pat the puss” and have several seats.

    1. Nonsense ! A woman can CHOOSE to show her body as part of a performance on stage , totally different from some perv staring at your pusss!

            1. Very nice response to the miscreant who I’m pretty sure is a stoned up 17 year old boy. People like that ruin fun blog sites.

              1. You don’t know me your dumb cow ! So stfu ! I’d rather be a 17 year of stoner than a sister wife ! Go wash your husbands feet

      1. Why is he a perv? You’re Perv shaming Rain! If Woman have the right to bare their lady bits without someone slut shaming them. I think men should have the right to look at their bits without someone perv shaming them. All that freedom of choice right?

        1. Go be a sister wife whenever the heck you’re from babe! Here in the ‘big city’ we operate differently

          Place a burka order

          1. To “Sadie87-“Because he said to his WIFE “I didn’t tell her to close her legs because I didn’t like the view, I didn’t mind the view.” He will never crawl out of the perv hole now. It has zip to do with whether a woman wears risque’ clothing in their performance life. A perv and not much of a husband or gentleman.

      2. I have no problem with her taking her clothes off for whatever reason. I have an issue with the hypocrisy of acting like the Virgin Nun whose body shall not be the topic of conversation after flashing it around for the world to see. If you flash it I can talk about it.

    2. Still believe pantygate was a total set up by Erika and Lisa V. The start of their conversation regarding no panties sounded so fake and a set up…. My opinion…. pantygate served as a story line for Erika and she went with it. It’s their job – it’s what they are supposed to do.

      1. I don’t think Erika & LVP like or trust each other enough for them to set this up. Now I could see Kyle & LVP setting it up. I mean, think about how the conversation started with KYLE bringing up her underwear. And they probably know Erika doesn’t wear undies since she can’t remember to cross her legs and I think that would bother Kyle more than LVP.

  14. You’re a good friend and I don’t deserve you ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Yes very tough day and I’m going about it the wrong way

  15. This isn’t about morality, you, I , Erika have the right to ive however we want AS long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. We have to be aware that the way we choose to live may offend someone else. Just like I offend you and you offend me. Both of us are making choices here to say what we want and both of us know there are consequences (a negative response) from the other person. That’s effin life. That’s all I’m saying. Erika can show it all, for all I care, BUT she can’t expect everyone else in the world to be ok with it. Just like you’re not ok with me getting in your face.

  16. What!
    sadie87 is a large, hairy, bipedal humanoid? OMG… love those so much.
    But…wait…. is she wearing panties?

  17. Thank you good point. I get pissed off when I see a woman call another woman cow, c…, eetc. I saw Ms. Rain take off after someone else and lost my shit. Done.

    1. I only reserve these names to those who deserve it. Remember that in the future . Also don’t mention my name or butt in when I haven’t addressed you . Then you can be done . Or we can do every single day !

  18. Thanks Sunshine. You are a classy lady. Obviously you see something worthwhile in her. I find it hard to see something worthwhile in someone who calls other women horrible names but bounces on someone else for “slut shaming”. Seems very hypocritical to me but each to his own. With age comes different perspective. I don’t want my granddaughters to grow up thinking it’s ok to call other women c… or to believe they have the right to do or say or live the way they want without consequences. There are always consequences. BTW, not so brave to share my history. Women get stronger when they share with each other, if one of us can do something, makes it easier for someone else to believe they can do it too. Take Care Sun.

  19. Blah blah blah ! Let’s move on . This passive aggressive nonsense that you pull , agreeing with eveyone who disagrees with me , shows me you’re still harboring resentment even after we made up. These games are transparent and petty and I don’t have time for that . I now know the woman you are and you will be treated as such

    Have a great day xoxo

  20. Thank you for the kind words. Rain is lucky to have a friend like you. No, I’m not young(that’s for sure!). I just can’t stand what seems to be a trend of women calling each other bitches, c…, etc. To me it degrades women as a whole, makes us respect ourselves and each other less. I see it as one of the reasons many men look on us as no more than a chance at a blow job or threesome which are now happening in middle school. That’s why I love the housewives franchise and hate them. I hate that men see them and it kind of reinforces the belief that we are all petty, jealous, vicious and worth only what we bring to a man’s table. Rain’s comments to me don’t hurt me, I just feel sorry for her and even though she may think she’s advocating for women’s freedom by her championing ERika, I see ERika’s overall behaviors as the worst that women can be. Marries an ancient man for the money, left her small child behind to do so, has no viable talent other than to slither on stage half naked, forms no real close bonds with females, treated the one woman who really was her champion (eileen), like the worst piece of shit and gave her a half hearted way too late apology, talked behind the back of and humiliated Eden, who though strange, really doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. Is this a woman anyone should champion??? I don’t know, don’t get it. But each to her own opinions. ERika has her supporters though I’d love for one of them to give me 5 examples of why she is worthy of any admiration.

    Thanks again. I think it’s fun on this site. AT least pantygate gets us thinking about things, maybe in ways we never thought before.

    1. You don’t need to feel sorry for me sweetie and stop being such a patronizing and condescending bitch … I think I told you to not bring up my name up you stupid cow !

      Worry about your ignorant life of servitude and don’t worry about me . You disgust me

  21. I can be the wildest gash around but some seem jealous. I actually think that they are in love with Erika they just can’t admit to it

  22. That sounds lovely. Have a great time sweetie. The hub is going to golf with his dad. I can think of better ways to have balls flying at my face though

  23. Haha haha. Thanks love. Actually 420 comes twice a day every day. My old man’s of course. I may not always my panties but I’m loyal

  24. Good for a laugh. Most men have been flashed accidentally or not. Most are gentlemen and don’t go around talking about it like a pig

    1. Exactly!!! But you have to have a brain to understand that , which is more than I can say for some of these free range moose

  25. I have heard nothing since Wed. She may be in the hospital. She only said she would go to emergency if she had certain symptoms, and she started to have one as she wrote to me. She really took a tumble and hit her head.

  26. Thanks so much 3 D’s. I am so saddened by this news that I have no words except to share how much I loved this sweet lady that I never met, yet felt as if I’d known her all my life. Her family & our deep loss is now Heaven’s gain. Rest now, dear friend.

  27. You’ve made me cry again with your beautiful words. I can never put into words what Sue meant to all of us or how very special she is. RIP our precious lady

  28. Rest in peace, Suze. I didn’t know you at all but I often saw your comments posted first and we had some healthy housewives debates for sure. I wish your spirit well.

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