Dorit Kemsley Dishes About Her Birthday Party and Rose Gold Bentley

Dorit Kemsley is taking to her blog to dish about her 40th birthday party and her lavish gift from her husband PK. Kemsley also dishes on tension between her friend LVP and Eileen Davidson. See what she has to say below.

“It was the day I didn’t expect to be looking forward to. The big 4-0. I know that turning 40 is a milestone for any woman as we get to reflect on our accomplishments and consider our lives and future. At first I was dreading my birthday, but with PK by my side, I knew things would be OK. Inviting my parents out for the special occasion was really important to me. I absolutely adore my parents and had to have them here to celebrate with us. Living in Beverly Hills has been very exciting, and more than I had expected, but it’s also been hard at times being away from my parents, especially now with two little children. I truly treasure the time we get to spend together and seeing them with their grandchildren.

To start off my birthday, PK truly went above and beyond by surprising me with a new car. I couldn’t believe it was a rose gold Bentley, and I was literally speechless when I came out to see such a luxurious present—I absolutely love the car. It was a grand gesture and totally unexpected. I feel so blessed to receive this from my darling husband. The funny thing is, it was so special that I was quite scared to drive it!

After this, I thought that nothing could top this, and I knew PK was planning a party, but I thought it would be something simple, as I knew it was at the house. The day leading up to the party, I was having some anxiety because my background is planning events, and I’m used to knowing what’s going on. It was driving me crazy not knowing what he had planned! However, I was soon reassured things would be good when I saw the mini Hummer golf carts PK had booked to bring our friends and guests to the house. Such a fun and lovely idea. I was really starting to get excited now about the night ahead.

The party started off quiet with everyone having cocktails in the great room of the house. The room gradually filled up and everyone chatted and caught up. The party was starting to get busy and more friends arrived, and then PK made a speech and surprised everyone with a secret Buddha lounge and club. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I knew he was planning something special outside but never in my wildest imagination did I think it would be this stunning. I mean, really, a club over the pool, ice sculptures, the decorations, and lighting. It really was a fun and happening little club right in our back garden. I was amazed!

It was great to have all the ladies attend. I was so pleased everyone could make it, especially as I’m new to the group. I didn’t know if they would all come, but it was lovely they did. I was a bit surprised when Erika showed up in a very casual dress, given the invite said to dress in formal attire, but maybe she didn’t see that. After my initial surprise on the night, I later thought who cares and each to their own. For me the night was about having fun together and that’s what matters. I know tensions were also a little high with LVP and Eileen. I was there when LVP made the comment to Eileen about her husband, and it was a bit of a racy thing to say, but I get it. It’s that British humor that I hear from my husband and our friends all the time. It’s not for everyone, but it’s not meant with harm. I’ve learnt to jump back in with a quick comment or response that plays into theirs, and we all laugh it off. It’s a cultural thing that doesn’t always translate well over here. I hope Eileen enjoyed the evening regardless. I thought her and Kyle looked stunning in their red dresses. Red can be tricky to wear but they both pulled it off fabulously!

The night was surely full of surprises, and I just loved every minute and to share it with our close friends and family. And just when I didn’t think things couldn’t get any better, PK spoke so deeply into my heart with the most beautiful birthday speech, and I teared up. I truly feel like the luckiest woman alive, to be with the man of my dreams and have our two beautiful children. I couldn’t be more grateful for this life we are blessed to share. My birthday was truly a dream come true.”

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9 Replies to “Dorit Kemsley Dishes About Her Birthday Party and Rose Gold Bentley”

  1. Totally agree apart from the t-shirt! Lol
    I try to give newbies a while before I say I don’t like them but this one has managed it in two episodes!

  2. I wish I would have seen one of those invitations. What is the definition of stunning? It is extremely impressive, attractive, extraordinary, etc.
    Well, I still do not think a tee shirt dress, designer or not, would qualify. Of course, Erika thinks she can wear anything and look stunning, I imagine. Whatever. It was stupid of her, but she wants to make a scene, and she did just that. It gives her attention, and she craves it all the time by the looks of her.
    No, I am not a fan of Erika. I tolerate her. I am not yet a fan of Dorit, and I am not sure if that is even possible. She is nouveau riche by all that she says and does, and it is quite irritating to watch. I am not saying I want to watch only old money interact either, yet, I don’t like braggarts who flaunt it a bit too much either. That is what Dorit does with everything, especially the name dropping.
    Dorit, you should not try to sell yourself and lead your conversations with what you have and who you know. Rather you should lead with who you are as a person and have a kind, friendly personality to make others be drawn to you. If you ever lose all of your money, what would you be then, if you merely are your material possessions, a phony persona (the accent may be put on) and nothing else, Dorit?

    1. I didn’t really think she looked as good as she could, but she had apparently been to a fashion show, and was either given or bought the dress. My only comment was that the dress was appropriate for the parties PK and Dorit usually throw. If Boy George is a guest and friend, one wouldn’t think an unconventional dress would cause a stir, much less any kind of snarky comment from the hostess. Dorit’s comment, IMO, was in VERY bad taste. That’s all.

  3. So far I like Dorit. I love the rose gold color on the car. Her husband’s speech was so great. I didn’t like Erika’s t-shirt. I think she wore it to get attention. But I agree with Dorit, who cares, have a good time.

  4. This Dorito needs to get over herself and her fake accent. It’s all part of their “lazy money” syndrome (nouveou riche). Plus, that car screams “a vulgar display of wealth” which people with REAL money do not do. We have someone on my husbands side who is like this. Nobody likes her and I refuse to be around her for two reasons: 1) Because, at 60 years old, I’ve done enough crap I didn’t want to do and I’m over that fake crap and 2) I don’t trust myself as to what I would say to her face.

    1. Totally agree Gigi, She is coming across as so fake I hope she improves. The whole situation with Boy George living with them is weird. He is supposedly worth £35 million so why wouldn’t he have his own place?

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