Dorit Kemsley Didn’t Realize All Her Comments And Opinions Would Be Analyzed

Dorit Kemsley is taking to her blog to share her thoughts about this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kemsley says she didn’t realize every comment she made and opinion she had was going to be analyzed by the other women. Dorit believes what happened at her dinner party was misconstrued and says she would never want to diminish the loss of a loved one.

“This week I feel things on the show got a little confusing unnecessarily, and I hope they will get straightened out soon.

Hearing what Erika said about me was tough, but I guess I can understand it. She’s entitled to her opinion, but it’s still not nice to hear. Look I like to have fun and be playful and I’m an upfront and open person—I don’t hide things, Lisa V. will attest to that—and now it seems like me and Erika have gotten off on the wrong foot, but I really want things to settle down. I’m confident we can get past this, and I will definitely be trying to.

I love to throw a dinner party and bring people together to relax and enjoy themselves. Since Lisa R. told me that she was alone and her kids were away, I thought she should come and join PK and I at our dinner party. I was looking forward to getting to know her more. I guess it’s obvious that PK and I are opinionated, but we don’t mean to come across in a domineering manner—it’s just our way! We do respect other people’s opinions and love a good debate at the dinner table, and it’s OK if people disagree with us. For us, that’s a good dinner party: lots of lively conversations and viewpoints. I was under the impression that Lisa R. left our dinner party happy and had a lovely time. At least that’s what she told me. One thing is for sure: Neither PK nor myself had any intention of “dissecting” the deaths of both Lisa R. and Eileen’s family members. We were talking about the mere fact that if people had known Eileen was going through a bereavement, I’m sure there would have been support and understanding. We never had any intention for Lisa R. and Eileen to take offense from anything said. We respect them and feel for them both with those they’ve lost. In fact, the topic of Eileen’s mother passing was such a small conversation during a very long dinner party with a lot of conversation that I hadn’t even remembered it a week later when I saw Eileen and she mentioned it.

The beach walk was a lovely idea and fun with Eileen. It was so windy, but the conversation unfortunately got a little awkward. It seemed like she wanted me to apologize for what I honestly was having issues recalling. We discussed so many things at our dinner party. At dinner parties the wine flows, people relax and unwind, conversations happen, and I try to have fun and not feel like I have to always have my guard up. I didn’t realize every comment and opinion was going to be analyzed or shared, and nothing mean or hurtful was being said… As I’ve said, I don’t hold back, but maybe I’ll have to be on my guard more in the future. Most importantly, though, I don’t want any drama with either of these ladies. I think a simple dinner conversation got a bit misconstrued, and I would never diminish or dismiss the magnitude or importance of losing a loved one.

I was happy to meet Camille and for Eileen to invite me to the lunch. Camille is so welcoming, and I love her new beautiful home. It was also great to hear about the wonderful things going on with Erika’s music career. I had no idea that her music was so big. I had heard she was a performer, but I genuinely didn’t know that she was such a successful artist producing nine number one hits—that’s really something! Even though I haven’t been 40 very long, as Erika pointed out, I believe these years are for being very poised, confident, and comfortable in your own skin, and I think it’s fantastic that Erika is living her dream and doing it so well.

Well it’s been an interesting few weeks. There’s definitely a lot happening and a lot to learn about everyone and their lives and personalities. But each week I feel like I’m learning and growing more. Even with the ups and downs, it’s honestly wonderful getting to know this dynamic and successful group of women. It’s been a rollercoaster so far, but I’m not getting off anytime soon.”

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  1. Oh dumdum Dorito!! So she thought. Ok dude would analyze what she says all while she and her husband are criticizing and pontificating to everyone else !! MUHAHAHAHAHA! Just keep your mouth shut girl !

        1. She’s unbelievable…seriously! He just flat out nasty! I am…I’m catching up from a long weekend of shifts. How are you, my friend?

  2. I finally attempted to watch bh last night . I can’t , I just can’t . Not with Cheese Dorito and her Pervy puss of a husband

      1. I’ve been overseas. Not to Scotland, damn, damn, damn, but to London, and some European cities. I’ve heard a lot of cool accents, none like hers. We got on a bus full of Scottish lads, oh my, were they handsome and gentlemen! Yes, they were. They were a sports team of some kind ( long, long time ago ) on their way to join their other team mates. But, I remember THEM, that’s for sure. They stood up when my sister and I got on, almost all of them wanting us to sit near them, it was so flattering. None of them were skeevy either. Just young, handsome lads to whom I would have paid good money to understand everything they said to us, and to each other about us, which I know was complimentary.

    1. when you hear people judge you on the way you should grieve about the loss of your mom, you confront them to try and understand wtf is going on, that’s normal life.
      LVP is the queen of “you owe me an apology”, she’s asked everyone on the show for apologies are you kidding me! That was hilarious

    2. Can’t stand ED, LR, or EG! For ED & LR to say they moved on after destroying this show last season, they sure do seem to bring LVP up a lot. I think it was very odd for ED not to tell anyone at the reunion, she lost her mom. My God, can ED & LR talk about anything other than LVP? Can they get a story line & stop being so boring?

      1. I guess after they managed to run Yolanda off they have Lisa V left to trash now. I vowed not to watch then I did watch the first two shows, fast forwarded through most of the BS… thought I was going to puke at the breathy overdone tagline of Rinna and the recording is now deleted and will stay that way.

  3. I miss being here…with holidays and all, I’ve been busy..busy! I also sometimes don’t see responses until way later – I don’t know what I’m doing wrong?! I sure hope this season picks up with some – interesting – drama…I’ve been bored!!!

    1. I really like Dorit too. I know she has a habit of sticking her foot in her mouth but I do like her. I think the conflict with Eileen could of been avoided if Rinna didn’t bring up the deaths that Eileen went through. I also felt like that Rinna at the dinner didn’t need to bring vanderpump name up at dinner. I do think Dorit needs to tone it down but I like her!

          1. Also, I was just watching again, as I have it on Amazon and I watch reruns when I do my art, and at this little get together on the beach, Dirty says to camera, “I can’t be expected to remember every topic of every conversation. particularly when it didn’t mean that much to us.” Wow. Effing wow! Eileen’s Mom DIED first of all, ( that alone didn’t “mean much to her” ) & she made the decision to keep it private during a much anticipated filming among the women of the show & it was spoken about at your dinner party. Then, your creepy husband says he didn’t believe that was fair to everyone else! Dirty says “Oh, yes, I agree 100% with you” And you don’t remember Eileen’s name even being brought up? Liar, liar GRANDMA PANTIES on fire……..

  4. Bravo is showing the last couple of bh. I’m trying to watch again . I must say that I love Erica even more , if that’s possible as I was already in love with her . I can’t stand cheese Dorito even more than I thought . God help me I’d rather see Kelly Dudd

  5. Um… does she understand shes on a reality show and everyone is being analyzed?? Shes so a twit!!!! Her husband is worse though. Hes becoming the 7th housewife this season.

  6. Whatever dorito she goes out of her way to obsess over Erika and she somehow doesn’t remember the Convo her and her creepy husband had with Lisa at dinner??

  7. IDK…I’m not seeing too much promise…Kim and Rinna fight once again…Kyle (who I’m liking more – finally) buries her head in her hands…again. Dorit is as fake as her accent. LVP – checked out! I’ll give it a couple of more episodes. Eden seems sweet – but I want ACTION!
    We are headed out later this month!!! I was off Christmas, so had to work NYE….which always brings out the crazy!!

  8. I never graduated from college but my grammar is a hell of a lot better than this girls. It’s PK and me and neither PK nor I. It’s not just an accent she is pretending.
    And not remembering a crucial conversation – oh please.

  9. Dorit stood in front of a door, bent over, butt sticking out and asked her husband how he liked it. Good grief. This was an out door function. You could see the outline of her crack. Dorit. Your jealousy of Erica is so obvious. You are a silly little chatty nut case.take a page from Erica’s page and save it for the stage. Team Erica.

  10. Lisa vanderpump is going to defend dorit and her husband because she brought them to the show. She says everything is just a misunderstanding. Lisa could lose her following if she’s not carefully.

  11. OMG, another novel vs. blog writer. When she sees her and P.uK.e dissecting the deaths of Eileen’s family on film, then maybe she will see what Eileen was speaking of. She was either drunk, or I was way off base when I said I didn’t think she would be the one who is outed abusing Xanax. She is one of those “women” who never fits in, it’s like heating up the hot cereal before you add the water. She is a step behind or ahead or nowhere. She is very defensive and a liar. Before Eileen could even get the conversation started she said she had no idea what she was speaking of. THAT was a lie.
    And maybe she should try and remember that it is her husband who is Boy Georges agent, not her. She’s been married to him for a few years. She has 2 kids, and from what I have seen, and I could be wrong, she has someone else raising them.
    I actually haven’t seen or heard her do or say anything that would portray her as having passion for anything but money, she has however been heard telling the help what to do, & been at the table for the party, etc. She has not mentioned any passion or charity. She basically has negative, snotty things to say about everyone. She is so jealous of Erika it’s oozing out of her pores, and she can not stop herself from making degrading comments. Already, at her and Eileen’s walk, AGAIN she brought up the panties thing. ( Hey, Camille, you might be replaced as the most hated housewife, by someone who attended your own lunch! ) I love Camille now, I didn’t want to let that comment stand alone without saying that.
    The BS about how Erika’s music career is “maybe a hobby” Wow. I like the trailer where Eileen tells her to be quiet, that she talks too much. Maybe, just maybe I will have a different opinion of her at the end of the season. And, AND, she is another one who laughs at everything she herself says in interview, I hate that. You aren’t funny, honey. That man with the short grey hair talking nonsense at P.uK.e & Dirty’s party looks familiar.

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