Dorit Kemsley Believes Erika Girardi Has a Good Sense Of Humor

Dorit Kemsley is taking to her blog to discuss #pantygate and her gift to Erika Girardi during this week’s episode of RHOBH. Dorit admits that she can see where Erika would be upset that she talked about the subject with the other girls and that at the table when Lisa Vanderpump was asking questions about the topic, it just needed to be over.

“This week it was lovely to see everything that Lisa V and Ken continue to do for her dog shelter and dog foundation, Vanderpump Dogs. She has so much ambition, passion and perseverance that she has put into this movement to stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. She has certainly opened my eyes to the horrible situation. This resolution will be a major accomplishment when it passes, and I’m thrilled for her.

Going to the doctor’s office to see our darling Phoenix’s head scans was very nerve-wracking. She’s had this plastic helmet on to shape her skull for so long, and although she wasn’t in pain and it wasn’t bothering her, it is still very worrisome, and as a mother you just want to see her relieved of it. She’s just a little baby, and it’s a daily struggle to see her in the helmet, so we were incredibly relieved when we got the wonderful news that she didn’t need it anymore. I felt like the world had lifted from my shoulders at that moment.

I’ve gotten quite close to Kyle, but I still don’t know Lisa, Eileen or Erika very well and would like to get to know the group. I was looking forward to drinks with Lisa and Eileen. I’m aware of Lisa V’s past incidents with them, but I feel that it’s important to get to know these women for myself. I respect the success that both Lisa R and Eileen have. It’s great to speak with two hard-working women who have a lot of experience with raising children, and I’m sure I can get some tips and advice from them which I’ll appreciate! When I heard that Erika had suggested the idea of Escape Room, I thought it was a great idea and it would be fun. I love these kind of challenges, where we can work as a team and use our brains. I find it so stimulating.

This week I clearly still had the white party “no panties” mishap on my mind, and so I wanted to ask the girls about it. It had taken me and PK by surprise when Erika announced this to the group last week, and I honestly think it’s natural for anyone, man or woman, to look after someone says that out loud to a group. I would have! Personally, I’ve always been very aware of my clothing and what’s revealing or not. I take care not to reveal or let anything slip, but I’m not perfect and mishaps do happen. So, looking back, I’m sure it was an innocent mishap and Erika didn’t mean to flash, but it happened. Even Kyle had seen it, so I thought let’s laugh it off!

Whilst I was shopping with Kyle, I explained that I wanted to have some fun to lighten the situation, so rightly or wrongly, I decided to buy the panties for a little joke. I thought it would be a funny way for us to make light of what had happened and then put it behind us.

I think Erika has a great sense of humor and she wasn’t offended by the underwear gift. She was fun and accepted the gift and played along with the joke. But, I do see now how she felt it was out of line for me to talk with the group about it.

Given how openly she had shared she was panty-less, I honestly didn’t think she would care, but you live and learn.

I was glad we had the fun of the Escape Room to take our minds onto other things, and it was great to see Eileen and Lisa V work well together. It was a lot of fun and something different to do together. Afterwards when Lisa V asked about our no panties conversation at the lunch table, I knew it was time to finish the conversation and move on for good! After all it’s just a silly mishap and a bit of fun.”

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11 Replies to “Dorit Kemsley Believes Erika Girardi Has a Good Sense Of Humor”

  1. What a twit! I tried to like her, but no. What she did to Erika is mean, plain and simple. Rinna said it best, she and pervert hubby thought that Erika is the kind of woman who is always provocative. News Flash…she’s married to one of the most well-known and respected lawyers in the country. Would he really marry a floozy. The look of horror and embarrassment on Erika’s face when she learned that pervert saw her bits and that twit was talking about it to everyone else. I’m glad that Erika was able to turn it around, but clearly, she was pissed. I would be also. Team Erika all the way…
    Her daughter is a little cutie pie. I love all the baby rolls. That’s all the good I have to say about Dorito.
    Hi Rain…hope your day is going great. Happy New Year!! May it be filled with laughter, love, peace and health. Love you.

    1. This may be totally totally TOTALLY horrible of me….. but all of her scenes with her children seem totally forced and like “gotta shoot a scene with the kids today!!!” Every time i see her with those kids i cringe and wonder to myself…. “does she actually spend time with these children? Or are the 4 nannies their real mothers?”

      P.s. i get a total Dana Wilkey vibe from her seemingly empty-ish house.

      1. Not horrible at all; she seems very unnatural being a mother and that’s innate in us. I said in previous threads, I’m wondering if her adorable little boy’s speech problems could be because he’s surrounded by non-English/English is not their first language people. I say this because it happened to my niece. Her Chinese grandparents lived with her from the time she was born until about 2 or 3 yr old. She had a hard time speaking because she didn’t know to use English or Chinese. Once her grandparents moved out, she started speaking perfectly. You have to speak one language to a kid, then you can teach another.
        Her kids are beyond adorable and I hope she does spend time with them and not just Boy George! You’re a good egg, Jack.

  2. There is something off about her. She’s not real. She seems awkward being a mom, she has way too much help considering she doesn’t work and says she has a certain lifestyle to maintain and that statement alone makes me loathe her.

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