Dorit Kemsley Apologizes to Camille Grammer

Dorit Kemsley seems to be getting under the skin of her RHOBH co-stars, however she is apologizing to Camille Grammer for her use of the c-word.

In a recent blog post, Dorit apologized to Camille and tried to explain where she was coming from.

Dorit writes, “As for Kyle’s backyard dinner party, there’s more behind the night than meets the eye. I arrived an hour and a half before everyone else, the drinks were flowing, and I was in good, fun company. However, it was 100 degrees outside, Kyle’s power was out, and a few too many drinks in, I made some really silly, inappropriate remarks to Camille, a woman I’ve never shared a bad word with. It’s all a blur, and it was difficult to watch at times, but my comments were nothing more than stupid, childish humor fueled by a long night of drinking. I really regret that moment, and I’m sorry to Camille, but I want her to know that I had absolutely no malicious intent.”

Do you believe Dorit is sincerely sorry?


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  1. Nope, I don’t believe it. Overserved? Hot? No electricity? Still blaming it on humour? She sure made light of it during her lunch with LVP Did she apologize in person or just on her blog? Load of crap. I want to see it on film.

    I hope it gets thrown in her face as many times as Dorit’s brought up Lisa Rinna’s behaviour.

    1. So true. She wants to drag everything out for a season? Lets see how she likes it when it is done back to her. Good for Camille for calling her out.

  2. Too little too late Dorit! When a mudslide hits, you cannot back it up and say that all is well now, and I must be forgiven since it was 100 degrees, and I was too drunk to realize what was happening at the time!
    Oh, and the British humour excuse is always overused. There is a difference between a bit of sarcasm and calling someone the C word. I don’t think many women would laugh that off.
    Yes, UH57, I agree with you. This is a load of crap.
    Has anyone see any recent comments from her about how she lied about the time of her meeting with Teddi that she conveniently forgot? I haven’t, yet anyway.
    She is a trouble maker. She is a liar. I used to want to sort of love to hate her, but now it is more like I cannot stand her or Humpty Dumpty, her looove.

    1. I am loving Teddy. She is the ‘realest’ housewife I have seen in a long time. And yes – british humor is way overused. I am sure however that “Pat the Puss” loved it…lol

  3. Her behavior was exactly as Dorit stated & so much more. Stop consuming so much alcohol for crying out loud!!!! Her apology? Well, half & half with sincerity.
    All in all, she is not a vicious, calculated evil minded human as Rinna is.

  4. is that British humor or American or other her other accents?
    Hope all is well my Rain friend! OOOooo I just thought of this, Bret Michaels has a daughter named Raine and has a solo with same title…side random note…

  5. I’m doing great – how are YOU?
    Dorit and mboobs need to go back across the pond!
    And she didn’t ask you first – how dare she!!!!

  6. Sorry? Perhaps, but not for offending Camille. Dorit is alwas offending someone at a dinner party. I think she’s well aware how she came off on film, and especially when even her own husband and one of her hosts (Mauricio) had to shush her. Dorit just doesn’t fare well in a room full of equally attractive women who aren’t in a mentor role for her (like Lisa and Kyle).

  7. I miss you too, things have been busy – we escaped for a week to the cabin was so nice and quiet. Has your area been challenged bythe mudslides?

  8. It has been, we usually have snow by now and haven’t – it’s cold enough though.
    Ahhh…thank you!
    OOOO…did you shed a few tears? I feel like it’s such a huge turning – or am I just a sappy mom? College is huge!

  9. There isn’t a sincere bone in Dorito’s body. As a male I can’t bring myself to use that word. I feel like my mouth should be washed out with soap just hearing the word. Maybe Q-tips would be a better Idea. Dorito is disgusting and I hope against hope that this is her final season. Bring Camille back full-time.

  10. I just reread the above. “In a recent blog Dorit apologized to Camille and tried to explain where she was coming from.” I understand that they write the blogs after the show airs, but I really do wonder if she ever actually apologized much earlier than recently. All of this blogging is for our benefit, but these shows were filmed a while ago. Apologies should be given directly to the person and not through a public blog only…or via the other social networks.
    Dorit is a phony. She tries to bring on the drama and maybe thinks it guarantees her spot on RH, but for me, she has now become unwatchable.
    I have never been a big Camille fan. I think she changed a lot when Kelsey filed for divorce, playing down her true feelings and trying to look the part of a mild mannered mother and housewife, especially because Kelsey wanted custody of one of their children…yes, only one. He was and is a total a… I cannot stand the man. Yet, looking at his history with women, he seemed to cheat and then move on…a lot. So, it was not a big surprise, even though Camille got him back onto his feet after he went downhill. She was the one who did the real estate investing and made them regain their wealth…though I always wondered about that look she gave Mauricio years ago.

      1. One episode when everyone was at Camille’s. I think she was playing tennis. I just got a weird vibe from her, a little too seductive, when she was around Mo.

        1. Camille flirted with every male she was around. She said herself that she prefers to hang out with men. She did give Mauricio the eye. You can look but not touch. Quite frankly, he does nothing for me. To me, he looks like he needs a bath.

    1. Don’t remember the look but yes, she is very sensual and flirtatious. That’s her thing I guess. Agree, Kelsey is/was/will be a complete douche bag. I am sure the women who fall for him believe he will change for them…hahaha. Never gonna happen…he is pathological.

      1. Yes, he is pathological. Yet, it never ceases to amaze me that when a man leaves his current wife for a new woman, that that woman, who may become his next wife and even does, thinks that the same thing would be an impossibility once he was her husband…because maybe she was younger and more attractive than the ex. Then he cheats on her for a younger one yet again. The man has no morals. He did not change for wife number 2, though she hoped he did, because of her influence on him. He just moved on, and it has been a pattern with him. Honestly, I feel sorry for all of his children. They were cheated out of a caring father and instead got a self centered egotistical pompous ass who played favorites.

  11. The girl from Connecticut using her so-called British humour….along with her fake British accent and Received Pronounciation. This woman is boring and sounds like a Valley girl on speed …she should be the next one to go

  12. It sounds like you had a great road trip! I am sure the food must have been excellent!
    Glad you are home safely.
    It sounds like you will have a fun time at your friend’s birthday. I know the ballet will be lovely.
    It just really cold here. The wind chill makes it feel like the 20s…not even high 20s. It is sunny though! I walked my dog a couple of times so far. He was in three layers…a snowsuit that is not so thick but has legs and turtleneck sweater, etc. I just don’t have boots for him to protect his feet…so we were not out too long. I wore my down parka. I love North Face for that nice warm coat…and I had ski gloves on, etc. I don’t ski. I just like warm hands.
    I know California was hot! Lucky you! Enjoy the rest of the week!
    XO (on laptop…tried to start some of our tax return here.)

  13. It started a couple weeks before Christmas…yup. It has been a while.
    Thank goodness it is repaired!
    I understand about the roses and such. I am not one for holidays with crowds either. It is nicer to just enjoy a regular day and spark it up. I am sure that Cutie will be very attentive. It is so great that he and you are having brilliant conversations. All that and a sense of humour means you are never bored! That is the best! I am so happy that Prince Charming dropped out of the sky for you when you least expected it. You deserve happiness, and I do hope for the best for you Minx.
    You are so kind to all the people you help and such a giving person. I know that you are special and Cutie sounds so special and caring too.

    Enjoy your weekend Minx.
    Love and hugs back at you!

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