Dorinda Medley’s Boyfriend John Throws Ramona Singer Out Of A Party


There was some drama happening off-camera with the Real Housewives of New York City this week. Ramona Singer was reportedly thrown out of a party for defending an intoxicated guest. Singer went out for sushi with LuAnn de Lesseps and Sonja Morgan before they went to a party hosted by Dorinda Medley‘s boyfriend John Mahdessian.

But Page Six reports things took a turn for the worse when “an uninvited drunk” began “harassing” the ladies during the party.

Mahdessian quickly stepped in to help, but Singer “oddly asked the drunk to stay, ensuing in a screaming match.”

Party guests reportedly applauded John, but Singer was also spotted out on the street with the drunk stranger.

Photo Credit: Bravo


40 Replies to “Dorinda Medley’s Boyfriend John Throws Ramona Singer Out Of A Party”

  1. Obviously there’s much more to the story and lotsa booze involved, but…..I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEW SEASON! Sounds like it’s gonna be an uptown hot mess.

  2. I wish Ramona wasn’t on the new series but from what I have heard it’s more of a friend or am I wrong? I really can’t stand this woman and her attitude of being better than anyone else. She can take a hike with Luann that would make me very happy! I’m glad John asked her to leave.

  3. Ramona was the first one reportedly to break the “friends” United like front to negotiate for more money….she is so hard up for moolah and men, of course she is gonna hook up with the drunk

  4. I would love to see Ramona and the hypocrite (LuAnn) gone. Without those 2 it could be another funny season, we really need one that’s light and funny, after the OC and now BH, can’t watch another medical are they sick or lying show!! 😀

      1. Hopefully we’ll see it on the new season, I hope they were filming, I would love, love, love to see Ramona put in her place, and get her drunken are kicked out of a party, that could be quite humorous 😀

          1. Oh that was a delicious read Sally thanks for sharing. Ramona is beginning to sound like VICKI with “my show”. Go away Ramona.

  5. Ramona is trash. I was sad to hear she was coming back. Sonya is also. Not a positive quality in either of them. They ruin the show. I won’t be watching

    1. I will say I find Sonya entertaining! I also don’t think she has a nasty bone in her body. I thoroughly enjoy her delusion. Yes she does drink to much, honestly who doesn’t enjoy a good natured train wreck. ;-D

      1. I like Sonya- she is alittle goofy and delusional but that’s what makes her Funny- JMO
        Ramona is very Odd , like she is wired at all times- I would be exhausted after a lunch with her..

      2. naynay, Aunt Bee is right you are so funny! I love reading your comments, oh! And I agree, I’m glad Sonja is back! I wish they would get rid of Ramona and Luann. 😀

      3. I agree with you about Sonja naynay and I am in the minority here, but I love watching Ramona. Better than watching Bethenny either threatening to cry, actually crying or screeching at someone that if they would only listen to her, their life would be fixed. Because she knows it all.

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