Dorinda Medley Talks Sonja Morgan and Frenchie’s Relationship

We recently revealed the nominations for The Fourth Annual The Real Housewives Awards: Class of 2017.

Last year’s winner for Speaker of the Housewives went to Dorinda Medley who recently spoke about one of the nominee’s for Prom King and Queen. Dorinda talked about Sonja Morgan and her boyfriend, Frenchie. “Mr. Vaudeville?” Dorinda calls Sonja’s live-in boyfriend.

“Sonja, I’m sorry, but I just don’t see these as true candidates. Rocco is a wonderful man but I think they’re probably more friends,” Dorinda told The Daily Dish.

Dorinda added that “the hard streets of New York” have been talking about Sonja and Rocco’s relationship.

Interesting. Who do you believe is more suited for Sonja, Rocco or Frenchie?

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3 Replies to “Dorinda Medley Talks Sonja Morgan and Frenchie’s Relationship”

  1. Without a doubt Rocco is a better candidate. Frenchie looks the player type. I bet Sonja chooses Frenchie & she could well be his mother though.

    1. I totally agree about Rocco. But, it seems odd that he would sit in the background with Sonja so blatantly and openly speaking of them both the way she does. As if Rocco would wait forever. Rocco could get a lot of women, IMO. He is a handsome older man with class, businesses, money and social standing, who seems a total gentleman. Usually a “lady” is a good partner for a gentleman. Not that Sonja doesn’t have the right to do whatever she likes, she still wouldn’t make a good wife for Rocco, IMO. She is delusional and a liar. Her main ability is deflection. He might be smitten enough to try it though. It would be a mistake to believe Sonja could or would change her ways in any part of her life, especially with men. He deserves better.

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