Dorinda Medley Talks Seeing Herself Tipsy on TV

Since the beginning of the RHONY, we have seen that the ladies love their cocktails. I don’t know about you, but I have always wondered what they think about seeing themselves after having a few drinks.

Dorinda Medley recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, and a caller asked her what it is like to watch your tipsy self back.

“Sorry, Mom,” Dorinda responded. “No, I think, you know what? Carole [Radziwill]’s always saying, ‘Come on, get tipsy. You’re always more fun when you’re tipsy and stuff.’ And then I do it, and I look back. Listen, I’m semi-harmless, aren’t I? No one’s calling 911.”

Dorinda also said that “the days are long and intense” when she is filming RHONY.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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No one has really explored or addressed the “coke” rumor that was slightly brought up at last year’s reunion about Dorinda…

I love Dorinda’s rambling speeches when she’s had a few too many.

LOL…I didn’t like Dorinda most of her first season. I have grown to love her. Of course, Bethenney is still my #1 of all the housewives everywhere, and Carole is definitely my #1.5 housewife in NYC.

I guess Sonja doesn’t have to write her blogs anymore. Or any of them, and it is ruining this blog for me. Whatever it is with Dorinda and being tipsy, I like her so much, and I respect her. I’ll take a tipsy Dorinda over a sober Ramona any day. It is Sonja who is making herself look really bad this season. She has always been delusional, maybe when her Daughter was home she was grounded, like Luann said. Or, maybe she held back a little more with the vulgar comments and attitude. The beginning of the year I thought… Read more »

I’m in total agreement.
Well said 3D’s!! xx

Hahahaha!!!! You made me laugh, nod my head ten times, laugh out loud some more, and then get to ‘…. and wtf did she do to her lips ?’ and I haven’t finished reading. You’re on FIRE today, sister!

Yes and now that I finished reading everything you hit the nail totally for me 100%! XOX

That’s hysterical. Where ever she goes, there she is!! Great line. Ramona is a moron and Sonja is so annoying but not as much as Ramona. Sonja says she is the nicest of them all, but I think that’s bull.

I still can’t stand LuAnn. That bit about she should have the bridal suite was ridiculous.

Dorinda is like the drunk auntie who starts giggling and all of a sudden takes off her bra tosses it in the air and star singing in French

Dorinda is a drunk I do not find anything funny about her would any sane person want to be on the road at the same time as her
Ramona needs to check herself into rehab stat she is a joke if my mom behaved that way I would want to hide under a rock