Dorinda Medley Talks About How Disrespected She Felt

Dorinda Medley is opening up in her blog about how disrespected she felt in her home by her RHONY co-stars on last week’s episode. Medley says the last straw was seeing Sonja Morgan wearing a silk set of pajamas that her late husband had purchased for her that Morgan decided to put on without even asking permission.

“What is really there to say? Every year I hope for the best when it comes to our holiday trip to the Berkshires, but this year was probably the worst yet. I’m still trying to piece it together and get my head around it all. It’s not bad enough that my home was treated like a hangout for a rock concert, but even worse, once again, Bethenny Frankel felt uncomfortable, was treated horribly by Ramona Singer, and had to leave. What’s going on?! This is my home, my legacy from my husband, and I don’t just love it, I CHERISH IT. I think the final blow was seeing Sonja Morgan in the silk PJ set given to me by my late husband. She just helped herself to it without ever asking for permission. Talk about entitlement. Then Sonja has the nerve to talk poorly about Tinsley Mortimer manners?! The whole thing is nutty, bizarre, hurtful, absurd, and delusional. We are grown women, mothers, and wives!

I was so happy for the first time to go back to NYC. Carole Radziwill event was AMAZING, and she (all of her) looked amazing. I especially noted her perfectly shaped breasts!

I am hoping for an apology from both Ramona and Sonja, but I’m not holding my breath. I am really reevaluating if I should let it all go and let the whole Berkshire trip be a thing of the past. But what’s next? They’ll burn my house down?!

Luckily, I have the house back in order and have installed security cameras throughout the house!”

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  • JMo

    Love Dorinda! Glad to see that she is cool with Bethanny!

  • Betty

    They are both sloppy drunks. Stop inviting them. You can’t teach old drunks to behave.

  • Aunt Bee

    Sonja and Ramona are the epitome of bad guests. Why Sonya could help herself to someone elses intimate clothing is ridiculous and Ramona trashing her bedroom was unforgivable.

  • Deb Brenn

    Every trip the NYHW have ever been on could be entitled, “Poor Manners and Ignorant Behavior: What to Avoid,” starring Ramona as the cautionary tale. Really! Has there been even one rule of guest behavior she hasn’t trampled?