Dorinda Medley Talks About Her Relationship With Daughter Hannah


Real Housewives of New York City star Dorinda Medley is opening up about her relationship with her daughter Hannah in her blog. Medley explains why she is so close with her daughter and explains how that effects her relationship with her boyfriend John.

Dorinda writes, “My first thought is OMG! MY VOICE IS IN THE INTRODUCTION! I didn’t realize I sounded so deep and…to be honest…a little sexy. Maybe Lauren Bacall-ish. Luann and I have those sexy speakeasy voices. And I thought I was just nasal, so thanks for that, Bravo!

So this started out a little intense with me, since I know about the fallout that ensues later on. #foreshadowing Heather and Carole looking cute as can be on the High Line, and BAM: We hear Carole is dating the young chef form Luann’s house. A bit surprising when I heard about it, but I didn’t know all the complexities at play, as well as her dating habits. I felt this might cause some problems with Luann, as it is a little close to home in many ways. We’ll see. I choose to stay out of people’s dating lives, as a rule, since it’s none of my business. At this point in our lives (for Carole and I, at least), we make our own choices and what comes of it, comes of it. As Doris Day said, “Que sera, sera.”

The big question on Heather’s mind was, “Was I insulted I was not invited to Bethenny’s birthday party?” The answer is simple: Hell. No. For a quick minute, I was a little miffed but then shrugged it off. Only because I wanted to get to know her better, but not because I felt I deserved to be or should’ve been. We only met once, and she doesn’t even really know me. It would’ve been odd if she had invited me, because it would’ve been obvious it was out of obligation. I’m not going to say I would not have gone if I had been invited, since I know Bethenny probably throws a good party. Listen, Bethenny has a lot on her plate, and I think an event like her birthday crept up and surprised even her, so a lot of this was last-minute with no malintent. Must say, I did love the dancing on the tables bit. We old-school girls take any opportunity to get on a table and dance, it seems. It’s a generational thing, maybe? Or did we preempt Coyote Ugly without realizing it? We may not be as cool and laidback as the new generation, but we’re not necessarily uncool, either. We’re just as aware of our sex appeal; we’d just rather have dinner with friends and our partners than be FaceTiming and booty dancing…in public.

Dinner at Cherry was intense on so many fronts. And so unnecessary, right? I think at this point, I am overwhelmed and exhausted by so many things. I wish I hadn’t sworn so much, but it was a combination of the frustration, the tension between Heather and Bethenny, the endless “how to rebrand death,” and, of course, the martinis. (Sorry, Mom! Sorry, Dad!)

Although it was nice of Heather to be concerned for Kristen, I knew there would not a subtle way of relaying the message to Bethenny…in front of an audience. Duh. Heather was trying to be a good friend, and I do feel bad about how Bethenny responded, but let’s face it: Bethenny does not have an open ear for that kind of stuff. We all have enough going on, and she has three times the amount. There really should be a sign that you read before you meet Bethenny that says, “Headlines only.” Heather needs that memo. I think that’s why I nervously chimed in and tried to use both my situation with John and Hannah as a distraction, and that I wanted to go to the birthday dinner as well. But truthfully…wake me up when this is over…too.

Anyway, not going to the birthday dinner, for me, was like that night I didn’t go to Beautique–it was just another good night’s sleep. I always welcome that with open arms. Besides, the girls were more like babysitters than dates that night, and I just don’t do the cougar thing. Never have, never will. Give a me a middle-aged mountain dog over an overly playful puppy any day. Woof! Hannah knows this and she doesn’t shy away from reminding me.

I am happy to see Ramona getting involved with some new interests, both business and pleasure. I really love to see her confidence shine through.

The restaurant business may be a good choice for her, since she does love to be social and make money. And she’s great at both. Downtown is definitely a lot more fun and vibrant than the Upper East Side, so it will help give her a new perspective on things. A new, much-needed spin, so to speak. Surrounding herself with new people is a good move. Running around with the country club membership-only crowd is boring after a while…trust me.

OK. The SCENE WITH JOHN! Breathing, breathing, breathing…

Let me be very clear about this and get right to the point: Hannah will always be first. Always, always, always.

Here’s the thing…it is sometimes difficult when you date a man that A) Has never been married, and B) Has never had a child. I, on the other hand, have been married throughout my adult life and have been a mommy most of it. I only know motherhood and being a mother, and as a mother, we all know friends come and go, husbands come and go, but your children are forever. They’re God’s gift and form a huge part of your heart. Additionally, they are always your child, no matter how old they get, or how old you get. For life, there’s a protective bond that outlasts everything and everyone. When I’m old and grey (silver grey by John Barrett, thank you very much) and living in Boca (which might actually be Palm Beach, to be honest), Hannah will be there with my Grande Finale Hairspray and Batiste Dry Shampoo to comfort me. (I just hope she remembers the very dirty Grey Goose martini.)

So, as you may have noticed, John and I sometimes have strong discussions about it, and it’s sometimes difficult for him to understand the constant juggling act I have to do. But, if he loves me enough, and trusts I love him too, love will prevail. (Right?) There is no love like a mother’s love, and all mothers out there know this is undeniable truth, as solid as bedrock can be. Was I a bit too harsh? Maybe. Was I giving him subtle bailout after subtle bailout every time he approached the subject? Yes. There’s only so much you can put up with until you blow a gasket. I blew two. And lost my appetite. (Glad he didn’t lose his, though. #eyeroll) I hope you didn’t!”

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12 Replies to “Dorinda Medley Talks About Her Relationship With Daughter Hannah”

  1. I like and relate to Dorinda. My kids are my life too and always take precedence over dating. I can’t imagine dating, though, where either of us didn’t get along with the others children. That would just be unworkable to me.

    But hey, to each they’re own! As long as she happy. 😉

  2. This woman is so ugly and her boyfriend looks like a fat greasy slimball pig. I turn off the show when her boring assss comes on. Please fire her.

  3. Well, obviously beauty is subjective. I find Dorinda to be pretty and I like her. She seems real and I hope this lasts as right now she’s probably my favorite. She seems grounded to me and really knows who she is — it makes her attractive.

  4. I like her, too. I don’t believe everything she believes, for example, I think her daughter should step up and support her mother’s choice, whether she likes the boyfriend or not. She isn’t 12 anymore. I also think Dorinda may be straddling the line a little too much and trying not to piss off any of the other “Housewives” and we all know how that usually turns out, don’t we? But she is honest and forthright and she acts like a grown-up. I also think she is much more attractive than most of her far too thin, pulled too tight, desperate to look 25 for the rest of their life cohorts and I applaud her for her authenticity.

  5. Agree Apple, that her daughter might need to be more accepting. But we’ve barely scratched the surface there, so we don’t know if there are reasons for her feelings.

    And she’s smart to take it slow in passing judgements and mixing it up from the get go. Shows maturity. But I’m quite certain her presence will be felt this season. Based on her lunch Dorinda is no pushover. Ha.

    I also find Dorinda to be very attractive. Variety is the spice of life!

  6. I really like Dorinda. She is beautiful (reminds me of Princess Diana), loves her kid, & seems to be a good person,.

  7. Dorinda beautiful like Princess Diana?? Um,, whatever. She’s got a huge nose which is fine, I like the fact that she hasn’t had work done. What is creepy weird is her co dependant relationship with her homelier than thou daughter and the way Dorinda talks to her creepy boyfriend. She tells him ‘she’ll rip him a new one’ and he looks at her like he wants to strangle her. I have never heard any HW talk as nasty as Dorinda does to her beefy BF. Hanna needs to get some help with her make up. She’s got clown face goin on.

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