Dorinda Medley Speaks Out On LuAnn de Lesseps’ Engagement


Real Housewives of New York City star Luann de Lesseps revealed that she got engaged to her boyfriend Thomas D’agostino Jr. Though this has been a whirlwind romance for the Countess, she does have one person to thank for her relationship. No, not Ramona Singer who Thomas did date, but cast member and friend Dorinda Medley. Dorinda spoke about the meeting, engagement and wedding plans to Bravo’s Daily Dish.

Medley shared that while D’agostino dated Singer, she was the one that brought these two together. “Yes I did! Absolutely, 100 [percent], much to Ramona’s chagrin — she would say otherwise, of course.”

She went on to reveal that the two met each other eight months ago and sparked their relationship in New York. So was Dorinda surprised that this happened so soon? “I’m thrilled and surprised that it happened so quickly, of course, but I knew from the beginning that they had met each other’s match,” Dorinda noted that she “runs in the same circle” as Thomas. “I always thought they were practically mirrors of each other — very similar personalities, tastes, and definitely sense of humor.”

Fans cannot expect anything short of glamorous for the Countess’ wedding, so what does she have planned? ‘ll most definitely be in Palm Beach,” Dorinda shared. “Because that seems to be her new stomping grounds, and I believe — since she eloped for her first wedding — that this will be a truly magical Palm Beach almost-fairy-tale classic, old world wedding.”

Dorinda did add that while the couple is in “no rush” to make it official at the altar, they are “already mentally and emotionally ‘wed,’ so to speak.”

What exactly makes them a perfect match in just a spinoff eight months? Dorinda said, “They’re just very similar — the same interests and they both have this joie de vivre that’s as endearing as it is infectious. I think they have reflective personalities — they seem to view life through the same lens. They both love traveling, being on a boat, having great food, being among friends… They’re definitely spur-of-the-moment people who love to be out and both are very enthusiastic about living it up!”

Though Thomas is more of a “private person” Dorinda shared she believes, “He’ll transition into it bit by bit and, like a lot of these Housewife hubbies, he’ll pick and choose what he wants to be part of,” she said. “Knowing him as I do, it’ll be interesting to see.”

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  1. Good luck to them, I hope they have a lovely wedding whenever it will be and just to have a snark I wonder if it will be a pirate themed wedding???? Sorry couldn’t resist!!

  2. No way she’ll be eloping this time, not with a potential wedding spin off or RHONY wedding arc!

    “Luann’s getting married – a Countess no more” – premiering next year, I’m placing bets now.

    I hope they invite Jill, just make a balls to wall insane 3 hours of television.

    When they ask if there’s any objections, Jill can interrupt and go into a 4 min speech where she apologies and tries to justify her past behavior to Bethenny again. While the flower girl Kelly throws gummy bears instead of petals.

    This is television I need Bravo.

    1. Luann may be then be called the Ex-Countess. It sounds like this guy has a Housewives obsession, though, and that would worry me. Then again prenuptial agreements are a great idea…if only they had prenuptial std tests…though it would be too late now anyway.(They used to have a syphilis test mandatory in the states.) I don’t think Luann was thinking too clearly with the Johnny Depp/Capt.Jack Sparrow lookalike…and whomever else.
      I agree. She has been announcing her almost engagement for a while, now the engagement, and for sure, she wants the wedding televised. It might be a circus if they brought back the original NY ladies too. 😮

      1. She has never been a real Countess…the title is not recognized anywhere, not even in France, where titles were abolished over a hundred years ago

    1. And her fabulous house in the Berkshires. I LOVED the way she decorated that house with color. She used a little white (very little) to offset the deep color instead of what trendy decorators call “a pop of color” mixed in with the absolutely boring cream and off white and eggshell “color.” I couldn’t live in a beige house and Dorinda’s personality would be stunted similarly. The way she had the sofa’s in deep blue, deep pink and green! And, they were actually sofa’s one can sit on. Beautiful.

        1. I like some color, but too much would drive me nuts…unless it was in small doses. I like a colorful rug and colorful art on the walls, pillows and liveable colors on most walls. I love art and plain lighter colors on the walls work best to show it. I do have some color on walls, but mostly neutrals. I do love Lisa’s house, but I cannot have a solid white sofa with my family…or I would..have a very light off white maybe. Too much furniture gets to me too. It looks cluttered.

          1. I can’t imagine white sofas in our house with a hairy black cocker spaniel! We have two cream ones in sun room (bought before the dog) and they have rugs over all the time unless visitors here! Xo

            1. It is not practical with pets or some people too! I like cream color ones. I bet they look gorgeous surrounded by color. In a sun room it makes sense, really too. I would think colors fade more than white…unless you have windows that block out the fading somehow. I know I have had a sofa fade in my living room from sun through a window…really upsetting.

              1. Our windows fill two sides then French doors on the third so lots of sun! That’s why we went for cream never dreaming we would get another dog let alone a black one!

                1. I know what you mean. My dog is mostly black! He is not a shedder compared to most, but still. If only we could match them to their surroundings…like chameleons! 😀 xoxo

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