Dorinda Medley Sounds Off On Bethenny Frankel

Dorinda Medley recently appeared on Heather McDonald’s Juicy Scoop podcast and sounded off when the topic of Bethenny Frankel came up.

Heather asked Dorinda  which cast member gets portrayed the most favorable. “Do I need to answer that?” she said. “It’s an obvious question, she [Bethenny] gets edited the best,” Medley said.

“Here’s the problem — we all are valuable women,” she continued. “All of us have been successful, we all have been in love, we’ve lost love, we’ve raised children. I don’t want the audience to forget that our lives didn’t start on reality TV, like some of us, we had big big lives before that.”

As we’ve seen this season, Frankel and Medley took a trip to Puerto Rico to work on Frankel’s hurricane relief efforts. During the trip, Frankel accused Medley of drinking too much and, most recently, the ladies ventured to Medley’s Berkshires house — which has become a staple trip of the show.

“What about when she walks up to the driveway, she goes ‘I put the B in Berkshires?’ That’s my house, I put everything into the Berkshires, that is my shit, my home, it is mine,” Medley said. “I think she needs to change her [logo] from #BStrong to #BNice!”

Dorinda also shared a little behind-the-scenes info when she spoke about social media within the group.

“She unfollowed me, Ramona [Singer], Carole [Radziwill] and, I think, Luann [de Lesseps], which I found very odd because we’re all on a show. But we like to play kindergarten games, right?”


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