Are Dorinda Medley and Sonja Morgan Still Feuding?

Dorinda Medley finally let everyone know how she felt about Sonja Morgan during this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, and now Medley is talking about what happened that made her so angry.

“Listen it was along time coming. I hadn’t seen Sonja since July, since the fated reunion. And I really tried to reach out to her a couple of times — nothing. And the night before I went to the Hamptons, she went to the press again and started saying all this stuff about me, [my boyfriend] John, Luann and it was sort of enough is enough,” Dorinda told the Daily Dish. “I was trying to do, ‘You go low, I go high.’ But I was like, ‘You go low, I go lower.’ And I really felt like it was time to put a stop to it and say enough is enough and I think I achieved that. I really do.”

In fact, their altercation was so intense that Bethenny Frankel saw it from the car, got some further intel about it from Carole Radziwill, and turned around. “Now for Bethenny Frankel not to come in because of a confrontation is an accomplishment, I think,” Dorinda said. “I actually felt quite proud of that moment.”

In watching that moment back, Dorinda said that she thought she would “be horrified” by it. Instead she walked away feeling something completely different. “I think it was just a release and I got to tell you everything on that was truthful,” she said. “That was me saying ‘I’m angry. You want to talk, let’s talk. Let’s put it out there. I have had a whole summer to think about it, ponder about it, collect my information and do a rebuttal — and it ain’t pretty.”

By the end of the night it seemed like everything was okay between the two? Here’s why: “I am not a grudge keeper. I think after what I went through with [my husband] Richard and taking that journey with him, to him dying and realizing life is truly short. Like you really do die. It really does come to an end and you have to quantify and qualify what is important and what isn’t important,” she said. “With that said, you can’t let people take advantage of you and walk all over you. But I thought it was an amazing release. I think I got out there what I needed to say. I think she heard me loud and clear. I think it reset the whole thing. And I just think the next morning it’s a new morning. I don’t need to hold a grudge. I actually like Sonja.”

These days, Dorinda explained, they are definitely in a better place. “It was a slow warm up. We had to come back,” she said. “She still kind of goes and says her little [snippets] of things, which I think is more of an attention-getting thing than anything else. I think Sonja basically likes me. I think it’s a work in progress and I feel positive about it. I mean we’re not going away for the weekend to Phuket or wherever she goes or the South of France. We are cordial and we just got back from California [for work] and it all went very well.”

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50 Replies to “Are Dorinda Medley and Sonja Morgan Still Feuding?”

    1. Ps, this is tacky of me to say, but wth with Ramona and her comment about loving to entertain? Serving the food in those aluminum baking pans from the dollar store? 3 votives on the table?
      I understand a get together among friends, but this is on television, Ramona!

    2. Ok I’m new to this show but the dorinda fight was Sonja was uncomfortable and wacky. And that Sonja sat there like a baby dear being pummeled. It was hard to watch

      WHY DO WOMEN ALWAYS INSULT OTHER WOMENS PUSSIES?? it’s really atrocious! It’s really a form of gender hatred

      1. This is a question for the ages, dear Rain. I know you are new to this show. Sonja is a divorcee, divorced from an extremely prominent older man, a Morgan, with whom she shares a daughter now in boarding school. She’s gone through a great deal of stress, emotionally and financially in this divorce. She’s ditzy, quirky, funny, and has bedded many men since she’s been single. When she drinks her personality is magnified, and she does love a good time. She pretty much owns her shit, too.
        I don’t understand women disrespecting one another regarding sexuality.

        1. Yes, ITA and Sonja is not a nasty person. She is a fun, crazy girl. She is wild at times and it is magnified when she drinks, but Dorinda gets mean and nasty, and it is the worst.
          Yes, her hubby was a descendant of JPMorgan, and was quite old when they met. Quincy Adams Morgan, her daughter is also a descendant of John Adams on her father’s maternal side.

        1. Really? LOL

          Even though Dorinda was way wrong in saying what she did to Sonja, I cannot believe what comes out of her mouth! It would have been easier to watch if she said it somewhere else to someone else, like may be Luann… IMO.
          Don’t you love how they made up so quickly. It’s wated under the bridge now…maybe?
          Luann will still not have Sonja at her wedding…It must be hard for Luann when Sonja admitted to having a physical relationship with Luann’s then fiance (now hubby) for the last ten years as sleeping buddies, and Sonja did look quite sad (teary eyed) hearing that Tom left her for Luann. I felt bad for Sonja myself.
          Then again Tom also dated Ramona…a least once. He gets around. He even kissed a girl which is what Bethenny told Luann…while she was engaged, so Bethenny is also not invited or Ramona.
          Luann married for companionship and to live in a comfy lifestyle perhaps, so she did what felt right to her. I still like Sonja the most, no matter how many men she beds. She is very attractive and unmarried, so she can do whatever she pleases.

      2. Dorinda was so out of line. And then the next day wanted to make up with Sonja? That she had the nerve to even speak to Sonja was shocking!

    3. Excellent point. Very disappointed and surprised at her behavior. All because she was dis- invited to a silly party?

  1. I agree it was hard to watch and Ramona should have put a stop to it instead of allowing Dorinda to lean over her and yell at another guest. This is so not why I watch these shows. I felt bad for the other guests.

      1. I know and they said she wasn’t drinking. ..hmmm. also how she kept throwing it on Sonjas face how she was staying there and she wasn’t. ..then the clip of Ramona being upset she was uninvited when she did the same to Sonja…too much

        1. If she wasn’t under the influence, that’s even worse, don’t you think? This explains how she can date that skeevy John.

  2. Oh yeah, and btw, that pic of Sonja with the stripper Dorinda had on her phone and was sharing? In case you didn’t catch it, that was at Countess LuAnn’s bridal shower!!!!!! So LuAnn is sitting there on her tuffet, while her little handservant Dorinda is unleashing on Sonja.
    You’re going to like this, Rain.
    Pantygate it ain’t.

  3. I am keeping my mouth shut on this one because lately i have nothing but negatives to say about all these classless women. These are not the RH shows I enjoyed watching years ago ( well NJ has always been classless.) The only thing about RH that I look forward to is my friends here on the blog.

    1. I won’t watch NJ. I live here in NJ and am disgusted by them.
      NY is more watchable to me and has been…for the most part.

  4. Yes, I thought the same thing. She has a more California vibe. She is like a NYC transplant. Yes, that was an Eden move there. Tinsley seems like she is trying, but this arrest sounds like she is bragging…and why? She trespassed at her ex bf’s home in Florida. He sounds like a real nut job, but could she not let go? Maybe she is having a problem dealing with being in her 40s and not in a relationship. She is not in her 20s anymore, but she is still very attractive, and she wants her old life back, but can you be an “It Girl” twice?

    I am not sure about fake furs. It shocks me to see women in real furs, but they do still wear them. I would never wear a real fur.

  5. I think, based on what she was saying, the Mortimers are old money.
    I found this:

    Tinsley Mortimer
    The 41-year-old socialite and reality TV star has an estimated net worth of $35 million. Tinsley, a Columbia University graduate, has a handbag line in Japan, formed the line Riccime by Tinsley Mortimer, and has also had a plentiful career on television, guest starring on Gossip Girl, starring in The CW’s High Society, and acting as a judge on a fashion reality series. She’s also written several books and was married to Robert Livingston Mortimer, the great-grandson of one of the Standard Oil president.
    That was from Life and Style.

          1. Yes, for most people it is, but some like the names of powerful families with old money.
            I can understand it more if they were married a long time and had children in school.

    1. Lu was supposedly worth 15 million before her marriage to D’Agostino…and Tinsley is worth 35 million….so why are these women staying at Sonja’s grungy and shabby old townhouse? Clearly, they both had more comfortable options. I think either Bravo wants it…or they feel sorry for her. Since Lu indicated this season that Sonja charges them rent, option # 2 may be the more likely choice.

  6. Yes! I agree. OMG i have seen pics of the poor dead elephants and rhinos, all for their ivory. What evil lurks in mankind to kill a beautiful animal for jewelry, etc. Sick.

    1. It’s disgusting!! elephants are magnificent beautiful creatures and it brings me to tears seeing them dead so somebody can have a trophy or make an ash tray

  7. She did say she wanted to get rid of the elephant in the room…I think. She figured thay rather than everyone talking behind her back about it, she would lead with it and get it out in the open.
    She is a little weird thus far. We shall see what the furture brings. She seemed appalled at that dinner party, and I was too.

  8. Older Stassi? I don’t see it really. Maybe she is acting like an older princess, however.
    She has to maintain that somewhat curled blonde hair to be recognized which I found funny. She has to be seen and recognized as the “It girl” in all of her designer clothing, craving that attention. She must love the cameras on the show.

  9. Oh, I just meant that when kids are small, they are so affected by divorce, and then mom has a different name all of a sudden. Keeping it the same as the children is easier for the children, as long as mom is not remarried, since they all have the same name as they always did, when they are young. Mom can change her name if she wishes, as they adjust.
    I like the hyphenated names, though some are easier to write than others.

  10. Sunshine thank you 🙂 I am exactly like you and now I feel like she’s not even the same person . I’m telling myself maybe she will redeem herself throughout the season but this was really bad behavior . I think John is rubbing off on her lol

  11. Here’s a sad but true sorta kinda related story;
    Many years ago I had a client that I dealt with occasionally. She was a name dropper, I think she was always testing the waters to see if I would divulge anything I knew about my other clients.
    Anyway, she was very conspicuous in her clothing and jewelry, wearing a full length mink or fox to the office, not joking.
    As time and projects progressed, I had to call upon her more often. One name she continued to drop almost constantly happened to be the husband of a friend of mine, and I said nothing but asked my friend about it.
    When I spoke with my friend, her face went pale, and she asked me if this woman had any fur coats. I told her yes .
    This turned out to be one of her husbands mistresses.
    The next time that bish dropped his name in front of me, I said Oh goodness, I’ve neglected to mention, his wife is one of my dearest friends. We should all have dinner.
    Shut her up.

  12. I should clarify, she never said she was his mistress. She was married as well. She just dropped his name every chance she got as knowing this guy who does happen to be a multi millionaire gave her some kind of cachet. She wanted to be known as a mover and a shaker, I guess.
    I was a single mom with two little girls to feed, clothe, and educate. I wasn’t impressed with her bs. She learned in that one day exactly what I knew of her, and I continued to be professional with her. I eventually drifted apart from my friend because she always wanted info on this woman, without confronting her. She never divorced her husband, she continued to allow herself to be hurt by his antics, and I couldn’t stand that after a while.

  13. I grew up with an unusual name. When I divorced my first husband, I kept the name because it was also my children’s last name. When I remarried, my entire name would have sounded weird again. My husband said you’re my wife, makes no difference to me what your name is.
    We all have a man’s name, even if we return to maiden, it’s our fathers’.

  14. I have always liked Dorinda. I think production staff has a lot to do with the drama on these “reality” shows. To bad Dorinda had her speel at a mixed company dinner instead of just her and Sonya alone. I think Sonya is funny but also very stupid to act like she does at her age. Like I said earlier – these shows are getting way out of hand. Let’s go back to the homes, travels, parties and clothes of the RICH AND FAMOUS and get rid of this BS.

  15. Hahahaha silly!
    He was giving all his bishes Blackgama minks!
    You’d have to give me something different. He was old, old, not the twinkle in his eye Tom Girardi old.
    Grim Reaper old.

  16. How about just tasing him on his back, and telling him it was so fantastic he fainted? Too diabolical? Not diabolical enough?

  17. No problem with Dorinda. She speaks up for herself when neccessary. Actually, all’s okay for me with this group.

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