Are Dorinda Medley and Sonja Morgan Still Feuding?

Dorinda Medley finally let everyone know how she felt about Sonja Morgan during this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, and now Medley is talking about what happened that made her so angry.

“Listen it was along time coming. I hadn’t seen Sonja since July, since the fated reunion. And I really tried to reach out to her a couple of times — nothing. And the night before I went to the Hamptons, she went to the press again and started saying all this stuff about me, [my boyfriend] John, Luann and it was sort of enough is enough,” Dorinda told the Daily Dish. “I was trying to do, ‘You go low, I go high.’ But I was like, ‘You go low, I go lower.’ And I really felt like it was time to put a stop to it and say enough is enough and I think I achieved that. I really do.”

In fact, their altercation was so intense that Bethenny Frankel saw it from the car, got some further intel about it from Carole Radziwill, and turned around. “Now for Bethenny Frankel not to come in because of a confrontation is an accomplishment, I think,” Dorinda said. “I actually felt quite proud of that moment.”

In watching that moment back, Dorinda said that she thought she would “be horrified” by it. Instead she walked away feeling something completely different. “I think it was just a release and I got to tell you everything on that was truthful,” she said. “That was me saying ‘I’m angry. You want to talk, let’s talk. Let’s put it out there. I have had a whole summer to think about it, ponder about it, collect my information and do a rebuttal — and it ain’t pretty.”

By the end of the night it seemed like everything was okay between the two? Here’s why: “I am not a grudge keeper. I think after what I went through with [my husband] Richard and taking that journey with him, to him dying and realizing life is truly short. Like you really do die. It really does come to an end and you have to quantify and qualify what is important and what isn’t important,” she said. “With that said, you can’t let people take advantage of you and walk all over you. But I thought it was an amazing release. I think I got out there what I needed to say. I think she heard me loud and clear. I think it reset the whole thing. And I just think the next morning it’s a new morning. I don’t need to hold a grudge. I actually like Sonja.”

These days, Dorinda explained, they are definitely in a better place. “It was a slow warm up. We had to come back,” she said. “She still kind of goes and says her little [snippets] of things, which I think is more of an attention-getting thing than anything else. I think Sonja basically likes me. I think it’s a work in progress and I feel positive about it. I mean we’re not going away for the weekend to Phuket or wherever she goes or the South of France. We are cordial and we just got back from California [for work] and it all went very well.”

Photo Credit: Bravo