Dorinda Medley Slams Sonja Morgan Over Drug Allegations


Dorinda Medley is firing back at her RHONY co-star Sonja Morgan for accusations made at the reunion last week. During part one of the reunion, Sonja shouted, “Everybody knows you do drugs!” at Dorinda. The subject came up when Bethenny Frankel admitted to referencing the use of cocaine while talking about Dorinda’s boyfriend, John Mahdessian.

So what does Dorinda have to say about the claim now?

“Listen, I think it’s hilarious,” Dorinda tells ET. “I think poor Sonja’s trying to be relevant … The truth is, I didn’t film with her at all this season. I think I had one scene and I don’t really see Sonja all season. So, you know, she’s just trying to be relevant.”

“Poor Sonja had to run with something,” Dorinda continues. “What does she have? I mean, consider the source. You know?”

“[John and I have] never again gone out with Sonja,” Medley continues. “I don’t know anything about her life. I never knew Sonja before the show, either … I’d heard of Sonja. I heard about her years of dating wealthy men and her antics, but we don’t know each other.”

ET also caught up with Sonja, who stands by what she said at the reunion. “That’s not a denial,” Sonja says after hearing what Dorinda told ET. “That’s ‘check the source.’ That’s called deflection … My response is, everyone knows Dorinda does drugs.”

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I’m with Sonja on this one. I don’t doubt the rumours at all. John is a definite, and you don’t have to be filming with someone to know about drug use rumours.

Sonja with a J….. shut up…. there are other ways to get attention for yourself.

Has D denied the rumor or deflect?

She denied it on the reunion show but I doubt something as serious as that would just come from nowhere… Even LuAnn told Dorinda to drop it.

Interesting. I’m way behind on NY. I used to like D, but I can see how this might be possible. I have always thought there was more to her and John’s relationship and this could be the key.

OMG, kt, kt‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️Please read this. My Daughter was helping me with something on my computer. We had to go way back into “history” to fix it, and a page from long ago on here was one of the things in that day’s history. You had said you were feeling shitty about something, and I actually wrote “I don’t care if kt feels shitty!!” I always proof my posts, and this time others said, like Rain even, said I was harsh. I must have re-read that 5 times trying to find what was wrong. I meant to say “I don’t think… Read more »
No worries 3D’s Forever! You are too kind to even bring it back to the forefront and apologize. Apology accepted and long forgotten!! I barely remember the conversation so I’m guessing I had tucked it under ‘we don’t always see eye to eye’. I have done what you did and it sucks! You and I will always disagree on some HW, agree on some and meet in the middle on others. This is the only social media board I read or post and I’m thankful for all my HW friends even when we agree to disagree!

Luann told Dorinda to drop it because that has been a rumor about Luann for years.

Could have been the reason Kristen left too…

Kristen mentioned that one housewife was known to be on coke on camera on a few occasions, and specified that it wasn’t LuAnn. I have thought for a few years that there might be a bit of coke involved with the RHONY ladies. Bethenny and Ramona in particular.

Its pretty obvious from most the women that in the partying there is some element of drugs. most wanted it dropped so they didn’t get asked if they did or not.

Yes, I got the impression that Luann wanted the subject dropped before it came back to her. Personally, if I were Dorinda, I would have denied it too. It is just so wrong to make that accusation (true or not) on national tv to a mother with a teenage daughter. Sonja should know better. But she was just jumping on the Bethenny crazy train (since B was the one who originally started the whole thing). Bethenny is one of the lamest people I’ve ever seen.

If it is true that Dorinda does drugs- and I hope it is not true – that may be why Carole pulled away from the friendship we felt was developing last season in England with her husband’s remains.

Except that Carole admits to some drug use, so I doubt it.

I wish you would use a name so I know who is responding to me. Who knows how many “Anonymouses” are on this sight.

That is what I mean when I ask, too. I know we are all anonymous, but to choose a handle makes it a discussion. And, then the person on the other end is responsible for that handle & what they say, every time. Anyone can say that we could all choose a different handle every day, but we don’t do that here much. Some do, as we well know, but those are seen for who they are also. 🙂

I was going to say, didn’t Carole admit to dropping a pill with Adam in season 7?

I don’t know, obviously, whether Dorinda does coke, or any street drugs, but she has to know that John does. After 4 years one would be blind to not see the signs. I don’t see signs with anyone accept Luann and John, Jules and Carole both have an Adderall Rx., according to what was said on pizza night. I don’t know if it was easy to hear when watching on regular tv, but Carole said when her and Jules were discussing the use of prescription Adderall at the pizza party “I don’t do it recreationally either.” Luann got her dig… Read more »

I always thought cocaine was addictive and you just can’t do a “little occasionally”. since I have never “done drugs” and won’t even take the pain pills my doctor prescribes for my chronic pain for fear of becoming an addict.

Doing a little occasionally is very common. I know a lot of people who have a few lines every now and again (maybe every few weeks or months) after a couple of drinks without any form of addiction.

That is very interesting. Real Sandy what do you say about this.

There are always those who say they do drugs on occasion and are not addicted. Some drugs are extremely addicting, especially cocoaine when in the form of crack cocaine.
If someone is able to have it only on a rare occasion, they may be fine, but the problem is that over time it becomes more addicting because of its affects on the brain. I will trynto repond to myself with an informative link, because the last time I tried, my comment was not posted.

Bee, it is the newest form of “Crack Cocaine” that is addictive from one time. Cocaine is addictive also, but in it’s pure form, a person could do a little once in a while, and if they didn’t have addiction in their DNA, they could get away with it. Found and grown in the highest elevation places on earth, they brew or chew it to breath. Coca it is called there. The “Crack” is usually smoked in little home made pipes, and it is a horrible epidemic. It is a different mixture and type of strength, I do not know… Read more »
I call Sonja a big load of Horse dung. Whether or not it’s true, who the heck makes an allegation like that about someone on a tv show, let ALONE a so called friend. I wouldn’t even call out my enemy unless I had to defend myself with it, and Sonja didn’t have a dog in that fight! It’s a very serious offense (again, whether it’s true or not). Plus Sonja has a heck of a lot of nerve considering she has been filmed out of her mind on several occasions last year. I’m not liking this ratting each other… Read more »

True dat! Better have solid proof b4 tossing such serious rumors around!

I agree, FGirl. That was out of line what Sonja said both times to Dorinda, and while Dorinda was speaking. Dorinda has been kind to Sonja on the show, filming with her more times than anyone accept Ramona. If it’s true that their contract says they get paid only when a scene is aired, then maybe she is the one on coke, not being able to shut her own mouth. That is a sign of speed and coke, non stop yakking and being unable to stop like Jules often does. Jules stops mid word even! I like Dorinda. I don’t… Read more »

I’m with you…. I don’t like this ratting out either. Not good… not nice. I think that dingbat Sonja with a J is off her rocker.

Why would Sonja yell this out? Is she trying to deflect from herself? Aunt Bee – you make a very valid point tho about maybe that is the reason Carole pulled away, although Carole is a BIG stoner so I doubt she’d mind.

I really don’t want to believe any of these ladies are big stoners – well maybe Lu cause I really don’t like her but why. These women have money, looks, glamour, family and men who love them, why in the world do they need drugs. I guess I am too old to understand.

No, what you said has nothing to do with age, simply common sense. I’m thinking there is some peer pressure sometimes. Maybe in Dorinda’s case, John would want her to get hi also. It would make him feel less dirty. That could be why some people assume she does drugs. Because I would bet a year’s mortgage he does drugs, and often too. The part about John are not just rumors. Then, if he took the bet and we did a hair test, I would have a year of payments saved, and travel to those places I have spoken about.… Read more »

Why am I not remembering who Kristin is?

She was the model married to Josh. She came in with Heather as her good friend. Two young children. Young, pretty blonde. She went to Turks and Caicos in season 7. I think she started in season 5, not positive, I will have to look at my video library.

Sonja said this. Sonja is known for living in her own fantasy world so most people will not believe it. Sonja still insists that Madonna was at her fashion show when it was widely reported that she was in London at the British Music Awards that night. I love Sonja but something has fried her mind and put her in a lovely place full of yachts, Madonna, unicorns and rainbows.

VERY good point. Yes, she still tries to intimate that people from all over the world come and stay up in the top floor of her house FGSakes. It’s been 12 years since she divorced. I don’t believe most of what she says either justanothermary.

Body language says it all, followed by “check the source” deflection rather than categorically denying this accusation and then filing for ‘defamation of character’. Dorinda isn’t a liar so can’t lie on this occasion either.

I am old and slow Luvrhs what are you really saying here?

Ok i think i’ve got it. You are saying she doesn’t lie so she won’t answer yes or no. My problem is I have never in my 72 years ever known people on drugs that i am aware of so I really don’t know the signs. I do know what pot smells like because I managed a restaurant where teenagers smoked it in the bathroom. You will please excuse me as I have lived a sheltered life.

laughing…. I’m old and slow right along with you!!!

Totally agree.

I absolutely believe D does coke, not just because Sonja says so either. I’ve always felt that D had the propensity for partying hard and ‘doing the NY scene’, which is still very much part of the party culture. John no doubt in my mind does. And it’s been talked about before by one or more of the women that they get pretty lit together and stay up all night. When I hear “stay up all night” my mind goes there anyway. And yeah it takes one to just sorta know because back in the day – waaaay back in… Read more »

Wouldn’t you think that if John and Dorinda were doing coke that they would both be a lot Skinnier? I think it’s a low blow to bring this up at all. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE WOMEN (although I don’t know about Carole) has BIG HUGE SKELETONS in their closets and none of them have any right to throw stones. What a bunch of crap.

I don’t give a crap if any of them do coke. What I DO care about is their so-called friends outing them about it on television. To me, that is so much more offensive than dorinda blowing some rails.

Just so it’s understood, I don’t judge Dorinda or John or anyone for doing anything they choose to do in their lives. Whether they snort or not or smoke craw dads or not. That is their business alone. I just give my opinion or two cents worth on any of these mind-bending queries. Live and let live.

I like Dorinda and I believed that she hadn’t nor did drugs but with this blog….ummmm I dunno now. Sonja is crazy for sure but I don’t think she lies or does crazy stuff for affect and as I much as I hate to think this….this explanation smells fishy.

I do think it was not necessary for Bethenny to bring it up in the first place.

I would have to be on crack…just to endure those byatches…

Why is Dorinda only attacking Sonja? Bettheny’s the one who started the whole thing. But Betthenny’s too rich & powerful & scary and Dorinda doesn’t have the balls to confront her face to face.