Dorinda Medley Shocked By Bethenny and Ramona Singer Feud

We are only a few episodes into this season of The Real Housewives of New York City and we’ve already had some explosive moments at the dinner table. For example, Ramona Singer asking Bethenny Frankel information about her B rated movie past and if she’s spoken with her 6-year old daughter about it yet.

Dorinda Medley admits that the Ramona/Bethenny moment “came out of left field,” adding to The Daily Dish, “But I think the problem is it continues, and there are other things that happen and it becomes very cumulative and I think it was damaging. What happened was real and I think the audience is gonna feel it.”

“Sometimes Ramona’s timing is not good and I would say that in front of her. I don’t think she is malicious, but I think that the timing was wrong and I just don’t think you mention [kids]. There’s sort of this thing on our show [where] you don’t mention children, you don’t mention husbands. There’s just sort of these unspoken rules and I think that that [was what] triggered it. The timing was off. It appeared misplaced and it came off as aggressive.”

She shared the same thoughts on WWHL last week. “Ramona sometimes doesn’t have great social cues. She doesn’t do great social timing. And, remember, we hadn’t seen each other all summer. We came off of a very difficult reunion, as you know, and we couldn’t figure out where it came from. And she mentioned her daughter and we sort of have a golden rule that we don’t mention our children.”

She compares the situation to having her own daughter on the show. “I mean my daughter’s 23. She’s chosen to be on the show. She’s an adult. They’re kids. They’re not part of the show. We signed up for this,” she said. “You just shouldn’t. I just don’t go there. I don’t mention husbands and I don’t mention children.”

But Dorinda still has hopes for Ramona and Bethenny’s relationship. “[Bethenny] deflected it with humor, which is what she does best. It’s too bad because they’re both good people and they have a longstanding friendship. They’ve been through a lot and I hope it can be all sorted out and they can come to a place where they can move forward. Even if it’s not as great friends — relationships sometimes change and they turn into something different. But, yeah, I think it was difficult for all of us.”

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24 Replies to “Dorinda Medley Shocked By Bethenny and Ramona Singer Feud”

    1. It is one ENTIRELY different thing to bring up the photos, the movie etc., and say Bryn’s name in conjunction with it to hurt Bethenny. And then countless, who supposedly isn’t holding a grudge, accuses Bethenny of holding one while she is bringing it up to pile on, forgetting they said they would leave it behind and try harder. I have never heard B bring ANYONE’S kids into a public conversation. She went to the showing of Victoria’s painting at the museum, after Victoria was an adult, and was totally supportive of the nude self portrait.
      Why does anyone think all of us should handle things the same? Just because Countless stayed at the Berkshires last season, a 3 hour drive BTW, after leaving her own host behind, knowing Sonja was so hurt, and B leaving a dinner table after Ramona brought up her 6 year old, which is OFF LIMITS. This bullshit that “if we are friends we should be able to ask any question” is obtuse, like Ramona. I didn’t see B putting Tom’s photos with his tongue down another woman’s throat “on a big screen.” That was bull, too. No matter what Ramona or countless do in that situation ( well, they have been in some “situations” with Bethenny ) but NEVER were their small children EVER dragged out, using their name. I am surprised Ramona didn’t name the school location FGSakes. I think she looks like a dumpy, desperate person, with “friends” who can’t wait to be invited to an all expense paid dinner and party. Wow, how they showed their love by attending!

      1. it was calculated for sure. If you watch back that scene from the dinner, and look at the faces of the ladies when ramona throws her BS… they all look shocked, even Dorinda, except luman, luman knew it was coming. They both talked about it before hand and luman added her crap on top of it. It’s all really not so subtle at all.

    2. Ramona’s looking for a story line this season. I have never liked her and I think it’s time to retire her!

      1. she was fun last season, I grew to like her, but now I realize that she really does flip flop every greaking season. she’s turned on everyone!

        1. Honestly Jay, she has been that way since season 1. She has never been a nice person, or anyone I would ever have in my social circle!

  1. Bethenny can dish it out, but, man, she wimps when served some of her own medicine. She made the topless movie, and it was all over the press during the time they were filming this season. Ramona has issues with mothers, public nudity, and the effects it may or may not have their kids. Remember when she left the stage because they were just talking about nude pictures of Alex in season 1? It’s not like Ramona started screeching she was a slut and a whore…she just asked if she had discussed the movie with her kid. BFD.

      1. Ramona has never been subtle…but then neither has Bethenny. As for involving kids, Bethenny sure didn’t mind dragging Dennis Shields daughter into the muck last season at the reunion. Look, you go through life telling the maître d’ as he shows you to your table that one of the guests joining you will be offering him a BJ in the restroom before the evening ends, you’re gonna get a little push back. Like most bullies, Beth folds whenever anyone gives her back a little of what she gives out.
        No one said anything mean about Bryn. It was just pointed out that Beth should maybe prepare her before someone else tells her that her mother takes her clothes off for money.

        1. She didn’t drag Dennis’s daughter, who was an adult at the time BTW, through some seedy “questionairre” we’re friends BS. She called her, likely with prior approval from the daughter in case countless decided to lie her ass off as she is so good at doing. It is OFF LIMITS to even mention the names of CHILDREN WHO ARE SIX in connection with some 25 year old movie. If a “friend” isn’t aware, especially one who has a daughter of her own, then she is as clueless as she seems, which is pretty effing stupid, cruel, without class ( what a shock ) & without an effing clue as to what being kind entails.

          1. Nothing is “off limits” according to Bethenny…unless it is about her. The only reason she doesn’t talk about other people’s kids is she doesn’t know they even exist…cause nothing exists unless it effects her. I think Ramona has had enough of her, that’s all….but whatever the reason I hope she and Luann keep it up….and Beth keeps staying home. If I were them, I would shout “BRYN! BRYN! BRYN!” every time she enters the same room I am in.

            1. I see, so asking how her and Avery’s mother-daughter formal was out of the gate was what??? Then asking how Luann’s remodel was going? After that she had no time to ask anything of Dorinda or Luann, because Ramona decided to try to make her look bad, which, I know, IYO, is easy, just not mine.
              I was shown without a doubt how important Avery is to Ramona during season 2 or maybe 3.
              Season 1 reunion, she walked off stage when the topic of nude photos of Alex McCord were mentioned. At the 100th episode special, Andy, who I love, asked Ramona if she now thought that was a little over the line, and she said “No, my daughter is first, she is more important than anything, she was going to an elite private school at the time, and they almost asked her to leave, so, no, she comes first.”
              In season 2 or 3 3 she took Avery, such a lovely young lady, to her VERY FIRST New York fashion show. Kelly the emotionally tweaked out Bensimon was seated next to them. As they went to leave, don’t forget this was Avery’s FIRST fashion show, Kelly says “I don’t mean to be rude, but after we speak for a minute, I have to go to a party thrown by (that troll) Perez Hilton. Ramona says “you get upset that I didn’t invite you to my BBQ, and now you’re going to a Perez Hilton party and you don’t invite me.” So, leaving Kelly no option, thinking she won’t really accept with Avery there, says she is welcome to join her. Ramona puts Avery in a cab, a CAB, and goes to the party. I could tell, having daughters myself, that Avery was almost in tears, but Ramona just said, go home honey, I’ll see you later. Being I know very much about teen age girls, when they have been treated like an adult by joining their Mom at an event, the next greatest part is discussing it on the way home, and afterwards, sitting on the bed remembering all the clothes, what all the guests were wearing, what they said….. with Mom. Ramona robbed Avery of that wonderful experience to be seen at a party. So selfish and shallow. Avery comes very much below Ramona’s social register. God, I can’t stand her.
              That told me all I ever needed to know about Ramona as a mom, doing her best to show the world one thing, the lie that her daughter comes first, when that has always and will always be total bullshit, seriously. To completely disregard that this was to be a special evening between MOTHER AND DAUGHTER, so that she could instead be seen at Perez’s party, well, what a selfish, cruel, uncaring bitch. She can’t even recall the names of people she has met, up to and including the friends of her oh so important child. My daughters would be so incredibly hurt & embarrassed if I forgot the name of a friend, much less forgot the person all together.
              Bethenny happily went to Victoria’s showing of her painting at the museum in Miami, and made it clear how proud she was of her friend’s daughter. So, I am wondering how it is that any of that could be seen as exactly the opposite of the truth of her knowledge and caring of the children of her fellow cast mates.

      2. Oh how wonderful to hear this from a man, and a gentleman to boot. I have never in all the years Bethenny has been on the show heard her repeat ONE THING, that was spoken in confidence, or spread rumors, only sharing what she knew as truth on camera, yeah, Luann put her entire perfect marriage said 20 times on camera. B has never once spoken of anyone’s children with anything but respect, and I guess they all forget Bryn is SIX. We feel a little different when they are SIX, rather that grown. Not a lot, but more protective surely, I know from having 4 Daughters and my oldest child, my Son. Many hundreds of people saw Tom with the girl at the entrance of his favorite bar, FGSakes. Ramona needs to cut her hair, she isn’t a 21 year old biker hippy, she makes herself look desperate, oh wait!!! She is!! Bethenny has in fact forgiven R for some really despicable comments and actions. Luann saying how a lady does things, what is that, the hugest joke that she is a lady in the entire effing Universe? The part where countless points out that B said “obnoxious” things about everyone, well, I’d say the reunion had it coming and going from every single HW, not just Bethenny. But, let’s blame her and pretend we are ladies, Luann’s motto in life.

      1. Off camera?
        I will just offer the same response given by Beth when asked why she didn’t tell Luann Tom was cheating on her off camera.
        “It’s a reality show”.

      2. Well put, cat62. none of Ramona’s buisiness at all. I think, have said it before, Ramona is bitter with her life right now & pushing her way through her daughter & friends’ door, acting their age is so abnormal too.

  2. We all know Ramona had decided what her topics of conversation would be before she entered the room. She does this all the time. The way most of her conversations are just thrown out there and are irrelevant to what is actually going on at the time makes it very clear.

  3. Countless saying when Dorinda was speaking of what she was going to say to Sonja, and Dorinda implying it was all good Countless pops up with “Like a lady always does.” I spit out my coffee, no S**t on my counter at her uttering the word “Lady.”
    Then, Ramona spouting after bringing up Bethenny’s 6 year old, which is effing OFF LIMITS, at the dinner, then saying “we should be able to as friends ask ANYTHING! ” Really. I don’t recall Bethenny ever once saying anything about anyone’s small, or even grown children in a derogatory way, or asking publicly what Mario did in his cheating, adulteress nudity to hurt Ramona during the entire divorce.
    Countless, again using what was supposed to be last season, forgotten, forgiven and moving on to pile on, then saying Bethenny is holding a grudge. But, no surprise there as she is the biggest hypocrite ever.
    Luann can run out of the room when Bethenny had her pictures of her whore husband on her phone, not a “bigscreen” but, not even considering what B might have on her plate, has the unmitigated gall to say what Bethenny’s actions should be when she is faced with the way she was treated. Luann didn’t leave because then she couldn’t strike back, be on camera in the episode, it was a 3 hour drive in the middle of the night, to return to her HOSTESS who was “SO HURT” by being excluded. Bethenny did ask Luann how her remodel was going, asked Ramona how her vacation with her daughter went and didn’t have time before Ramona’s cruel bitchy unacceptable little “caring for Bryn” bullshit started. Countless thinks B should be embarrassed at a 25 year old topless movie, when she, in her one year of “working” posed for Playgirl, that she was so proud of when Kelly emotionally ill Bensimon spoke of her upcoming Playboy shot. So, countless is jealous to the core, not the other way around, that Bethenny has WORKED her entire adult life and made it all by herself, and she has married well for her money. God I can’t stand Luann or Ramona. Dumpy little bitch is what Ramona is, 60 or 40 tears old.

  4. Two Scorps going at it, meh. Another pair that’s bickered through the years: not particularly invested in this feud. Have the feeling it will eventually work itself out, although I expect residual hurt to be there for a loooong while.

  5. I have to say I very much respect & like that Dorinda kisses no one’s a**, not countless, not Ramona and certainly not John, she runs that relationship and always has. When she was at lunch at Little Red, she was incorrect that Bethenny would have put them on a “big screen” had the situations been reversed. Tom’s little mistake was kept on Bethenny’s little phone during the entire Miami trip since Bethenny didn’t want to ruin the weekend. She didn’t call everyone in NY society as Dorinda implied, so the reversed situation already happened, she was wrong and it’s already been proven.
    But, I liked it so much when Countless was scolding her the morning after Ramona’s dinner about how Dorinda handled Sonja. Dorinda wasted no time coming back with “don’t give me the holier than thou” BS. And, she didn’t allow Luann to say what she so wanted to, how she, the countess of class, would have handled it with so much more grace. God, what a hypocrite Luann is. Dorinda just spoke her mind, and didn’t back off just because Luann believes herself to be the only one who handles things with tact and elegance. Also, the rhetorical question about “who doesn’t love a Mariachi Band,” Dorinda said with no hesitation, “Me!” You go girl. I hope Bethenny and Dorinda can repair their friendship, I liked them together before the night in the Berkshires.

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