Dorinda Medley Shares Details Of LuAnn de Lesseps’ Wedding

Real Housewives of New York City star Dorinda Medley is sharing details about LuAnn de Lesseps’ wedding and despite what some might think, the day was actually drama-free.

“Love is love, and in this situation it appears to have conquered all,” Dorinda told The Daily Dish. “She is very happy. You can’t fake that. Even John was like, ‘Oh my God, do you love me as much as Luann loves Tom, baby?’ And I’m like, ‘Oh stop it. We’re not starting this now.'”

That means that Dorinda didn’t hear from any of her co-stars who have had a past with the groom. “Not at all. It’s a funny thing, I think there was a bit of surrendering and everybody sort of ran off to their places,” she said. “Ramona ran off to Paris and London. Sonja ran off to Phuket. Maybe she didn’t have to go that far, but OK. Everybody sort of just kind of let it happen, which I thought was correct.”

Medley said the wedding wasn’t as over-the-top as you might have expected. “It exceeded all of my expectations. I think it started when she let me come see her wedding dress. I didn’t tell anyone but [she let me come] for the fitting for her wedding dress and I was so petrified that she was going to come out in some huge Cinderella dress,” Dorinda revealed. “And it was just a beautiful, elegant, simple lace dress. It was kind of an old-fashioned wedding and believe me, we were all shocked.”

“It was planned to the t. Every hour on the hour she had something planned and gift bags and brunches and cocktail parties and bridemaids’ lunches — there was not a ‘t’ not crossed and an ‘i’ not dotted,” she said. “And she was happy.”

“I’m not just saying this, I came out of it joyful… It was a beautiful weekend, what can I say?” she said. “I felt honored to be there. I think it even made John and I love each other even more.”

Photo Credit: Bravo