Is Dorinda Medley Seriously Getting Married to John Mahdessian?

All Housewives fans are waiting to see Countess LuAnn de Lesseps walk down the aisle and marry Tom D’Agostino, but while hosting a recent party in New York City, Dorinda Medley recently revealed, “I’m getting married!”

“Our lives are just so busy and hectic in New York that any downtime is great time,” Medley told RadarOnline about her and Mahdessian’s relationship.

“The thing about New York is that it is so intense and there are just so many people. One of the biggest luxuries for John and I is that we just get to be together. We like to do normal things and just hang out together, watch TV, go for walks and, of course, cook,” Medley said.

“She says that she is the peanut butter and I am the jelly, but together we are amazing,” John added.

“After Richard passed I just try to move forward. Life is life and you have to go with it. It is not about the bumps. It is how you deal with the bumps,” Dorinda said.

Is Dorinda serious about marrying John? Stay tuned…


18 Replies to “Is Dorinda Medley Seriously Getting Married to John Mahdessian?”

  1. Again I’m going to agree with Cin and Freedomgirl. I like Dorinda, the only one I do like from NY and hope she is happy! Xoxoxox

  2. I like Dorinda too. She needs to stop at 2 martinis, if she could do that she would be a great housewife. But John is a problem child, and fortunately for now, she controls that relationship. I hope she doesn’t marry him for sure though. I also like Bethenny, and am beginning to think Ramona might grow up by the time she is 70. Carole is ok, if not a little boring. But, I am sure in real life she is a good friend and likely interesting. Sonja is just redundant IMO. She really hasn’t done anything different for the entire seasons she has been on. She has no clothing line, she rarely hosts anything, just shows up. Because she set up one fashion show does not a designer make. Bethenny cracks me up after having a “business meeting” at Sonja’s places of “business” Like saying, “oh, I know why this is happening, I took a hit of acid before coming here” Which tells me more than the business meeting was odd, it says that she has in fact had a hit of acid.
    LuAnn is just a once privileged, do nothing snob. I always wondered how she caught the attention of a Count, much less any men. Apparently she never goes home alone, but I have always thought she was rather crude looking, she is not pretty or striking, or any of the things that could make someone look appealing, but to each his own.

    1. Hey you♥️♥️♥️ I haven’t forgotten you I’m making caramels so gotta keep my eyes on them between here and there. I’ll respond a little later xoxoxoxo

  3. I love trying to figure out what Dorinda is saying by reading her lips it’s kinda fun. I like her but she’s gotta quit drinking so much when imbibes – ‘if she can’. If she can’t then… she’s got some work to do before it takes her down that tough road.

    1. Hi back Miss M 😀 I know it isn’t a desirable look for her, but I have to admit that once in a while it’s funny as hell. Her toast on that boat last year was actually undecipherable and her rant at her house about “making it NICE” was kind of funny too. I just hate when she yells in anger when she’s drunk to the point of spit coming out of her mouth. lol.

  4. LOL yes freedomgirl I know exactly what you mean! But gawd help me she brings some good drama that Dorinda haha xoxo

  5. Dorinda seems more real than any other housewife on the franchises. She must be in heaven decorating her Great Barrington home for Christmas. I like John but I’m not sure from what I’ve seen on RHWONY he’s husband material.

    1. I love her home in Barrington too JOJO so interesting and fun. Yeah John is more of a play date if you ask me. But one never knows I suppose.

      1. John seems like a loose cannon. I love the fact that Dorinda really puts him in his place when she gets pissed over his bad behavior. At the same time they do make a cute couple; he’s clearly smitten with her. If their relationship is copacetic why get married.

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