Dorinda Medley Says Jules Wainstein’s Divorce Was Unexpected


After Bethenny Frankel criticized Jules Wainstein for knowing her divorce was coming after joining the show during the RHONY reunion, Dorinda Medley is speaking out and defending Jules and her marriage, saying those allegations are not true.

“It’s hard. Listen, she’s at the start of a divorce,” Dorinda told the Daily Dish. “I know not everybody believes this, but it was completely unexpected. She truly thought [they were] gonna be together, and she’s got two very young children. No one wants to be a young, single mother. It’s not easy. So she’s focused on that.”

“I wish her well. I’m very close to her. I talk to her every day,” Dorinda said. “And I just want her to know that I stand by her. And she’ll come out of it just fine.”

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Misty K

    Unexpected for who . I like Jules but even Ray Charles could see this coming

  • I don’t know what she saw coming or did not…but what the heck does it mean when Bethenny accuses her of “coming on the show TO get divorced”???


    Bethany, as usual, MUST judge everybody with her infinite wisdom on relationships and if we saw this coming, of course she saw it coming. She just didn’t want to believe it.

  • Jack

    Hoping the rumors about Jules not coming back arent true. She, to me, is so funny and quirky and represents what this show used to be: different. She isnt looking for fights everywhere she can get them, she has a lot if quirk, she has a lot of polarizing traits, and an incredibly fascinating backstory. Bethenny should go film more scenes of her fake sobbing in her empty apartment, im over her.

  • Dorinda is a liar. I was just watching the episode of the morning after the engagement party on the yacht. Dorinda had been talking privately with Ramona and Carole, & then ran directly up the stairs, when Luann said it looks like a sunny day ahead, Dorinda said “they are still talking about Tom, Ramona and him going to Rualls…….” Later, when confronted she says “what did you expect me to say, she asked” That was a LIE. No one asked. She is a pot stirrer of the worst kind. NO one asked, and the conversation downstairs was PRIVATE. Nothing disrespectful was said about Luann. Nothing. She does that all the time, once in a great while she plays “peacemaker” but usually it is gossip. Repeating things said in private. I liked Dorinda at first, but I am starting to see what a liar she is. She accuses others of hurting people, when she does it all the time, is this what everyone is talking about when they say a cast member is creating drama for the show? Or to remain on the show? Because I think it is very low rent.
    The worst part of the entire season as far as “hurtful” lies goes, was lying to Jules by saying that Bethenny had repeated what Jules blurted out about her marriage. None of that has reached the rag mags, or the reunion, or any episode of the show, so when did this happen, Dorinda??? YOU are the one hurting Jules. Interrupting whenever Jules and Bethenny were starting to have a meeting of the minds at the reunion. She didn’t allow Jules to speak for herself. Bethenny did nothing purposefully hurtful to Jules. Once they sat down at Tipsy Parson’s and spoke about the brunch and apologies and acceptance was given, it means what happened BEFORE that is over. After that she never spoke an unkind word about her. Minus little funny TRUE comments. Jules had things like that to say also, which is good TV from both of them, IMO.
    I am glad Jules is a one off, she needs to take care of herself and her children by learning how to be well and how to PARENT HER OWN KIDS.