Dorinda Medley Reveals if She Has Any Regrets About This Season of RHONY


Dorinda Medley has had her own problems on the Real Housewives of New York City and now she is giving advice on how to handle Bethenny Frankel.

“Sometimes Bethenny talks at you and not talks to you,” she told PEOPLE. “And I think it’s very difficult – you just want to get away from it. ‘Make it stop – whatever you say is right, I just want to go! You’re right, you’re right – okay!'”

Dorinda got into her biggest fight with Bethenny on the season eight finale this week, and she says it was a fight she still has anxiety about.

“I’m nervous again just watching it again,” she said. “I swear to god, I’m sweating again!”

Dorinda explains she didn’t see the conflict coming, which was over Frankel’s opinions over Jules Wainstein’s eating disorder.

“I’m coming to a party [Bethenny’s] hosting for her brand, and I was taken off guard,” Medley revealed. “You think you’re just going to come and enjoy the evening and all of a sudden you’re put into a position where you’re backed into a corner and you’re trying to figure out what she’s saying!”

But this isn’t their first fight. Earlier this season Bethenny confronted Dorinda over her boyfriend John Mahdessian. “It’s the one thing I didn’t take into consideration when I started doing this,” Medley says of the the criticism Mahdessian received. “I knew that you were going to be looked at a little more closely. But also, people are very different on camera. You have such short [clips] and people judge you and your entirety on that. So I’ve had to sort of take a step back and learn from it to maybe keep things a little more private.”

“Some of the things I’ve had to re-evaluate and sit down and say ‘Hmm I like that, I don’t like that,’ and tweak my life a little bit. Some of it’s been good.”

But Dorinda doesn’t have any regrets, even how she was accused of “meddling” this season. “I always like to be part of everything,” Medley said. “I don’t think I was ever hurtful. I was trying to be helpful. Did I sometimes light some fires I shouldn’t have lit? Yes. But my intent was good.”

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Dorinda is correct. B talks AT people, not with them. It’s a sign of extreme narcissism and an inferiority complex. I for one, could not have anyone like that in my life except for comic relief. B always has negative comments to make about people. She’s actually a downer to be around, except with her wanna be lover Carole. I think those two have the hots for each other actually.

Well, after that dream of Carole’s, and she told it to all of us…maybe there is some sort of closeness with Carole and Bethenny, at least in her dreams. 😉 I agree that Bethenny tends to talk at people. It is like barking…rapid barking. She does believe she knows it all and is better than everyone, and that is hard to like. I do believe she is very quick-witted and she is brilliant. She is just a lot of male energy and not in a nice way. She tends to make you want to step back away from her, from… Read more »

Dorinda is a pot stirrer for sure. I thinks she likes it when the sh!t hits the fan. Somehow she manages to get out of the way before it hits her skirts tho’. While she is probably perfectly harmless, she stirs the pot and then retreats to the corner to sit and watch. Only time she gets into anything is when her BF, John, is brought. She had better watch out with that one or she may just find herself in the same position Vicki is after the Brooks debacle!

Yes, Dorinda is defensive about her John. I don’t get it…the attraction, really. I hope he is not another Brooks. Love is definitely blind with Dorinda, the pot stirrer. She does seem to love all that trouble she starts too, I agree.

I think Bethenny was right when she said at her Christmas Party that Dorinda is very afraid of being alone.

John helped fill a void somewhat in a way. Dorinda was over the top in love with her last husband, and John was one of his friends who stepped in to be there for her. Maybe it is more gratitude to him in some way, and they each need to have a significant other to be fulfilled as a couple. Yes, loneliness can do it and the fear of being alone.

I like the new nickname the girls gave her, “Dorinda Medler”.

Dorinda doesn’t simply meddle, she sits and talks with the girls, then goes directly to the person they might have been speaking of and tells them. She always implies that it has been said in a mean and deceitful way. When they were in the bedroom on the yacht, I didn’t see anything mean being said about Luann or Tom. Just a discussion & an explanation. What Dorinda does is not any more “honest” than what Bethenny is always accused of. On the yacht, Luann didn’t “ask her” what the girls were talking about. She marched right up those steps… Read more »

She is the Meddler there’s no arguing that one. However Dorinda and Lu keep saying that Dorinda introduced Her and Tom. Yet Lu admitted to Romona that Tom was with another woman when they met but Lu took him home. To me this whole Tom and Lumann thing is such bullish”t can’t keep their stories straight. I’m new to writing on blogs forgive me if I make no sense LOL

You make perfect sense and yes, excellent point that Dorinda probably didn’t really introduce them.

Hey, hi! Hope you stay and post more.

You would think Dorinda would at least regret a rant or too! Azzamadazum dooz ah razramonacoasterzzz blah blah….even the closed captions could shed no light on the meaning of Dorinda’s toasts and rants Lol…..a little less alcohol & a lot more thought could go a long way…

That last toast she did on the yacht with her flinging arms and slurs never got that one and everybody was on Sonya for her drinking LOL

I suspect Dora the Explorer might be mixing dirty martinis & pills. I have a friend that does that and she speaks the same language as Dorinda lol. Understands her perfectly.

Not sure if Dorinda takes pills, maybe there is something funny in the cigarettes she smokes! She sure has some strange mood swings & outbursts tho’.

Before I read any blogs or any posts I chose the Dorinda page because this is about her. I just finished watching the season finale’. As for Dorinda, how would she have handled it? I really would like to know what “a gentler way” would be. How accusatory of her to automatically put this on BETHENNY!! God, what about TOM??? Geeze, these women, Luann and Dorinda are the blindest of all. Luann is angry at Bethenny for ferreting out the details before telling her??? Why? Would she rather have to call everyone herself? Bethenny wanted to know if it was… Read more »

Well done 3 D’s as always.

🙂 Starr of the Skye. How goes it in your corner of the world???

I like Dorinda. I think she means well, but sometimes she needs to back out & let them work it out. But I do believe she has a good heart. Bethenny is quit witted & funny. Sometimes she goes a little to far but at least it’s real. I think she did the right thing telling Luann. Luann is just making up excuses for Tom.

Very true, patricia.

love Dorinda!!