Dorinda Medley Reportedly Attacks Banker With High Heel


According to a new report, Real Housewives of New York City star Dorinda Medley had a meltdown Monday night and attacked investment banker Sylvester Miniter IV with her high heel.

Multiple witnesses say that Medley had come from a lunch at Le Bilboquet, where it was apparent she had been drinking, before she started inexplicably screaming at Harry Dubin.

“Harry walked into a sh*t show,” one source told Page Six. “When Sylvester tried to be a peacemaker and told Dorinda she was being inappropriate, Dorinda, who had her shoes in her hand, tried to spike him in the head with a high heel.”

Dorinda’s boyfriend John Mahdessian showed up shortly after to pick her up and sources say she apologized profusely the next day.

Dorinda denies that she attacked anyone.

“It was her late husband’s birthday. She’d been at his grave all day, and it was just too much for her,” a spokesperson said. “She took her shoes off because her feet hurt.”

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        1. So so you know! Good days and bad! How about you? See my hero is now Sir Roderick Stewart! So funny! (Been a while now but still amuses me) xoxoxoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

          1. I will pray for good days!! I did not know he’s Sir Roderick – now – that’s interesting! Sir Paul and Sir Roderick. Would love to see both in concert again. I am so far behind on the shows, I may just give up and catch up next year.

  1. I really like Dorinda but when she’s drinking she gets mean and scary. Her ex has been dead for quite some time now so she has to move on. Makes one wonder why she can’t.

    1. The problem with therapy for grief, the 5 stages and all, is that at the end of most therapies, one hopes and sometimes it’s true, that we could become well. After grief counseling, or whatever, the person we loved is still dead. No cure for that. He’s been gone for 5 years, that really isn’t that long, IMO.
      I liked Dorinda a lot at first, and still don’t dislike her, but she does change a lot when she drinks, and her BF, well, let’s just say I could think of a lot of crude names to call him. She tends to take on other people’s feelings, thinking she knows people’s reasons for doing things. No one can see into another’s heart or their intentions, but she believes herself to know these things, and acts upon that incorrect assumption. I see that a lot of the time her unfounded assumptions cause more pain for the person she pretends to protect.
      For example, at Luann’s yacht party, she is the one who specifically asked Carole how she knew Tom when she brought her the coffee, and she CALLED Ramona in and inquired further about Ramona’s and Tom’s dating history. Then she runs directly upstairs and tells Luann they are still talking about Tom. She also lied when asked, because when Luann said “we are going to get some Sun today” Dorinda said they are still talking about Tom down there. She went even further saying “dinner at Raull’s, smelling like grapefruit.” How did that make it a nicer party for Luann who she always claims she wants happy? Then she said “what was I supposed to say? Luann asked…..” A blatant lie.

    2. Hi Barbara, Not sure if you ever lost anyone you loved, but it never goes away. You are lucky to have gone through your life this long without having to experience loss.

    3. My husband died and I never felt the need to get drunk or lash out at people because of it or on the anniversary of his death. That’s ridiculous. I mostly like Dorinda but it seems like she doesn’t need much of an excuse to get drunk and act nuts if she feels like it. Maybe they’re just putting on a show to keep Bravo thinking they will bring the drama?

    4. Barbara, Barbara, Barbara, evidently you have not found “the love of your life, your soul mate, the man/woman you have been waiting for all of your life, the one person who makes you feel whole, the person you love so much you would give them the last breath of air to save”……unless this person is standing right beside you at this very moment in time… have no concept what Dorinda is going through. The lonelyness, the pain, feeling like your feet are frozen in the floor, the intense empty feeling within yourself, it is all pure hell! Unless you have walked this path, you have no concept of the loss she has lived with for years. It’s easy to just say “get on with your life”, it just not as easy as you think it is. I pray you are never in Dorinda shoes. But if you are, I pray that others don’t judge you, as coldly as you have

      1. JBGood97, I have said that exact thing to others, that I never wish them to “know” of what they speak. It would be a cruel thing to wish on another person, even one who is deciding when someone should “get on with it.” So, thank you for your words of truth.

  2. She must have been watching an old season of NJ and seen Jac doing same thing! I liked Dorinda but I think the show is too much for her! Same as it is for Bethenny. Time for both to go.

  3. I think so too, Suze! ♥️♥️♥️ It’s time D gets help. C’mon D., I’m rooting for you but honey you’re a mess. Do it before something really bad happens.

  4. I think so too, Suze! ♥️♥️♥️ It’s time D gets help. C’mon D., I’m rooting for you but honey you’re a mess. Do it before something really bad happens.

    (I keep getting sent to moderation, so let’s try this)

  5. Does anyone watch Million $ Listing Los Angeles? If so, do you think that Josh’s old boyfriend Colton looks like David Beador? Google and see. It’s sort of freaky actually.

    1. Did Josh and Colton break up?? Yes I can see the resemblance lol. I can’t wait for the show to come back. Josh Altman and his wife are pregnant , read it somewhere the other day. . I hope Madison comes back more often, I’ve always liked him . But josh Flagg always impresses me with his breadth of knowledge about all of the neighborhoods and the history of buildings, streets etc

      1. Yea, they broke up. I guess Colton wanted more than Josh could give him emotionally so Josh found someone else and they got married already.. poor colton. I like Josh tho. Don’t care much for Altman.

        1. Hello all…Madison will always be my favorite..and I like Josh Flagg. Cannot stand Altman, esp. the way he treated Madison before he left the show – I’m sure Heather can fight her own battles, and IMO, Madison owed Heather nothing. Ok, that was going back a few seasons.

          Regarding Dorinda, alcohol brings out the absolute worst in her. Riddle me this: How can you be at you husband’s grave “all day”, but at the same time come from a liquid lunch and try and spike your financial advisor with your heel? Did I misunderstand the blog?

            1. So watched MDLA and enjoyed it. Few thoughts : Flagg going through a McDonald’s drive throw was cute but unrealistic 🙂 he seems genuinely sad to lose Colton but as much as I like Flagg he is very difficult bf and I am glad that he has that self awakes
              Madison is always cute and fun to me watch xoxo ❤️❤️❤️
              Time for the Altman Flagg ‘feud’ to end. It’s getting old and stale

              James and David always seem ‘shocked ‘ by something lol

  6. Omg, it sounds like something straight from Cindy Adams’s chronicles of scandals on the UES, LOL…just pure ridiculousness!

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