Dorinda Medley Reacts to Dramatic Episode of RHONY at Her Home in Berkshires


This week on the Real Housewives of New York City, we saw Bethenny Frankel and Luann de Lesseps go at it, Ramona Singer go after LuAnn over the meaning of “girl code,” and Dorinda Medley pretty much lose her cool on everyone.

Dorinda had a lot to say on Twitter while the episode was airing. She didn’t understand why Bethenny and Luann were rehashing an old argument about the start of Skinnygirl. “Why are they still talking about this yrs later?? These people have a tendency to just talk about the past again & again.let’s move forward!” Dorinda tweeted Wednesday.

Dorinda also felt that Ramona and Luann didn’t need to know about each other’s love lives, as far as Luann informing Ramona when she started dating her former flame Thomas D’Agostino Jr., especially since that turned out so well during the RHONY trip to Turks and Caicos last season.

Carole Radziwill, who Luann criticized for dating her chef Adam Kenworthy last season, backed Ramona up and agreed with one Twitter user that the countess has “a double standard” when it comes to the “girl code.”

But Dorinda thinks Carole should get over it…

Dorinda was pleasantly surprised to see Ramona act as mediator later on in the episode.

But Dorinda got more upset with her castmates on Twitter for how they behaved in her home as she tried her best to be the “hostess with the mostest.”

Sonja Morgan also weighed in on what happened, and still doesn’t believe Dorinda made the right choice by excluding her.

What were your thoughts on this episode? Comment below.

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  • Suze☕️

    I think the other day I said these women acted like high school girls. I’ve changed my mind apart from the sexual references they are acting like six year olds!

    • Rain

      Suze ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • starr

      Right with you Suze. Sonja was left out, but there was still silly drama. I also don’t blame Dorinda for being upset, they disrespected her home.
      How’s our fav girl? think of you daily. XO XO.

      • Suze☕️

        I think of you all the time too Starr! Xoxoxoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I had so many opinions watching this episode that I can’t even break them all down, but Bethenny was without a doubt looking for a fight, she went in with guns blazing. Ironically, out of all of their bullcrap and hypocrisy, the one that annoyed me the most was the one who didn’t even have a log in the fire, but tried anyway..Carole. She jumped on any bandwagon that she could, and her little act about being upset that Luann was there, was unnecessary as Dorinda just went over that with her at Bethenny’s Christmas party. She is supposed to be a witty writer and the best she could come up with was name calling “LuMan”..that’s not even original. Everyone else was running on high emotions but in her case she was just trying and following. Just my opinion but she irked me the most…which is saying a lot considering the lot of them that night 😀

    • Michelle

      I am in absolute agreement with you “freedomgirl” and you too Suze!! They are so acting like 6 year olds. Enough Carole. I like you but enough. That entire argument was irritating on so many levels and like I said yesterday on my opinion of Housewives of Dallas…….I’m tired of seeing women fighting and cutting up other women so viciously. I know we can be catty but dammit not all of us. I want my “Golden Girls” back. I want to see the lavish lives of these people and their beautiful homes and clothes and even freaking closets. I want to go with them on their beautiful exotic holidays and experience or not experience camel meat. I want to enjoy the laughter and silliness like it would be if I were there with them. Drunken shit talk and giggling about peeing yourself. I want to like them like they’re my real life friends. Right now there are so few I like that I’m getting tired of watching the shows because it’s all the same old, same old.

      • Annie

        Michelle, I so agree. Someone is going to get smart and put on a show we want to watch. My very favorite episode of any of the HW series was when Kyle hosted a fundraiser for Children’s Hospital and Jamie Lee Curtis was there. That seemed real.

        We have seen enough car wrecks. Let’s have fun times.

      • Suze☕️


  • Rain

    I don’t watch this show or NJ, but they seem so intense , I can’t imagine watching them without my bong! Sheesh 🙂

    • Bon Vivant

      When Dorinda isn’t self-medicating with martinis I have such a soft spot for her: I felt so bad that these broads couldn’t even show up , behave for 5 minutes and eat a piece of her mom’s cake! I mean, she got the house ready, she cooked up a storm, everybody received cute guest gifts waiting on their beds at arrival: for goodness sakes, PUT ON A CUTE OUTFIT, HAVE A MARTINI, SHUT UP YOUR GRIPING AND EAT THE DAMNED CAKE, ANNA MAE!


  • Anonymous

    love Dorinda

  • Coochie-Coochie

    All of them should organize an orgy with D’Agostino…they take turns…and everybody is happy

  • I don’t understand this “girl code” crap. If you are not dating a guy anymore, so what if someone else dates him, even if it is someone you know and see on a regular basis.

    • Michelle

      Miss Yvonne…….That’s just Ramona trying to get into the action. Shit was falling and for the first time in a long time it wasn’t falling on her but she sure as Hell could jump on the band wagon and have some fun with it.

  • Yellowbean

    They were all acting like a bunch of drunk, crazy, lunatics. I could barely figure out what was happening. It was almost as confusing as munchausenstreisn.

  • Jack

    Does anyone remember that rumor that Luanne did cocaine during filming? I used to not believe it but after seeing this episode and Luanne at her weirdest, i have to say it seems like shes on something. When she went out to talk to Jules who was talking to her sick father and couldnt stop talking about Bethenny for long enough to let Jules finish a sentence???? How incredibly insensitive and selfish? Jules definitely moved up in my book after this episode. Sonja is probably going to be happy she missed this one after seeing it on tv.

  • The worst part, IMO, was still Ramona allowing her dog to pop all over the house. The moment she realized she had it on her SHOES, she should have removed them and gone outside to wash them, or toss them in the garbage, make sure it was all cleaned up from Dorinda’s immaculate home, apologize profusely and make sure it didn’t happen again, instead she washes them IN THE KITCHEN SINK!!!!! Who did she think was taking her dog outside, Christmas elves?
    I still think Bethenny simply blew. Luann has been a hypocrite since day 1. The fact that it came up in season 3, and other times, not just through Bethenny gives it more credibility. Bethenny said and had always said she could care less who Luann bangs. Just don’t pretend to be this prissy countess who has always been a faithful, upstanding kind of girl. Let’s not forget the time when the Johnny Depp look-a-like was there. And she forgot she was miked and used her “Italian” or “French” talking to her girlfriend to help her cover the fact that she stepped out on her long time exclusive lover, Jaque. This stuff isn’t new. Then going after Carole all year last year, not even saying she was wrong or sorry. Bethenny started off trying. Then the mentoring thing came up. Mentoring Sonja to ” learn how to have a business ( Luann hasn’t worked a day in her adult life), to not drink so much and party so much ( It is a well known fact, not a secret that Luann drinks and parties late) and lastly, the best one, not to bring home random men!! (Luann has been known to have a rich sex life, with men she did not know till that night)” As B said, she doesn’t care what Luann does, but the hypocrisy is over the top.
    I did feel bad for Dorinda, whose house I love most, bar none, of all the housewives everywhere.
    The most telling time was when Luann went outside, and Jules had called to check on her Dad. Jules said her dad was ill and maybe dying, and Luann HEARD NOTHING. She is the most self-involved least self aware person ever.
    Luann’s hypocrisy is what bugs Bethenny, doing 25 year olds then bashing her “friend” for falling for a 28 year old.

    • Aunt Bee

      Thank you 3D now i don’t have to say anything. It was just so nice to finally see someone go after the CountLESS.

  • Geminigirl

    I’ve just barely started liking Luann and though Bethany had a point, but the amount of nastiness that she had completely turned me off, as B is wont to do quite often. I feel like Bethany has had this pint up in her since the Jill Zarin days when when it was Luann, Jill, and Kelly picking at her then would back each other up to make it all seem like it was okay. In my opinion, Bethany made a come back with vengeance and a list of past grievances she was willing to hash out for television. Though she pointed out the things I strongly agree and disliked about Luann for years on this show, Bethany did it in a way that reminded me of everything I disliked about her as well.

    When Ramona, Jules, and Dorinda are the sane ones in an episode…Holy cow! Carole, like always always always, irritated the hell out of me with the whole victim martyr act. Get over it!

  • Shirley

    Dorinda, you should have crawled out of Bethenny’s behind abs stopped her terror on your guest. You allowed this to go on.

    It was wrong to leave out Sonja. Your party crasher is Bethenny and her sidekick Carole.

    Ramona’s dog pooping in your house and not cleaning up should have been grounds for those two to depart.

    Stop drooling over Bethenny. She trashes your boyfriend and is nasty and mean. Check her!

  • Momto3

    Dorinda breaks my heart! She wants everyone to get along. She tries so hard. Jules was her only true friend that mighty. And possibly Carole.


    If Jules was that upset about her Dad, why wasn’t she with him? Why was she at this sleepover? Her priorities are messed up. Go and be with him.

  • Bon Vivant

    It’s been a long time but I do recall a party of mine about 20 years ago that sort of went like this..what a mess. And thank God I found Jesus since then, LOLOL

  • DebBrenn

    I LOVED this episode, which should not be interpreted that I love the women. I laughed and laughed – from the crazy fighting to LuAnn’s version of “Who’s on First” not getting that a father dying trumps her petty crap. They are a multiple version of the Three Stooges of Sh*t Show Behavior. I just feel sorry for LuAnn’s and Ramona’s kids that they have such clueless and tacky mothers on TV where they’ll never live it down. Thank you, Bethenney, for providing the verbal bitch slaps that simulate the slaps and punches of the original Stooges.

  • I’m a 53 yr old woman from the MTBs of N.C. basically I’m considered a Hillbilly. I’m also POOR in relation to money with these people but I KNOW I have manners and some class that these women do not show. I am embarrassed for them. I get it gets you noticed and makes better ratings but with the money you have why prostitue your self on national TV. I think they need some serious therapy .Then they can sell the rights to those sessions for another dollar. Anything for a buck.

    • apple

      Welcome, Carla.
      Whether they really act like this or just do it for the ratings, it is all the same to me….disgusting. But not all of them behaved badly at this outing…I thought Jules really tried to support Dorinda…and she deserves recognition for that.