Dorinda Medley Praises Tinsley Mortimer For Finding Her Voice

Dorinda Medley is opening up about the RHONY trip to Mexico in her blog. She discusses Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan’s behavior about the room situation and praises Tinsley Mortimer for finding her voice.

“Well we finally made it to Mexico, and yes, Ramona is with us! The trip started early in the morning (at 3 AM) and involved connections and layovers. We finally arrived, and I have to admit I was exhausted. I was personally ready to get in the car, have a quiet ride to the house, have a welcome drink, and go to the beach. But alas, that never happens, does it? The ride involved Sonja going on about a mistaken picture of someone’s private parts sent by mistake, and a game of kill, marry, and, well, you know the rest. As you can see by my actions, I had very little interest in either. By the way, who gets a penis picture by mistake?

The house is another level. Bethenny truly outdid herself, but frankly I would expect nothing less from her. I have never been to Mexico and to come for the first time and stay in a place like this? Well, it’s just unbelievable. The house, the grounds, the view, the beach. I feel blessed. With all this beauty around us and the fact that Ramona made the trip by the hair of her chinny chin chin, you wouldn’t believe that the old game of room grabbing would not possibly happen, and yet it did in its worst fashion ever. Bethenny tried to quell the situation by doing a lottery. Seems fair, right? Well Ramona and Sonja not only received the last two numbers, but they also decided to ignore all rules and rampage through the house marking their territory. They first tried to take our host’s room (Bethenny) who, by the way, was sick with a fever and chills, and when that failed, they attempted to bully me out of my room. Well I did it in Vermont, and I ain’t doing it again. What do you think that is all about? It’s both the worst behavior and extremely uncomfortable, don’t you think?

After that disaster was over, I managed to secure a great room sharing a bathroom with Carole (hooray). Did you like the balloon game? Not sure my roomie did. Well I had a few welcome cocktails and proceeded to go to bed for the night. Little did I know I was going to miss an epic first dinner. Tinsley found her voice (good girl), and Luann manged to fall comfortably in a bush and then again off the steps. Thank goodness she was so fluid, and I mean fluid—she did not hurt a thing.”

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  • rejane

    I understand “like kissing” but REALLY? YOU are giving the example of Margerine … YOU know it SPREADS easier than butter. If being a “SOCIALITE” is being like YOU, than I rather be me. at least I know RESPECT!

  • 3D\’s Forever

    I think Sonja is being ridiculous about everything this season. Bethenny is right, she hears nothing. She simply has certain information in her mind, with impenetrable armor all around. She supposedly wanted to “help” her friend, then does everything in her power to make her look bad. She accomplished showing her true self, selfish, jealous, back biting, judgmental and ignorant. I do agree, however, that Tinsley should have made much more of an effort to show her appreciation. I have gotten the vibe that Tinsley has money. She herself even made a statement implying that she did. Why then is she not paying rent? Or at least coming home with loads of good food, or SOMETHING? And….. why oh why is she still there, as of Mexico anyway. I would have gone to a hotel the moment things started getting uncomfortable.
    On to Mexico. Ramona, being the self appointed queen of the Earth immediately starts in on the rooms. She instigates the argument between Sonja and Tinsley just for starters. Ramona sees no beauty in anything. Again, like Bethenny said, 99% of humans couldn’t afford an afternoon in that Villa, much less 4 days with all of the amenities. She is simply the definition of low rent.
    I like Tinsley. Apparently Sonja expected her to be her personal clone. Telling her how to live, who to date, making demeaning comments in public every chance she gets. I wonder if Sonja really sees what the public thinks of her. That s**t about Tinsley and Sonja’s assistant, and that Tinslay “should know I run my businesses ( plural ) out of my home.” What a huge joke. Tinsley is doing the job Bravo hired her to do, be herself. Share her life with us, the viewing public. To any criticism Tinsley receives about the 5 day date I say “She is single, grown, & free.” Then, to have Sonja make a mockery of it is hypocritical at the least. Sonja’s biggest smoke screen is her delusional sex life. God, I am sick to death of everything she does having a connection to sex. It is getting more and more vulgar. She wants so badly for all to believe she has men stashed all over the world just panting for her company. And..WTF did she do to her lips? She looked so good at the beginning of the season. I really liked the new look with the different make-up, the darker lipstick, she actually looked young and fresh. Now she looks like all of the other fish lipped cougars in the world.