Dorinda Medley Opens Up About Her Late Husband Richard


New Real Housewives of New York City star Dorinda Medley is finally opening up about the loss of her husband Richard. During the season premiere, Medley revealed that her late husband died three years ago after suffering an illness and in a new interview she is opening up about how the show has helped her get her life back.

“It was such a rehabilitation period for me because I think after Richard passed, you get a little frightened of life. You get a little insular, you’re disappointed, and I’m actually quite a social person and I forgot how to do it and it forced me, even though these girls kept calling, I would just be like, ‘I don’t feel like it,'” Dorinda says of her previous offers to join the show.

“But this forced me to be with them again, talk about stuff, realize that I like being out and it’s ok that I’m out, it’s okay that I have a new life. I’m not betraying anybody. Because there is a bit of it after someone passes, you feel guilty about laughing. You feel guilty about having a date. You feel guilty about wanting to do things,” she continues. “I was saying the other day, I went to a dinner the other day with all my new friends and I looked around and I thought, it’s so weird that three years on I’ve made so many new friends that Richard doesn’t even know it and it made me both happy and sad. He would love them, but I thought to myself, ‘Richard, I’ve come a long way. You would love all these new people in my life.’”

So will Dorinda marry her current boyfriend John Mahdessian?

“You know, my life is so different now. I just don’t like a life like that,” she admits to OK! Magazine.
“I’m sure John would kill me. I just don’t think of it right now. I turned 50 this year. I mean love him. I’m committed to him. We’re monogamous. We think about our life going forward, always together. But you know, when you hit a certain age and you’re not having kids anymore and you’ve had two marriages, one divorce, one death, you just take things much more day-by-day, you know? So I never say never, right? But I just think about it and I feel blessed that God put someone kind and good in my life again and that’s – right now I’m not going ask for much more than that.”

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