Dorinda Medley and John Mahdessian Accused of Using Cocaine


During part one of the RHONY reunion, Bethenny Frankel and Sonja Morgan accused Dorinda Medley and her boyfriend John Mahdessian of using cocaine. Although, Dorinda denied the claim, there is more proof that a New York Housewife was accused of using cocaine during one of Brandi Glanville’s podcasts from October 2015.

Brandi had The Peoples Couch stars Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard on her show and shared that her BFF Kristen Taekman shared with her that one of her co-stars had a major cocaine issue. “By the way. The New York chicks. Are they all on coke all the time?” Brandi asked. “I thought for sure they were all runnin’ lines in the bathroom. It just seemed like it. They were all yankered up.”

Glanville continued, “I have some inside scoop from Kristen [Taekman] on a few things. I won’t say who, but one of the cast members has V.C.R. at all times. Visual Coke Residue. I’m like ‘why don’t you say that on the f*cking show!?’”

Sonja Morgan also wrote in her blog this week that nobody defended Dorinda when the drug claims were brought up during the reunion. “Nobody defended Dorinda regarding drug use and they party with her allllll the tiiiiiiime,” Morgan wrote.

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    1. But we have to wait for BH. NY and BH were always my faves. I actually was fine with this season more than most in the past, really. Yes, Bethenny’s mouth and Dorinda’s meddling were over the top this season, but it was not a boring reunion show, and it might have been otherwise. Luann has her story, Dorinda has hers, Bethenny has hers, Jules has hers, and Ramona…not as much as in the past, but she had a part as well as Sonja with the Tom stuff especially…just not as much as the others. It was a good season, and I am liking the crazy reunion, though I dozed off a bit last night. I have to rewatch it…really. Funny, the spouse slept through most of it, so I could not ask him anything. I watch the clips now. I was just tired. The commercials…so many of them, are what put me to sleep.

      1. Maybe it’s the situation I’m in but I have no time for this nonsense. I loved the second half of last season but only watched the first few of this season. I really don’t like any of them apart from Dorinda and Loopy Sonja but I’m not even sure I like these two any more! Xxoo

        1. Watch what you like! It is okay if you can’t watch this show. It is no fun if it is annoying and irritating to watch, and that is what OC has become for me a lot of the time. If not for Shannon, I really would not watch it, and frankly, she is not enough now to keep me watching next season.
          I do not hate anyone, and I am annoyed by some, but it is more a person I love to hate than a person I hate, so I find it entertaining more this year than the last seasons.
          Dorinda, I have accepted with her flaws and all, even though she is clearly a meddler and drinks too much. Ramona and Sonja are just who they are, and I like Ramona more now that she is divorced. She is more fun to watch and seems more human, really. Sonja is carefree and silly, and always fun to watch for me, Jules…is the most boring and just does not seem to fit it, but she and Dorinda are friends, so it is okay. Luann…is the worst of the bunch, but she and her delusions are not boring…and not so irritating that I won’t watch, though she is delusional and self-absorbed. Bethenny is the mouthiest and wittiest of the bunch. Some of what she says is really funny, so even though she can be really irritating, she can also be entertaining…but if only she would lessen the irritating behavior when she is just too nasty too often…then she would be more acceptable to me, but still she makes the show…and I hate to say that. I love to hate Bethenny.
          Okay, I wrote a small book now…
          Suze it is okay if you do not read all of the above too! :). Xoxoxo. Love you, Suze!

          1. Of course I read it! Did you just say I’m wonderful??? Lol! Seriously I did read and always do just not always the stories depending on who they are. (I could never read Yolandas blogs!) I like to keep up here, just in case you all started saying how great it was! I don’t watch OC on principal and have been hit and miss with NJ although as you know I like Tre. I think I’m just getting tired of the nonsense they think we want to watch, what happened to some fun? I like Melbourne for that it makes me laugh. Sandy I always read your comments! Xoxoxoxxo

            1. Thanks Suze. I never really took the time to watch Melbourne. I think I tried to watch one show, but I did not know who anyone was, and it was hard to watch. I would have to start at the beginning and buy the seasons and maybe binge watch?
              You are wonderful!!!!!!!! 🙂 XOXOXO

          2. Real Sandy, I agree on your take on about everything you said about all the housewives. Geez, the only thing I might differ a bit is I find Jules a breath of fresh air. She’s such a contrast in comparison to all the zany other women, she’s sane, straight forward, honest and unassuming. I like that. And she’s sooooo pretty. I love her look. Very gentle face that is pleasant and peaceful when I see her. Some people just have a calming affect on others and she does for me. And Suze you sweet dear woman, only watch what pleases you. I understand. ♥️xoxo

            1. whoops I meant to say mostly that yeah I would believe Dorinda snorts up. She’s got her fingers in every pie and talk a dog off a meat wagon he gets so wired and wound up from my perspective.

              1. It is very possible. Cocaine can and does addict with the first use for so very many, especially crack. The high achieved the first time it is used is said (in medical literature, too) to be such a thrill, but it is totally unachievable any time ever afterward to that degree of intensity, which makes a first time user try and try again to reach that high one more time, unsuccessfully and become addicted.
                I tried posting a link with this information only to be put in moderation and then deleted for some unknown reason.

                1. I left out a word. The high is NEVER achievable again to that degree after the first time. It is only the first time, and no attempt after that will repeat that sensation, yet one keeps trying and trying…and becomes addicted.

                  1. No worries, I totally know what you meant. About being deleted hmmmm, I just don’t know there must be certain rules but what I don’t know.

                  1. What is wrong with me?? Why am I so shocked that so many find it no big deal about the wide spread drug use??? I really didn’t want to know about this. Just sign me “old fashioned” and glad of it.

                    1. I dont like to hear about drugs other than cannabis. A soap actress in uk snorted cocaine and lost the middle part of her nose. Sandy will know what it is called but it looked horrible! Xoxox

                    2. At least cannabis has medicinal purposes. I wish I could have gotten some in 1975 when my mother was sick.

                    3. You can get nasal and/or palatal necrosis which can cause a nasal palatal fistula. Necrosis means death of tissue. It can happen in the nose, and it can happen to the palate as well, and also to the septum which is the tissue dividing the nostrils. A fistula is an opening or hole that connects two parts that otherwise would be separate. Nasal palatal fistula is a connection between the nose and through the palate to the mouth. Septal necrosis now makes a hole between the nostrils.
                      I hope that helped. Sorry I saw this late. 😉 XOXO

                    4. Oh, and of course, the outer tissue and skin of the nose may eventually be affected by long term snorting as well.

                    5. Yes I can imagine Bee, I don’t like other drugs have seen kids in real states over strong drugs! Xoxoxox

                    6. There is nothing wrong with you. The problem is that so many are just misinformed or do not care. If only everyone got a chance to observe busy Emergency departments in action, with all the young overdoses, etc., and see how many people die as a result of drug use like cocaine. Even older people die (and some young too) from the detrimental affects on their hearts, not even overdosing. It is far worse now than ever before. So many young kids today are addicts. So many people put things into their bodies without a care in the world,
                      Marijuana, if grown legally especially, is the safest drug, and for medicinal use especially, may help many. That is totally different.

                    7. Sandy, thanks it was the tissue that divides the nose, so instead of two nostrils she had one. She has since had it operated on.

                    8. Well Aunt Bee, I’m with you on this issue. I don’t think it’s okay to do drugs and I don’t condone it either. It’s frightening. Plus, no matt how they (the cast members) try to hide it, it’s too late. It’s out there. Not that we didn’t think something was up with that John anyway. Who sweats this much just sitting down????

                2. Yes, the chase is for that first hi. Never to be attained again. What is so horrible about it, as I am sure you know way, way better than me medically, is that it actually uses up Serotonin and Endorphins. It takes all the stored up hormones, the ones for pain relief, peace, sleep, all the parts of our brain that help us achieve what some call a “natural hi” & a normal person is are able to use them when we needed, the body being such an amazing machine, it knows when to allow some of them into the brain or wherever they need to go to feel better. That is the part I don’t know about, the medical verbiage. When and if the addicted person can ever recover, their store of those hormones is gone. I mean, I saw a documentary about it, and a bunch of doctors, addicts, scans of the brain etc., were shown. Really, really scary fr the kids of today.
                  That is the real danger, IMO, with the new “crack cocaine.” along with the first use addiction. That is so scary. I am so glad my children were grown, and able to understand danger and reason so as not to use it. It is one of the huge reliefs of having had my kids young.

            2. I said I thought Jules did not fit in. Remember all the old lady comments she made from the start. It wasn’t just her Asian Jewish comments that were repetitive. She commented that the women were her mother’s age and on more than one occasion, and in that way she seemed forced to interact, and it did not seem natural or easy to watch, like she was hanging out with the old ladies in her mind, anyway. As the season progressed, she was not as nervous and at a loss for words and appeared to try harder, and I am okay with her. She is beautiful, though far too thin. I do hope she stays as confident as she sounded at the first reunion and heals.

              1. Yes Sandy this is all so true too. I have a hard time remembering past events many times, that’s what makes me a not so reliable poster 🙁 I’m so entrenched in the present moments in life I quickly forget. She was semi insulting about the women’s age. She needs some of my hot cross buns I will give you that one too. 🙂

                1. How have you been, Divine Miss M? You have been missed.
                  I have memory issues too as some here can attest. I hope you know you are not alone. 😉

                  1. Oh that’s very sweet Sandy I’ve missed the dialogue here but I have peaked in but just read. It’s been honestly a long tough summer our dad died the center of our universe so it’s been a huge adjustment. I’m in the midst of a diverticulitis attack right now as well so not feeling up to snuff but I hope to soon. Other than that all is good and well. I hope you are safe sweetheart from this storm. Batten down those hatches and don’t forget to have dessert of sone kind in the pantry lol ❌⭕️

                    My dear Suze, you know how I feel about you, you’re on my mind and in my heart as well everyday. Behave so you can eat dessert too my dear one ❌⭕️

                    1. I am so sorry for your loss. My deepest sympathy.❤️
                      Diverticulitis can be hard. My mom had it. I do hope you feel better soon, M. ❤️
                      We are doing all that we can. I may go out in abit for some more supplies. Hopefully it will not be so bad here. Fingers crossed. It will be rainy. I need more desserts…just some mini cinnamon buns…all good. Thanks for your concern, ❌⭕️❌

                    2. My very dear sweet Miss M, we have missed you so much, I have been thinking about you and your Dad! Now Diverticulitus, that is nasty and painful. We will be delighted when you are up to coming back.
                      I’m ok not as bad on this chemo as the last one so have a life and can get out and about. They still won’t let me drive which is a pain but November I should be ok. Love you lovely lady xoxoxoxox

                    3. I am SO SORRY for you! I went through the same thing, losing my Dad. It’s the worst. Stay strong. I have a feeling your health issues are tied into the stress of everything! Praying for you and God Bless!

                    4. Miss Moneypenny, please accept my deepest condolences on the loss of your Dad. He sounded like such a great man, and did so, so much in his life. If in fact there are jobs in Heaven, he will be the first to sign up I think. ❤️

                    5. I don’t know where to reply since they’re all used up on a continuing thread but Gigi and 3D I hope you see my THANK YOU so much for your sweet and loving sentiments regarding my dad’s passing. I know you understand well Gigi and my heart goes out to you too. 3D you made me chuckle about my father taking a job in heaven lol. Yup he’s probably driving Jesus around taking him to his personal appointments or something heh heh

                    6. No reply button to yours either, so I wanted you to know I saw it. 🙂 Sometimes it takes days to make sure an important message gets to one of the lovely people here. Your Dad might be making sure a community in the desert is building an aquifer. ❤️

                    1. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I hope you have a nice day, today, sweetness. 😉
                      I know you must be tired. You really have to catch up on some missing sleep, unless you did nap a bit early.

                      I am waiting for a painter who must like to sleep late. He has to finish the front door and trim….today. Oh, and a hurricane is passing along the coast (out at sea mostly) over the weekend…should bring mostly lots of rain here and not a direct hit, hopefully. The wind is what I dread, and I hope it is not too much in the way of high winds that make us lose electrical power. The boys are not arriving until tomorrow now…and the worst weather will be Sunday.
                      So, at this point, I hope for the best. At least I am not directly on the beach, but a little inland an on a hill.

                      I think the painter is here. Corey is barking. XO

                    2. Nope..he was barking at a car…so, the painter is arriving late again. Well, if he wants his check…he has to finish the job, so we shall see.
                      That is my day! 😉 I know I should not complain. I really like the job so far…neat and clean.

                    3. Thanks, Aunt Bee, and Suze too.
                      It looks like it is definitely coming up the Eastern seaboard and it is now downgraded to a Tropical Storm from a hurricane. It is supposed to “stall” somewhere, and if its course changes closer to the shore and inland, it can be worse. Stalling means it will stay there and cause heavy accumulations of rain and also wind over a longer period of time.
                      My boys arrive tomorrow. It should start at night and into Sunday…and maybe longer…but Sunday should be the worst of it. I am not as prepared as usual for this one. I really should at least do some laundry now…doing some things, but because you never know when you will lose power and we don’t have a generator. Some neighbors had natural gas generators installed…very expensive…but we usually have gas…just lose electric and with Sandy, we lost water too…just used bottled. I do have big bottles of water. I have to go out tomorrow and get more supplies..not perishables.
                      Thanks for your concern. Xoxoxo

                    4. Sandy, fingers crossed you are away from it all! I know Florida has been hit according to the news here.
                      Hopefully the painter is there by now finishing it all off!

                  1. I WISH you weren’t so far away ! I would send you anything your little heart desired! I just made a peach pie and peach cobbler two days ago and now we’re stuck with it cause I had to cancel out today *whaa whaa*. xoxoxoxox

                    1. Peach Cobbler sounds perfect! But then so does peach pie! So did your hot cross buns! I’m not fussy! Xoxoxoxoxox

                  2. Oh Suze you don’t know how happy that makes me feel knowing that you are feeling much like yourself and able to enjoy things now ! I understand driving gives you freedom what I wouldn’t give to be able to say I couldn’t drive ha ha ha! Like in about 15 minutes I have to drive Walter to the groomers feeling like I do because there are no more appointments available for three weeks and he needs to look really good for a wedding next week . Oh poooo lol ❌⭕️❌⭕️♥️

                    Btw, what does ‘link’ mean ? On the bottom of the pages?

                    1. ‘Link’ started a couple of weeks ago, seems irrelevant! I’m sorry you need to take Walter out but he must look his best! Xoxoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

                    2. I love to drive. I can not now drive at night at all, ever. And now I can not drive the highway to Dayton from Carson City alone. That is where my S-Daughter and her GMom spend some of the year, about 55 miles away. I always went down 2 or 3 times a week when they are here, then one day I jerked awake after apparently falling asleep for a split second! So, no more driving alone on a highway, ever. Jim always has to go which is a bummer. Not that I mind his company, but he used to go a couple times a week, I used to go 3 times, and she would come here, with or without GMom usually just once a week. It was perfect. Now Jackie is totally dependent on my S-Daughter every minute of every day. And, the worst part is 2 of GMom’s daughters live within minutes of her place in Dayton. They don’t think obviously that my girl, can’t use her name, deserves a day off ever. It is disgusting how we found her one year, 3 years ago & she ended up being her caretaker in the first place. I spend more time with Jackie than her Daughters do, we are very close actually, I write her real letters which she craves, they can’t take the time when she is back East to write, makes me sick, minus my S-Daughter’s Mom, who lives back East which is where they both live the other part of the year. Anyway, a lot of negative stuff, the great part is I get to see her a lot. She arrives on Tuesday and I am going down to open up the house tomorrow, washing the bedding, cleaning fridge, making a surprise pot roast so that’s all she will have to do is pop it in the oven. It takes most of the day to get here from Pa. Jackie uses a wheelchair everywhere but in her house, but can not push it herself. So, my girl has to handle all of it, luggage for 2 months, Jackie”s support dog, who is truly trained and sits on her lap quiet as a church mouse for the entire flight. A LOT of work and a LONG DAY FOR HER. But the other daughters believe she should also have to uncover the furniture, make the beds, cook dinner, shop, etc…………….I finally talked my girl into sending me a key. When I am there one of the daughters comes over for a few minutes and is so resentful. I believe she actually drives by to see if my car is there, isn’t that weird? She dislikes that Jackie always says I cooked dinner, fish, steak, spaghetti, whatever, and I am usually washing dishes when she arrives!! I enjoy it, I actually do not enjoy sitting for hours, I have to be up doing most of the day. Jackie is fun and I love her company, I don’t get why her own daughters don’t. My girl stands and talks to me, her least favorite job in the world is dishes. When I do my art is the time I sit. Enough of personal stuff.
                      I have written a lot on these NY pages, as I do not watch OC ever, I occasionally read part of the blog, but it means nothing to me as I don’t know the people. Not enough originals, and ONE too many also…..I don’t like having to get to know new girls every year. That is one reason I like NY, BH and NJ most.
                      I believe Bethenny has finally found it impossible to kiss and pretend with Luann. I wish Carole would make HERSELF heard, and not allow others to do it for her. She is over 50, and it makes Bethenny look worse when she has to shut everyone up so Carole can speak. Having an inside voice and not having the guts to say “excuse ME” or as one of my Daughter’s says “excuse YOU.” Different Daughter. I love the way my Daughter says it, excuse YOU. IOW, STFU. As shown by this weeks reunion, and the trailer, it is LUANN who treats Carole like a pet. Telling her to shut up, saying “what are you babbling about!!” Saying “quit chiming in” Luann makes me sick. Always has always will. Hypocrite is not a big enough word for her.
                      Glad to see you back, MM. ❤️❤️❤️❌⭕️

                  3. 2 things. When I think of hot cross buns I always think about this crazy woman on Mad TV reruns here in the states and I’m sorry but it particularly cracks me up because she looks just like my 4’10” sister almost to a “t” . Here’s your giggle for the day Suze I hope you find it as funny as I always did lol


              2. Yes, saying “the ELDERLY” in the most insulting manner possible. Her parents being truly elderly might caution her against that particular wording if there is a second season for her. I hope there isn’t actually. Maybe others saw through, as I do, this “good girl” act. Saying they must have forgotten their menopausal medications, how they weren’t her Mom but could be!!! That would have made Bethenny 8 or 9. Dorinda would have been 15. If Jules gets a break for after her accident with her coochie coo ( God, color me repulsed and offended that as an adult woman she can’t use the term Vagina ), on pizza night, then Bethenny also gets a break. Being they were BOTH loaded up on meds., and we do say things we would never say when sober if we have been given pain medication and anxiety medication, especially when it is something a person doesn’t take often. Big difference, IMO, in saying something hurtful, and DOING something that could INJURE someone, like using a knife, fork and measuring cup in her recipe and allowing anyone to eat it. Like when Carole explained what she meant with John and the apple, I believe Bethenny meant when she said “imagine taking you” something entirely different than what Jules felt. Being they BOTH were injured is what I thought she meant until the convo Jules had with Dorinda. Maybe it will come up and if that is what B meant, she will say it. If she meant what Jules thought she meant, she won’t even fib.

                1. Hahaha o my g-d it’s so good to read your wit again 3D’s I’d forgotten how much I adore your writing. Coochie coo…! lol love you too sweetheart ♥️♥️♥️♥️

                1. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

        1. I have no idea. We really cannot rule out anyone. Luann seemed quite upset about the topic and shut it down, Dorinda seemed very defensive. She does not want her daughter to know that she is using, if she is using, and though it may be hearsay, it also may be true.
          3D’s knows a lot about the signs. John may be using, and for all we know, he is D’s supplier.
          It was a good season.

      2. That is why I buy the season on Amazon. In SD it is only $20.00 for the season. That is less than $1.00 a show. And, no adds whatsoever. Now that I watch on Firefox it even has autoplay! I can be doing dishes, eating, which is my favorite time to watch since Jim sleeps days still and I eat BK alone. He doesn’t sleep till 4 pm like the 40 years he worked swing, but until at least noon. I can be doing any mindless job and watch without ever touching the computer. I can watch as many times as I like just for company when I draw or color. And, the best part is I can catch things I never would have when being subjected to the adds or watching once. Each episode is 41 minutes, meaning 19 of those would have been adds.
        Anyway, I think when you get into 8 seasons of a show, and NY has more originals and old timers than any of the franchises, I think….the women have been doing this with EACH OTHER for a long time. They have walked the fine line between the reality of the show, and the reality of their real lives for 8 years. Finally, I see that the lines become blurred, no matter how hard they try to stop them. Luann is desperately trying to make it look as though Bethenny has tried to ruin every co-star. That is simply not true. Jules was paranoid and Bethenny never got into it with her, or tried in any way or any fashion to do ANYTHING NEGATIVE TO JULES OR ABOUT JULES, after she apologized about the brunch. There was a meeting of the minds and the apology was sincere. Jules blurts out that she has an eating disorder, then wishes she hadn’t, and blames Bethenny for knowing already. That is simply a misnomer. Jules is responsible for assuming that Bethenny spilled the secrets. And, I have not read or heard ONE WORD about their marriage from Bethenny. That alone should, at the very least, be seen as honorable. She does not spill secrets. The fact that she has an almost male energy is due to her upbringing, survival being her motivation almost from birth, and the fact that she has probably 100 times more responsibility than any one of the other ladies. She is responsible for a company, the books, the insurance and lives whose livelihoods depend on how well she manages her, HER, business. That eats Luann’s guts to ribbons with jealousy and hate. Trying to bring her down, as Heather so ironically told us all about at the first reunion after Bethenny returned. Her and Sonja had a problem. Luann saying “You made Sonja cry” what a feeble attempt to make what happened between Sonja and Bethenny be more disgusting than what LUANN did and said about Sonja this season.
        I find myself drawn more to it in an almost theoretical mindset when I watch. I don’t find it boring or upsetting mostly. There have been scenes on here, and BH, that I almost couldn’t watch, so after I see what the heck happened, I zip it, which is another wonderful part of Amazon as you can drag the arrow while seeing the picture to go past it!!! Hope all is well over on the East side of the country Sandy.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️♥︎

        1. Hi. No time to read comments today, but I will later for you and others. I tried to post a comment that went into moderation…maybe I had a typo or something.
          I am handling a minor…family crisis. Husband took older son’s car out after charging a dead battery…stuck on highway…sons arrived (with younger son’s car) and had to get to dad…now all family is in another town…buying a batter, while hubby sits on the highway, and no one had lunch…getting late, and we still have to get more provisions at some point if we lose power…non perishables…etc. It is such a fun day and weekend. I could barely hug the boys and they had to leave. Hubby is not thinking clearly lately, but then again he has reason…
          Have a nice day. Xoxoxo

          1. Oh no!!!!!! Bummer in capitol letters on a holiday weekend too. I had some “shit happens” stuff myself this week, not to be a one upper like Luann, hahahahaha. But yesterday I got to have lunch with both of my girls at the same time alone! That is rare that just the 3 of us get to be together for an afternoon. So, I am so sorry you didn’t get to have that time with yours. ❤️I tried to do sad emoji faces but won’t know if it posted till I hit post. oxox

          2. Sandy, I hope things have sorted themselves by now, I know how much you look forward to having your boys home so things like his are no good! Hugs friend xoxoxoxox

                  1. Hi Daisy! Wow! A bunch of people I have sorely missed are here all of a sudden. Who knows why, who cares, it is just so nice to see your names. Hoping all is great with you and yours. I haven’t read down in a complete fashion, so hopefully I will not see that it is not well. ❤️

            1. Suze, you are probably in bed now. I hope you get a good night’s sleep. I saw that you were posting at 2:00AM your time today. Thanks for your kind words of concern, my friend.
              It was one of those days. Young son’s tire was nearly flat…but with air, so far so good and he drove home with his brother who took a train from NY. Brand new tires on his car and a nail in the tire a week later last year…maybe that tire has a leak now since it was repaired. Then the other son’s car had a dead battery when hub went to move it. Hubby and I jump started it…and hubby drove it and got stuck on a highway with it 15 min later. Both boys arrived together in young son’s car only to go back to find their father…and buy a new car battery and tools at a Sears store that was so slow staffed it took nearly an hour to get what they needed and then they had to install it in the car, come home, and have lunch….very late. The window in that same car is now stuck in the down position too…. Hubby opened the windows for air…. Then the hub and I went out to buy food and supplies for the tropical storm…in case we lose power, especially. Right now the weather is fine. Tomorrow it arrives and it will last at least one day.
              Fingers crossed it won’t be too bad. So far, unless the westher changes, the county just south of us (we are in the southern border of this county) and others south of here are under a state of emergency by the governor of NJ.
              I hope you have a nice weekend, Suze. I saw your commenys, but had no time to write until now. Sorry about that. Xxxoooo ❤️❤️❤️

              1. On a goog note, the woman who works at the store we go to for food, said it was good we came so late. She said the crowds were beyond huge all day, and it was a madhouse. She said it is a a combo of a holiday weekend, the day before a major storm, and kids go back to school this week, so people are buying food and back to school supplies as well. The hubby is snoring…kids are watching US football…
                Take care. I hope to have power tomorrow. I will charge my phone and have that if all else fails. XOXO

              2. Oh God. I hadn’t even thought that a hurricane or bad storm was headed your way. I have been so involved in the kind of stuff you were in today that I have not heard any weather or news for days. Stay safe my friend, and keep us informed.

                1. Hi 3 D’s. Yes, it is the quiet before the storm here. I was outside tying the trash cans to the house just now, since they are too big to take inside. We took all the patio furniture into the basement and secured the outdoor grill somewhat, and I covered it in a tarp over its cover with bungee cords. We have supplies now, and we will have to wait and see. The township (recording) called up on the phone to warn us and give us necessary information, phone numbers, etc. I have neighbors who still have potted plants outside, hanging planters, lawn furniture, you name it…on both sides. Other neighbors were like us and secured things. The wind is the worst part. It brings down the trees…anywhere. I had a half dead very large tree removed a couple of months ago, and hopefully the two that are closer are okay…since I lost over a dozen with Sandy (the superstorm), and luckily they did not damage the house.
                  So, I will say good night. Have a nice weekend. 😉 xoxo

                    1. It is sunny and beautiful here at the moment. It looks like the storm is still off the coast and not getting closer until tonight, tomorrow and into Tuesday. We shall see then what happens. In the meantime we are enjoying today. The coast/shoreline is taking a beating from the rough seas, but the storm is not here yet….fingers crossed.
                      Thank you for all your concern. Take care, my friend. 😉

                    2. Thanks, Suze. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
                      Now they say it will be starting late tonight. No one knows for sure, but it should not be too bad.

                      I went out again today and drove along the shore..watched the waves. The seas are rough and athe wind is picking up, but no storm…yet here. I feel sorry for any sailor who went out in that…hopefully they listened to the forecast.
                      People were at the beach…not too many, Most left the area. People were watching the sea, and I imagine they got a lot of sand in their eyes and were whipped by it.
                      Thinking of you too. Xoxoxo. Have a nice day! ❌⭕️❌⭕️

                    3. Sandy, it’s amazing watching the sea in times like this also very scary! Hopefully no sailors or fishermen are out in it! Xoxoxoxoxoxox

                  1. I wish ALL the neighbors would think of others when being lazy. Of course, it might be that a few are gone, but if they knew before they left, they should have thought about their neighborhood and community when leaving things to blow into other peoples windows. I would not say that if I believed saying it makes it more likely to happen. Thinking of you and praying also.

                    1. Yes, some have left, but they knew the forecast. Others are here, but just do not care.
                      Good news is that it appears the storm moved further East out to sea, so it looks like we will get rain, maybe an inch or more and wind later tonight but it will not be terrible winds. The coast was affected in several spots with erosion, but it is not as bad as it could have been thus far. Apparently the Europeans forecasted Hermine moving out to sea…not the U.S.
                      Today it has been sunny and quite nice with a little breeze. My boys went out to the local outlets for some Labor Day sales. I did have a nice drive along a few beach towns at high tide, from Avon by the Sea to Sea Girt NJ on my way back from buying more desserts. 😎

          3. Real Sandy, this sounds HORRIBLE! Car issues, men and sons are never a good combination…. Sorry for the delay, I haven’t read these in a few days…. I read further down about the storms also. How did it all pan out? Hopefully all is well.

    2. I agree Suze girl. Its so nasty. Why would they out there friend if she did do drugs? They hang out and party all season then murder each other at the reunions. I cant stand acting them. So nasty…. BUT I LOVE YOU SWEET SUZE xoxoxoxo

  1. A year or so back I read it was the countless that had the drug problem. And her saying she will always be a countess drove me nuts last night. I threw a stuffed bear at the TV. Golly I can’t stand that woman.

    1. I assumed it was her too. Wonder if that was why she wanted to shut that whole topic down when bethenny wanted to spill the tea. Really want yo know…

    2. Thank goodness that was a stuffed bear! The Countless really is delusional, yes!
      I think she should maybe marry King Vitaman, or just put the cereal box on her head like a crown or something. She thinks she is a member of the royal family?!
      Yes, Luann, you will always be a countess…in your dreams! If you want a title, look for an aging count, duke or whomever, maybe, who is out of money and bring millions to him…maybe then? LOL

      1. Lol,,, King Vitamin. I’m surprised anyone even remembers that cereal let alone the commercials. I do have to say on a lighter note, I genuinely had a good laugh when Dorinda misunderstood Carol’s comment about giving John an apple. I thought that too based Dorinda thinking it would go in his mouth. That was an honest moment and it was pretty funny 😀

        1. Vitaman. They would not let them use the term Vitamin…so Vitaman…yup! LOL
          Yes, she did not realize it was the apple for “The Big Apple” for NYC… Housewives. Then again, people always talk about John’s weight even since Dorinda’s own daughter said Dorinda was a chubby chaser. That was funny.
          Maybe Dorinda was,having a martini at the time and just didn’t get it? 😉

        1. Thanks 3 D’s. Your concern is so very appreciated. Everyone has been so sweet. ❤️❌⭕️
          I feel for all of those affected by Hermine’s path of destruction. Thankfully this part of the country is pretty lucky thus far. It is that time of year, so fingers crossed that we get through the next few months okay.
          Have a nice Labor Day. 😉

    1. I absolutely agree. However, when you go on national television you might want to refrain. Anyone who knows what cocaine use looks like can see that something more than alcohol has been going on. John’s behavior is also a good indicator. A little discretion please.

      1. Really don’t want to believe Dorinda does cocaine – John and Luanne maybe (cuz I don’t like them) but not Dorinda please.

        1. That is an absolute misnomer. Coke can make you skinny. It does not make everyone skinny. But it does make one sweaty, hostile & unable to control oneself, as he is so often shown being and doing. When Dorinda was at dinner with him after the psychic reading at Carole’s, that was a really good sign, not that I personally needed another one, that he does coke, speed and many other drugs likely. He could not control himself from speaking, interrupting etc. Someone with money and connections also gets downers to offset the sleeplessness etc., the loss of appetite too. There are also many ways to ingest it that a person with money would and can use, without literally rotting their nose. Nevertheless, I can SMELL the drugs on that guy. I don’t know if you recall Sonja’s BD where she celebrated the Prosecco, and John was being introduced to a lady and she said something like “You look all wired up” and he said “Oh God don’t say THAT!” Wired is a slang word I hadn’t heard since my hippy days but means “on speed or coke.”

          1. You are so right it doesn’t make everyone skinny. But it makes pretty much everyone tell untruths… and sweat… and be hostile… and too lovey dovey on the higher spectrum!

  2. Who knows who is doing drugs. I thought Lu was on something when she met B for that dinner. And I think B is on adderall or something because NOBODY acts like this normally. John seems slimy to me so nothing would surprise me about him. I sort of agree with Suze about all this. It’s like inconsequential rubbish when you have things going. Sometimes I find it an escape, other times they all bug the shit out of me.

    1. Hi Gigi sometimes I enjoy the shows but when they get to this level I’m out! Waiting for BH, hope it’s better than last season! Xoxoxoxo

      1. I doubt very seriously Bethenny does speed or any street drugs. She has always been like that, and seems to have calmed down a little. I think, like Luann said about growing up with a big family, and how she had to get herself in there all the time to be heard, that Bethenny had the opposite reason, no siblings, and both “parents” too drunk, too hi or too beat up to listen. So, it made her rather manic. No one who does more than the very occasional speed or any of it could ever run a company and take care of the hundreds of times more responsibility she has than anyone else. Bethenny is driven, that’s for sure.

  3. Why would this come as a surprise to anyone??!!?? John is a slimeball from the word go. If he wasn’t hopped up on coke when he burst into Dorinda’s lingerie party to attack Bethenny, and that was his “natural” behavior, then Lord help us all. When Luann met Bethenny for a drink, she was a non-stop motor-mouth from the get go. Bethenny has always talked fast, so this isn’t unusual behavior for her. Also, I don’t think Dorinda would use cocaine just because John does. She has no problem putting him in his place when his behavior irritates or angers her. Besides, who believes anything that comes out of Brandi Glanville’s mouth anyway. Talk about a sorry piece of trash, she epitomizes TRASH. This woman will do or say anything if it will stir sh*t up and get her attention of any kind. And, if it makes her money, then no one is safe, she says and does anything that will bring her attention and doesn’t give two hoots if it hurts anyone. Besides, when did she and Kristen Taekman become such good buddies???? Did I miss something???? I know they have met, but didn’t know that they were bosom buddies. Besides, Kristen Taekman was one of the biggest yawns to EVER appear on RHONY!

  4. Realistically most of them probably take a few bumps every now and again – it’s New York. I don’t see it as a big deal – what is worse in my opinion in calling people out about it in public if it isn’t something they want spread around. Bethenny and Ramona both must be on something at least, as well as LuAnn at that weird ‘I found my soulmate’ drink with Bethenny.

  5. I hope someone will inform me why my comments about drug abuse are always in moderation. I did not even post the link this time…and I do hope it is not deleted. It is good information and none of it should be forbidden. Thanks for anyone who reads this like maybe Nik ki

  6. I have no idea. That last one had no links at all and was also deleted. The one before it had a link and was deleted. It has happened to me once before. I thought it was the link, but this time no link. So I just have no idea why. It was all about how the first high is the best one and each consecutive one is worse from a site to prevent drug abuse and educate about it, and if this is not posted, then I do not get it at all. I just wrote some of what they said and said it was from a site and separated the name so it was not a link. It feels like I am singled out.

    1. I think a few are having problems, maybe email Nick to ask why I know as I said some words are trigger words. Nothing you say is controversial or certainly no more than the rest of us! There are more comments, especially re children that should be banned not yours! Xoxox

      1. I had another one deleted after being in mod. (Maybe even that word is a trigger.) It was about Kelly. It was quite innocent. I actually said… like a female dog and then placed …and the b word. I thought the b word was a trigger…but everyone else uses it all the time. I think I am targeted for some reason and I have no idea.

        1. You need to speak to Nick* as it seems something is going wrong. Lots have said far worse than you so I’m not sure it’s you! Xoxoxox

          1. I really should. Xxxooo
            Busy now. Corey is bathed and blow dried. Making sure all clothing is washed and dried. Taking advantage of power and hoping we keep it for the weekend. I must charge my little charger I use for my phone for emergencies. 😉

        2. I have had glitches like this, too, Sandy. I wondered at the time too, but didn’t ask. By the time I had time to, I forgot what it was. But the drug epidemic won’t be forgotten. I am always riveted when you post. Especially about things that are so very important, but also when it is about just the show or cast. I always read you, always. I do not think it is singling you out at all though. If you use Ni***s’s name it goes, and the word K**l, D**th, or C**t, and I have never seen you use the last one. I used it in a quote, and it went into mod., but was posted later. Good luck finding out why, now I really want to see what you wrote. 🙂

  7. Wow.. That’s some serious accusations.. True or not that’s a first in HW history. John is always red and sweaty. He must be purple. And soaking. :/ I love Dorinda whatever she’s doing!

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