Dorinda Medley Hosts 50th Birthday Party for Boyfriend John


When it comes to Real Housewives of New York City star Dorinda Medley’s relationship with her boyfriend John Mahdessian-there’s a lot of love there as seen on the show. Dorinda recently made her other half feel special by hosting a lavish 50th birthday party for him, and with a Bravolicious guest list included.

The party was held at John’s private loft on the Upper East Side in the building’s penthouse where guests got to enjoy good music, hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. Dorinda stunned in a sequence dress while her man rocked different shades of blue.

Not only was the party a major success but fellow Bravolebrities were in attendance!  Ramona Singer, Melissa and Joe Gorga, Jill and Bobby Zarin, Secrets and Wives’ Liza Sandler and Susan Doneson, and The Singles Project’s Tabasum Mir. As if Gossip Girl didn’t make us all want to party on the Upper East Side take a peak at some of the photos from the party!



Photo Credits: Bravo


3 Replies to “Dorinda Medley Hosts 50th Birthday Party for Boyfriend John”

  1. Maybe it is me, but John looks like he shed a few extra pounds. Dorinda may or may not be a chubby chaser as her daughter called her, but as long as she is happy, she deserves whomever and whatever she wants. If John is the one, then he is. He does appear to come on a bit too strong with other women, and that really sickens me a bit to watch, however, if Dorinda is okay with him the way he is, so be it. It is her choice. Different strokes for different folks as they say. He is certainly successful from what I have read, so they both have their own money. That is always good and her husband knew him and liked him which makes it feel even more right for her. They look happy together. I am happy for them.
    I see two sides to Dorinda, the funny one who is the life of the party and the one who mouths off and talks behind everyone’s backs and on Twitter a bit too much…but then tells them to their faces at some point. She is not a phony, however, she is not a nice drunk so she should probably not have too many martinis or wine….I happen to like Heather too, Dorinda. I am glad you do too!
    I think deep down Dorinda is a nice, down to earth person who just happens to be a very wealthy widow who is back on the dating scene after two marriages. Have fun Dorinda. Enjoy life! You are a welcome addition to the NY cast. I loved you with Carole in London too! That was the best episode this season!

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