Dorinda Medley Furious Over RHONY Reunion Drug Allegations


Dorinda Medley is reportedly furious at Bethenny Frankel for allegations that were made while filming the Real Housewives of New York City season eight reunion. Frankel implied that Medley used cocaine, an insider is revealing how Dorinda is reacting to watching the episode.

“Dorinda wants to build her brand, and this isn’t the reputation she wants,” the source explains. “These women just like to attack any way they can.”

The insider tells RadarOnline, that throughout the season, Dorinda even considered leaving the show. “Dorinda went back and forth,” the source says, “but she’s definitely coming back next season. She’s not going anywhere.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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  • Suze☕️

    I do wonder what the truth is but it shouldn’t have come out at the reunion. No one else’s business. So glad I gave up this season. Just going to start watching the new season of RH of Cheshire this week. So far they are no where near the level of this lot thank goodness.

    • smh

      This is more Bethenny being the mean girl, that is unhappy, and has to defame others.. She should watch what she says

  • Aunt Bee

    I hope Dorinda stays and the phony countess goes bye bye.

    • Anonymous

      I SO agree Aunt Bee. It would be so much better a show. Plus I’m really not wanting to hear Luman justify that even tho she’s remarried, and thus no longer a Countess, she will still expect to be called Countess!

  • Karen Wiltshire

    And just exactly is Dorinda’s brand that she is trying to build??? Again, I think no one really cares if she does cocaine or not. Perhaps her sleazy boyfriend does, but maybe not Dorinda. However, she does love her dirty martinis and drinks those to excess. I don’t personally see why she should be FURIOUS. She was okay with Bethenny for a while and now, all of a sudden, because Bethenny told Luann about Tom’s (drunken) indiscretions, she is now in allegiance with Luann???? C’mon Dorinda, you blow whichever the way the wind is blowing and it makes you look good. You can hold your own with these people, you have definitely shown that in the past. But, quit being “wishy washy” and take a stance on something, please!!!!!

    • Real Sandy⛱

      Maybe it is called Dorinda’s Dry Cleaning. We can remove any stain…even Johns’ stains…(Yuck), and make it nice. Sorry, just kidding! I do not know her brand, but all of the Housewives are hawking something. 😉 Too bad the Shout name was already taken, because Dorinda’s Shout it out might work?!

    • Geminigirl

      The fact that even Luann had to tell her to drop it was very telling to me.

  • Michelle

    I cringed when Bethenny made those insinuations. I don’t know the truth (not sure I want to know), but again the beautiful B shoots her all knowing mouth off again. I just wish she would stop!! She just looks so bad!

    As far as Dorinda being “wishy, washy “…..I don’t see her that way. I think she takes the side that she either thinks is right, or believes needs defending or needs more support…..because you’re a friend doesn’t mean you have to stand by the BS. Support doesn’t always mean agreement. Her stand is what she considers to be right.

  • MAC

    I like Dorinda and don’t care about her “personal” habits. Bethenny is a narcissistic bi _ _ h! She talks about everyone else and seems to think HER opinion is the only important one. Don’t understand why Andy keeps her on the show. She tries to run every thing. The show would survive without her caustic remarks! SHE should leave and run her SkinnyGirl “empire!” Bethenny, Kenya Moore, Kelly (RHOC) and that loud mouth Dallas woman should get a show of their own…the Bully bi _ _hes show.

    • Aunt Bee

      Add Icky Vicky to that group and I might enjoy watching them kill each other. I, of course, would root for Bethanny

    • DeeDee

      Yes! Great idea!

  • One Rotten Egg

    Bitchany is a very smart woman…she wouldn’t have put it out there about Dorinda/John’s drug use if she didn’t have proof, which she was willing to show. It was the others who all shut it down (guess they know it to be true?)

  • Whether or not you “like” Bethenny or just “hate” some of the other housewives, I cannot understand how anyone can sign off on her behavior this season. She has screamed and attacked other members of the cast, calling them a whore, a slut, a plastic f*ck doll, a drunk, fat, sweaty, stupid, and insane…she has accused people of using illegal drugs, sleeping with married men, trying to steal business away from her, and giggled and gloated and gossiped over a picture of a cast member’s fiance kissing another woman…for three days …on camera…behind the woman’s back. This isn’t funny or “truthful”; It is disgusting.

    • Suze☕️

      Apple, glad you are back we have missed you! Sorry 3D I agree with apple. I don’t particularly like any of the NY women these days but I really don’t know what has happened to Bethenny.

      • Daisy

        Hi Suze sweetie. I just wanted to pop in and say hi. Hope you’re doing good and having a great evening

        • Suze☕️

          Hi Sweetie, I’m ok! I hope you and Hubbie are? Xxxxoooo

          • Daisy

            Yep doing ok

      • Jody


      • Thanks, Suze…I am glad to see you doing so well.

    • DeeDee

      Apple I agree with ALL YOU SAID!!! Thank you !

      • Thank you, Dee Dee.

    • moriah

      When watching herself act out on TV I don’t see how she can continue to deny that she is just an angry hateful monster who loves humiliating and destroying others. She claims to be a truth teller but her perceptions are too twisted to ever see the truth about anyone especially about herself. There has to be something really wrong with this new boyfriend of hers to even want to be with someone like her. The phone call she made to her boyfriend’s daughter at the reunion was so staged and what kind of a man would want his daughter to be involved in this whole sick situation?

    • Jennifer

      Agreed…..B is the nastiest of nasty! My boyfriend asked me a couple of weeks ago who was the most toxic of all the Housewives and said Bethenny without a doubt (and she’s got some stiff competition there).

  • Hey, apple. I was just saying that I missed you the other day on here. All of the posters have been gone and back with life, loss, life, keeping us from having some fun here.
    I didn’t see Bethenny laughing and mocking Luann after the Tom thing. All of NY knew by the time they were returning home. So, she did the right thing. She is now being punished for doing what any friend would do. That was TOM’S FAULT, NOT BETHENNY’S. I watched the show a few times, too. Luann is the only one Bethenny said mean stuff about. Her problem with Sonja was both of their fault, IMO. I really don’t see Bethenny as the bitch a lot of people do. I see, from the first day of this show Luann being a pretentious, uppity, pompous hypocrite. B and L have had this problem for a long time. Luann has had the rep for a long time. She pushed it so far with B too. In the beginnings of the season B came back, Luann must have told Heather that she in fact helped B build SG. That was why she said “come on, you could at least buy her a car for helping you build Skinnygirl.” Heather SAID THAT at either the brunch or Luann’s housewarming. Luann always was telling the others how to handle being a lady, and every one of them, even Sonja is admitting it now, has known that she, Luann, was all over town doing what she told the other ladies not to do. So, it finally made Bethenny blow. She was rude at Jule’s brunch. She apologized, Jules accepted, then Jules blurts out all her secrets. None of those secrets have been printed anywhere, or spoken by B. So, she did nothing to Jules. Her and Sonja made up, each of them apologized, and each of them accepted. Bethenny didn’t say mean things about Sonja personally that hasn’t been said all along. Like delusional in business. What Luann said and implied about Sonja and Tom was way more disgusting than ANY thing Bethenny said or did. The hand gestures about her “friend” while at the same time saying she is mentoring her is what a true bitch does. Luann is a liar, too. It was a total LIE, what she said at reunion about Bethenny seeing Dennis when he was still married and not separated!! She is doing everything in her power to do just what Heather said last year, bring Bethenny down. Well, it backfired. The thing with Dorinda, B tried to stop that. Luann stopped it because there has been a rumor for seasons that Luann does coke. John is a definite user. Anyway, glad to see you even tho we agree n very little. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I agree

  • Gaild

    And don’t forget that Sonja said that EVERYONE knows that Dorinda does drugs. Just sayin.


    What brand?
    B was horrible all season.
    Lu is an embarrassment.
    Sonia needs therapy.

  • Bon Vivant

    These girls were really playing fast and loose on Part 1, I have to fly cross-the-pond for work and am bummed I will probably miss part 2 !!! They started off going at it like gangbusters, but boy oh boy is it going to heat up even more…!


    Bon Vivant, tape it or else get it when you get back. I’m sure they will be playing for weeks and weeks!! In the meantime, we will keep you posted!

  • So Lu deserves to be “slut-shamed” in front of millions of viewers because she is “uppity”… and John shouldn’t have “come” for her business because he is a “fat sweaty cow”… and Sonja should be frozen out because she is a drunk, ….and Jules is stupid and insignificant because she triggers bad memories from Bethenny’s childhood ….and Dorinda’s house is “haunted” and it makes Bethenny rage at the other guests . It is not her fault. Poor Beth. These people all make her lose her mind and say horrible things …and she had a difficult childhood. Besides, she is just telling the “truth”.
    No. The truth is Bethenny is intentionally cruel and vicious. The truth is whether or not Lu screws everyone in NYC, or Dorinda sells crack on the corner, it does not directly affect Bethenny…and she only brings (makes) it up to publicly humiliate them. The truth is no one is responsible for Bethenny’s behavior except Bethenny….and the truth is the way she treats others is disgusting and it’s not funny and it’s not okay with me.

    • No, I said nothing like what you did, I don’t believe any of, or agree with any of those particular explanations & I implied not one single part of that entire post. That all came from you. Still it was a nice surprise to see you here. 🙂

  • Thank you.
    Whether you said it or not, it is what happened. You say you don’t “see” it, but then you list the reasons that Bethenny had every right to attack and publicly humiliate most of the other members of the cast. I am saying I can’t support her intentionally cruel and malicious treatment of her co-workers and that I disagree with you.

    • I simply don’t see anything she said to anyone but Luann cruel and malicious. That was awful what she said, I agree. But Luann forgave her and backed her up at the very next event AGAINST Sonja! If anyone is afraid of B it is Luann. Carole is the one who said Dorinda’s house was haunted, not Bethenny, she then said they come thru her. She didn’t bring it up. When her and Sonja had their argument, which they have every right to do, she said nothing like what Luann did. She said she thought Sonja did it on purpose, using a similar name, having the party the day the article came out, not contacting her for 4 months, then on the day of the article, texting her. She never said anything different to anyone. She told her the truth about her “businesses” that she has personally seen to be nothing. One does not do the kind of business Sonja professes to do in a vacuum. If Sonja had a bracelet made by the jeweler that Bethenny introduced her to and sold it for 10 grand, Bethenny and Bravo and this Blog would have known. It is simply the truth. Luann, on the other hand, said she was mentoring Sonja, Sonja had in fact said at “Sushi Rocks” that Luann had 4 different men coming home to the apt upstairs at HER HOUSE. Luann, who was sitting RIGHT THERE, did not disagree or correct her. At Dorinda’s Luann was the hypocrite. One moment saying she cares, then when she asked Bethenny and Carole who said she was “doing” 4 men, & they answered “Sonja said it”, she said “and you believe Sonja.” Then using that disgusting hand gesture when describing Tom and Sonja’s “relationship” while at the same time telling all the girls she loves her. At least Bethenny said one thing to everyone, that is the difference for me. She said not one cruel thing to Jules. She said she had kept her distance. Jules attacked her for something we still have never heard about, so Bethenny didn’t spill the secrets Jules blurted out. Jules is paranoid from years of illness and Adderall. I feel really bad and sad for anyone with an illness like hers. It must be so awful feeling like food is poison in her own body. How terribly sad. Bethenny is also not the one who paraded into a bra party so hi on coke that he frightened his “love.” In the moment, Bethenny asked if he wanted to do some lines, and Dorinda, in her state of martini’s said “You don’t know anything about THAT.” Meaning, “that” is something. When asked at reunion, B tried to stop it.
      I don’t excuse Bethenny for anything cruel she does, certainly not because of her horrifying upbringing. I simply know that is what makes us who we are in life, who we trust, if we trust etc. Our personality is permanently stamped onto us when we reach our 3rd Birthday. Every single thing ( most ) people do is their doing. Excluding people with severe mental disorders. I do not see or hear the same thing you do. We have never agreed on much, so this is another example. I don’t think I am wrong and you are right, or visa-versa. I think we have different opinions about what we see and hear.

  • Sophie Fields

    Dorinda is the only one who looks normal…probably because she’s on blow

  • Liz

    I’m a 52-year-old woman -and of course am a certified survivor of the 80s- THERE’s NO WAY THE WOMEN ARE DRINKING AND DANCING UNTIL 5AM without some help from Don Colombio and his marching powder. PLEASE. They could break a hip hailing a cab – have them all take bone density tests. The truth is right there.