Dorinda Medley Fires Back at Bethenny’s Comments About her Boyfriend John


RHONY star Dorinda Medley isn’t letting Bethenny Frankel get away with the comments she made about her boyfriend John Mahdessian in the premiere episode of the show. Medley is firing back at Frankel’s comments in a new interview.

“It’s an ongoing saga with John, which I can’t figure out,” Medley told RadarOnline of Frankel disliking her boyfriend. “It’s almost becoming an obsession with people. People don’t know our relationship. We’ve been together for four years and we’re as happy as ever and I hope the audience sees we love each other.”

During the episode, Bethenny said, “I love Dorinda, this chubby baby she brought to lunch with her is a different story.”

Medley admitted Frankel “loves to label people.” “I respect Bethenny,” she confessed. “I just think sometimes she is a bit unkind about generalizations and speculations.”

Ramona Singer also had a lot to say about John, but Medley insisted their friendship is “good today,” she explained how the drama “did change the relationship, which is sad.”

Singer admitted she has had a hard time accepting John. “For whatever reasons, I’ve had a hard time accepting him,” Ramona said. “But I love Dorinda!”

What do you think of Dorinda and John’s relationship?

Photo Credit: Bravo

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I quite like Dorinda compared to some of the others and if she is happy with John BFD!
The viewing figures for NY are bad 1.245 compared with over 2 million. Very interesting I wonder why!

I read somewhere viewership is down because B is back – but I think the entire franchise is overplayed. Same shit over & over 🙁

I agree! Bravo need a big rethink

Just scrolled down on new stories and seen one on viewing figures.

Dorinda cracks me up…I’ve totally stolen her line…”You better back that shit up”….I love that! I don’t know why the others can’t just let her be happy…

Hi Jacks! I know who you are now! I also agree of course xo



I agree with you Jacks. I really like Dorinda too. It is not up to the other gals regarding who Dorinda dates or not, just support her decision who she wants in her life. I also like Bethany one liners. I have always liked Bethany.

I could care less about John, he doesn’t bother me and if Dorinda is loves him, that’s all that matters. This being a storyline is old and tired. One minute the drunken Ramona coaster claims she loves him, if he makes Dorinda happy, the next minute the idiot is still running him down, just to hear herself talk.

Why does anyone care what Bethenny thinks? If she’s gong to be so rude, let her. She’s a mess.

I have to agree and it was pretty ironic for the queen of plugging Skinny girl to call out John for overpromting in conversations. He may be an opportunist but that’s for Dorinda to decide.

John = Brooks (except John seems to have money and a job). He makes my skin crawl. Dorinda’s daughter can’t stand him. Obviously she sees something wrong with him.

He has the same effect on me too. I was shocked the way she was saying that at 22 her daughter should be moving out and then John shoild mobe right in immediately after, and that is fine with her. Clearly her daughter has a problem with John, and it will look like she is being thrown out for her mother’s boyfriend. I am sure Dorinda will find her a nice place…. Dorinda really has to look at this a little more clearly. The man is a big flirt. He has some money but she has more. He has been… Read more »

At 22 her daughter is an adult and should be moving out and taking care of herself. She is no longer a child.

No onesaid she was a child.

One of my Daughters lived at home till she was 22. I am so glad for those years. We got to know each other as we would not have otherwise. It is an important time in a woman’s life, between 18 and 22. It taught me a lot more about myself, also. I have always known where the boundaries are with her because of that time. It makes life much easier, with her, her husband, whom I adore, and just in general. I really do wonder, like so many of us here, why she stays with someone even her Daughter… Read more »

Yes. I think Hannah sees something off with John that makes her very uncomfortable. Maybe he is just too into public displays of affection with her mom, in front of her, and that may be enough to put her off, unless he was too pushy with Hannah too. We may never know.

To me, his PDAs are like a dog marking his territory, yet he’s very touchy-feeling with the other women. My abuse-vibe is tingling with this creep. He’s smarmy.

Abuse vibe, I like that. It is an important ability to have a vibe. Genuinely, no matter how I wrote that it sounded sarcastic, but I am absolutely happy you have one.

I don’t think you sounded sarcastic at all. I’m glad you got what I meant. Not an easy concept to put into words.


John reminds me of someone in my past in so many ways without going further. The vibes are there for me so much that I just about want to run when he is on. He seems slimy to me. I want to say, Dorinda, wake up, but of course, she has to make her own choices. It is best that Hannah is away from him, though, hopefully, she won’t alienate herself from her mom. I always got vibes about people since I can remember.

It’s smart to listen to your gut. You get those feelings for a reason.

Yes, I agree.

Same here!!! He totally reminds me of Brooks

Like Dorida, but love ” Dirty Dorinda.”. ( Dirty meaning her Dirty Martinis.)
She is the best ” newbie.” Hands down.
Regarding John, like I tell my friends , ” He’ s not sleeping in my bed , so I don’t care. That’s Dorinda relationship, not mine.

Nobody likes this grown woman’s boyfriend? Wow that’s a fascinating storyline! Again I’ll just pass this show right by. Get rid of bethenny & maybe I’ll reconsider.

The Countess of Hootersville

The idea of Dorinda and John having sex is a bit disturbing…other than that John is innocuous

Okay, eww, eww, eww! Didn’t want to go there.


Personally, I think Dorinda deserves better. But, I don’t know enough about John except what I’ve seen of him . If she’s contented & happy with him, so be it. It’s her relationship, not mine. The meddlesome matties should not air their views. Ramona has been her long time friend & if she has opinions, she should share it only with Dorinda, in private.

It’s a tv show that they’ve chosen to be on. Not air their views? John appears on camera. Not sure how that would work.

I agree Starr. And to be honest I can’t imagine having such a strong reaction to a friend’s significant other. They need to grow up. I could care less what B thinks of anyone’s relationship either. Who is she to talk? I miss Heather. She was bossy but she was a voice of reason. I hate that bethenny is back. She is waaaaaay too domineering.

I agree and also seeing the comments above comparing him to Brooks frankly I consider them disgusting! Brooks was a liar and an fu**ing cheat lying about cancer. This poor man maybe jot my type but it’s not my relationship. I don’t think anyone compares to brooks apart from Vicki! Both liar faces and skanks!

Typo not!!!!

Really? You consider someone else’s opinion “disgusting”?


I consider comparing him to that lying scumbag Brooks disgusting! He was a lying skank wh lied about the same cancer as my son, you don’t like my opinion tough shit!

2 Typos who and my son had

Suze, it was a question about disgusting comments. Chill. Of course you hate Brooks, understandably so too. John is not despicable…yet anyway.

Sandy love you but I don’t need to ‘chill’ I explained my comment end of as far as I was concerned! Xo

Gotcha 😉 ❌⭕️

Thanks for trying, Real Sandy. I appreciate the effort.

😉 No problem. We all see things differently. I happen to get the same feelings you do about John.

I really, really try these days not to push in where it is none of my business. But this board allows replies under everyone’s comment. I also don’t want to speak for Suze. That is probably the strongest wording she has ever used in reference to another posters comments. And I have been with her here for over a year now. I have read every single comment she has ever made, I think. The comparison is kinda disturbing being that John is just a redneck over imbibed working guy. ( Red neck comes from where I grew up, not an… Read more »
You are entitlrd to your opinions. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. You did say tough shit, when you were asked why you called other posters’ comments disgusting. Mine would be included in that too. No one called your comment disgusting, but questioned why you thought to critique the other posters. You responded. I saw it. I am not arguing with you. You have enough to deal with. I understand why you hate Brooks. He is loathing. John has not done anything like that. Still the commenters were stating that in the past when others were not accepted by most… Read more »

<3 <3 <3 You were much more polite than I could be so I said nothing.

Well, perhaps I should have done the same. I love Suze, and I just didn’t get it.

Comments are not disgusting, but Brooks is and Dorinda’s bf is just giving off bad vibes to me and his touching other women is just gross IMO. Brooks was inexcusable. It is not the same, however, everyone thought Brooks was not right from the start except maybe Vicki. No one loves John much either.

I think it is VERY interesting that the comments roll off, but she is also in charge of that relationship. He does not live with her, and she pretty much tells him what’s up. And when it is allowed to be up.

How can Bethanney question ANYONE, after her horrible choice of a husband?
What a hoot!!

That John creeps me out. I don’t even want to know why. I can’t stand looking at him, listening to him talk, watch him around D and other women. He’s vile.

Totally agree. There’s a reason the women’s radar is going off about him. It’s the same in the OC about Brooks. The women’s radar was going off about him, way before the cancer. There wasn’t a woman on that show who could stand him. The same thing on Potomac about Michael. Something is off.

If Dorinda needs her “love tank” filled, then my opinion of her just plummeted.

Pj, I apologise, yesterday was a really bad day for me and I stopped posting bar one comment after this. I still don’t agree with comparing him to Brooks but it is just my opinion and I should not have said that. As I explained in my reply to you I do have strong reasons for my feelings but they are mine and not others. So I hope you accept! Xo


I can recall former husbands and boyfriends and my radar picked up on the ones who were “off”. Simon’s treatment of Tamra, for one. Remember Slade? Ewww. Taylor Armstrong’s husband making her go to bed when the other couples were having drinks? Lynn from the OC and her husband who hid their financials from her? A lot of people picked up on the strange vibes of these men. Oh, and that woman with the Jesus Jugs? Alexis’ husband. Yuk.

I had the same exact feeling about the men you just mentioned. Simon pissed me off a lot.

See? The “abuse-vibe” going off again. I wish more women would be in tune with it.

The one and only time it REALLY mattered, I didn’t get the vibe. I had it many times during my children’s childhood’s. I taught them I don’t care who it is, if you don’t SEE ME, you find ME, and if you have to scream your head off kick the food off the shelves, bite hit if and when anyone EVER even comes toward you in a manner you find wrong, RUN AND SCREAM MY NAME. Altho they wouldn’t really have had to say my name, I was never more than around the corner in a public place, and they… Read more »

Hi 3D – there is a book called “The Gift of Fear” by Gavin de Becker. It’s all about our intuition about people. These morons need to read it.

John is a boozy, grabby, stupid pig and the other women are actually being too nice. They should tell her he is not welcome and to leave him in the barn or stay home.

CLF, if you think the word “aging” is an insult then you’re probably in the wrong place. Meaning anywhere.

After I take my own inventory, I lay with my own cleansed soul, and myself. I don’t speak about my husband unless in passing, sad for you that I won’t get crude, the only language you get off on CLF. HMMMM, WHAT DOES THAT STAND FOR??????????????????????????????????
I am sorry your “vocabulary” and typing skill of yours spills onto my sense of humor at times. But since you apparently don’t have one……….

John does make my skin crawl but if Dorinda loves him then so be it. That’s all that matters. Leave him alone ladies. She will figure things out on her own and if not then they are a match made in Heaven. Either way it’s not your place to judge him. He’s not in your bed at night. I do love me some Dorinda. She keeps it real and Gibbs tthem Hell. LOL. Go Dorinda!!

I agree!