Dorinda Medley Addresses People Who Question Her Boyfriend John Mahdessian


The cast of the Real Housewives of New York City have not taken a liking to Dorinda Medley’s boyfriend John Mahdessian, so much so that John will be causing more drama during this season of the show.

“Listen, it’s a season of questioning again and giving us our two cents, but we don’t really care about it. We love each other,” Dorinda told the Daily Dish about her relationship.

So how does the couple deal with her friends not liking her boyfriend? “We don’t,” she explained. “I think I really managed to draw some very strong lines in the sand this year.”

“The truth of the matter is, we don’t need to say anything because we’ve been together for four years. Four years! As we know from our castmates, some of their relationships and marriages haven’t lasted for four years,” Dorinda said. “So I think that it’s fair to say the longevity of our relationship speaks for itself.”

John added, “But what I say is, how passionate we are the minute we see each other speaks volumes.”

Dorinda’s daughter Hannah even chimed in on the subject. “Well honestly, I feel like that was a little blown out of proportion in the sense that it’s never been an issue with John and stuff, but it’s something that I think my mom really worries about because she cares about me so much,” Hannah told The Daily Dish at the RHONY premiere. “I think John’s great. I never had a problem with John.”

Hannah admitted that it was difficult to see her mother with John after the death of her stepfather Richard Medley because she was so close to him and they’re such different people. But ultimately, no matter what Hannah thinks about John, she said that the only thing that really matters is how her mother feels about him.

“At the end of the day, my biggest interests lie in my mother’s happiness,” she said. “I want to support her. And quite frankly, if [John is] somebody that makes my mother fulfilled, content, takes care of her, loves her, and makes her feel safe, then absolutely, on with John. Let’s do it. That’s my feelings. It’s not about me.”

“We’re always happy to see each other,” Dorinda said. “Everybody deserves happiness, and it’s not easy.”

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Cin

    Obviously the ladies are contracted to bring the drama…. but this is girl code…. back off her man cuz it looks ugly….my girlfriends would NEVER ever do that to me…. real girlfriends are the best – Dorinda you should dump them as friends.

    • Léna

      I agree. Dorinda’s letter and her daughter’s comments says it all. I’ve had girlfriends whose boyfriends I didn’t like. But I never said a word because I wasn’t the one dating them, they were. However, we all know that Bethenny has no girlfriends. She hangs out with guys. I think that’s why B & Kelly didn’t get along. They were too much alike, competitive & men attention wannabes. This was a great letter & slap in Bethenny’s & Ramoma’s face

  • If Dorinda loves him,& Hannah approves of the relationship that’s good enough for me.

    I understand her friends concerns, but let it go. If the relationship goes south, then you can say,” I told you so…”

    Please sweet Jesus, I beg u, I hope this is not Dorinda’ s only storyline for the season.

    This is reminiscent of “OC” with Brooks, & Vicki.

    • Amen to that analogy.

    • PJ

      Weren’t all the women right about Brooks? We saw how well that turned out. But Vicki got what she deserved. Dorinda doesn’t deserve that. Yet. If she keeps up her ugliness she will deserve whatever she gets.

    • Bon Vivant

      I don’t think I can take another “star-crossed lovers-from seemingly opposite sides of the track- with everyone disapproving-it to death” storyline. But unfortunately it’s all in the hands of set & editing editing producers to determine Dorinda’s theme for this season…methinks I need to get back here later with some names so we folks can Tweet the Wizards Behind The Oz Mask that the “outcast boyfriend” storyline a waste of our time, and we want them to show something else. Most folks don’t understand that while Cohen is boss of these broads, he’s not in the editing room, and he’s definitely not on set manipulating story lines. He’s head of the chain of command, making him the last in the chain of events that bring us the show content. All the work is shot, edited, cut by an entire 3rd party entity before it’s delivered to Big Daddy’s Bravo desk —so if anybody’s interested in protesting, I say Tweet Attack it from the root…the bastards who create the content and drag it out ad nauseum(!).

    • Léna

      Bethenny has no concern. And Ramona lies sooo they both need to STFU.


    Honestly, I could care less who Dorinda is with, but as long as she is shoving that pig in our faces, we are going to comment. The main thing is that her daughter is okay with it, but the daughter isn’t a kid anymore so Dorinda can pretty much date whoever she wants. Just don’t put a pig in front of us and expect us to see a swan.

    • Léna

      So, if he’s a good looking jackhole it’s okay? I didn’t hear him say what Ramona said. It was off camera & not in our faces. The same with Bethenny’s story. Off camera. If he does something on camera that’s bad, then it’s up for grabs to call him out. But not second hand stuff from two very unreliable sources. Other than that, I’ve never seen John treat Dorinda badly. He’s sweet & kind to her. That ride in the car told me all I needed to know about how these two feel about each other. Dorinda, in the car, softly told John to keep on talking because it soothed her. That’s closeness. Those other witches are just gossip rags.

  • Naynay

    If she would just stop the disclaimers when she talks about him, maybe things would be different

    • PJ

      Oh, totally. Just say, “well, I’m sorry you feel that way” and change the subject.

      So, does that mean if John is cheating on her she doesn’t want to know about it? Don’t most women come from a place of wanting to know things like that? I’d want to know. For the first time in many, many years I agree with something Ramona said. LOL

      • Léna

        You know, that’s a good question & a very tricky one. When I was in my just 20’s, I lost a good friend for awhile because I told her that her ex was seeing someone. She stopped talking to me. I thought I was doing the right thing. She eventually left him but I learned my lesson. Even with very close friends, it can backfire in your face. I don’t know why. Maybe they’re embarrassed or don’t want to hear it. Or maybe it was how young we were. The ex never spoke to me again & it was a very small town.

  • Jake

    The women were disgusting to go after Dorinda for her boyfriend. For Ramona, not really surprising, but Bethenny should probably stfu with her judgment of everyone including the new girl’s weight and all…. just wrong and funny cause she probably deflecting the focus on her own weight…

  • I don’t really give a fig about John either way, as long as he isn’t front and center during the season.
    Dorinda looks FABULOUS in her Talking Head with the blue top. Wow, she is a beautiful woman. I like Dorinda, and if she gets a little iffy when she drinks too much, well, then just handle it like any other less than stellar parts of life. Be sure your party is over before it happens, leave before, have a few of you looking out for her, never let her drive or be out alone like that, you know, girl code. If the problem becomes more overt than the great things about her, then worry about it then. I think Ramona was, as usual, totally and completely out of line adding what she did about John, first on camera at lunch with B, and then in front of everyone, including the bra fitters at a party. That was uncool. Maybe someday Ramona will actually realize she doesn’t have the right to say whatever she wants whenever she wants. One can hope.
    And Jules! I see why Bethenny was saying that girl is skinny. She is way more than skinny, I would be uncomfortable also if I was seated with her at lunch. Upon meeting her if your first thought and reaction is how overly unhealthy and thin she looks, maybe it is a good thing it is brought out in the open now.
    Oh, God. I just realized how awful it will be if that becomes a main storyline this season. That would be way worse than the John/Dorinda dynamic, IMO. But she is like a skeleton. And, it is way more then her weight. It is her frenetic mannerisms and her way of dealing with normal times, like when she is with her beautiful kids. Fixing BK for an adult and two small children can be a little harried at times, but not all of the time. I have a forbidding sense about her and I hope so much I am wrong.

    • PJ

      You know if Carole and Bethenny think she’s skinny, there has to be a problem. That they remarked on it is very telling.

      • Michelle

        When Bethanny first brought it up, I thought “uncool” then Carole said it and I thought, “ummmm okay maybe there’s something to this”.

        • Léna

          Carole latches onto people (Heather) and says what they say, etc. she has no personality of her own.

      • And I usually zip her already, but I caught that she has a live in Nanny and a full time housekeeper! But, and this is where I get a little amused, her full time job is raising humans! It isn’t envy when I see that either, it’s disgust. Why the hell does she need a nanny when she is home all day? I know it would be none of my business, but now she made it everyone’s. The only housewife I watch when they are at home with their children is Kyle. I already know what life is with children, and mine were the most fun, interesting people I’ve ever known. But it is boring, IMO, to watch someone cook or try to make their home life look like a storybook. It’s only interesting when they are either yours, or you are there. I mean this whole thing about Motherhood being the hardest job in the world. Maybe the most important, but I am thinking the Navy Seals and the guys who work on the arctic whatever it is they work on out there are having a little bit more difficulty than when I was in my kitchen, albeit after working my forty a week, cooking for my kids who were happily playing somewhere close. I never found that to be overly difficult, it takes about 5 minutes to scramble eggs and make toast so they have a hot breakfast. Same for hot cereal or maybe if bacon and french toast are on the menu, it takes a little more than ten minutes. When I used to hear women say they didn’t have time to make their kids a hot BK what was difficult for me was keeping my mouth shut.

    • Bon Vivant

      AMEN to them not making a storyline about someone’s boyfriend for the whole season! That drives me nuts.

      …and yes, i think Dorinda is striking. It’s the imperfections that I like: the prominent nose, the teeth that are not straight… and I think she works the HECK out of those long legs..and when she gets really dressed up,she rocks the holy h*** out of some traditional 7th Avenue designers in a way that is quintessentially uptown New York. I’m going to sit back and observe where the drunken outbursts are coming from, i need more time with that, that’s concerning in a way, but knowing how neurotic the city can be, surprisingly not out of the ordinary. But I’m not mad at the loudness. When I’m there, after 5 days my voice gets hoarse: it’s from having to project and shout all the darned time . That’s New York. There’s a brashness and a loudness there that is just in the DNA of their tribe. Either that or you’re cool & detached like Carole, or on the Breakfast at Tiffany train that is Sonja. but I like Dorinda. Mod dresses and screaming “BACK IT UP!” Lord, it’s just in their blood, I tell you, lol.

  • apple

    Love Dorinda…and I don’t think it is anyone’s business who she wants to be with. She is an adult and fully capable of figuring out what she wants to do…without people like Bethenny (who is clueless regarding love and relationships) and Ramona (who, if she really gave a hoot about Dorinda, never should have told that story about Viagra and John on camera …and at Dorinda’s party) . I hope Dorinda continues to rip their heads off every time they say John’s name until they learn not to. I sure would.

    • Ditto, Ramona has always been clueless and classless.The only time I would say something to someone else’s partner is if they got too close to me personally. Then, it would be him I spoke to, not her. Dorinda is not responsible for what he does any more then he is for her. I wouldn’t be having them as guests at my Hampton’s home either though, if what we saw the other times is a true representation of how he acts and the things he says.

  • Amy

    Love Dorinda and love John. What’s not to love about him. He clearly loves her and treats her like a queen and doesn’t live off of her.. So be it. It’s really sad the girls have nothing else to nag on except for John.. For the love of baby Jesus these freaks need to focus on their own faults besides someone else’s

    • Suze☕️

      Amy I totally agree! It’s their relationship not the other women who haven’t got men in their own lives! Just maybe if they looked hard at themselves in the mirror they might see what we all see! Xoxo

      • Bon Vivant

        Pretty good point there. Notice it’s always the gals that have no healthy relationship to speak of that are always sniffing around into someone else’s. I also get turned off by the way the speak of him as if he is socially so beneath Dorinda: his “cleaners” isn’t exactly some corner shop mom&pop store, this is the place you go to take care of your Blackglama, Dahrlink! ( in my Zsa Zsa Gabor voice). The place has served the fashion industry on the highest level for decades & caters to a really, REALLY exclusive clientele ( designers, high fashion magazines, ect). I know they do restoration and preservation of couture. They do historic interiors and heirlooms, and care for the textiles in the MOTHERLODE of New York culture, The Met. The dude is not an upstart, he’s just annoying. I understand John’s like an overgrown college drunk (very unpolished, I get it), but the way some of the girls are coming off like they came from pedigree and are above the lowly cleaner just rubs me the wrong way.

        • Suze☕️

          Yup me too! I hate this sort of behaviour from women who aren’t all that themselves.

  • Judge Judy

    John is a pig and the other women have every right to speak up since he tries to feel them up. In fact, they should refuse to be anywhere near him, like Dorinda’s own daughter does.The daughter is obviously contradicting herself above. She has already made it clear more than once that she can’t stand John. He probably tried something on her. Also, I hate to tell Dorinda but four years is quite far from a long time to be together and proves nothing except perhaps that she needs to sober up and make better choices. Her drunken yelling is not attractive.

    The new woman’s ranting about what a huge job being a mother is was ridiculous when she has a full-time nanny even though she doesn’t work.

    I’m not crazy about Pumkin Head, either. Some of these ladies could go.

  • Cin

    Dorinda & John….. looks like a normal couple…. These ladies must be jealous at the fun she has with her man. I don’t see any ”fun” coming from the other ladies regarding their men and dates….. Love Dorinda!!! She’s refreshing…. not full of BS like the other ladies.

    • Michelle

      Cin………LMAO….I beg to differ re the “normal couple” reference. Disfunctional maybe, but not normal. And I too like Dorinda very much.

  • Kinda surprised at Bethany.She seems the type to handle a situation head on in terms of John talking about a business proposal instead of taking it to Dorinda.Just say not interested.Besides for a business person to talk business while paying for the drinks and food,isn’t that a tax write off or something.I would have thought Bethany would caught on to that.I don’t know.But if Bethany is right about the cocaine she claims John is doing,along with the drinking,smoking and Viagra,If Dorinda may be attending a boyfriends funeral as well as a husbands.

    • I have no idea why she went in about them being honest about partying all night either. These shows are becoming so disjointed, more and more as the seasons go on. First, why does she care? Second, why did it become pat of an argument? Actually, first should be why were they arguing at all at a party she hosted. What fun it would be to be fitted for a good bra with a bunch of GF. Well, maybe not THOSE girlfriends. Do they HAVE to argue at EVERY effing social event they go to? I recall Erika saying if you are a jerk before money, then you are just a rich jerk. If you were a sweetheart, then you will be a rich sweetheart. I wonder though, because I have never had a lot of money. When I traveled I saved and planned. And only a few times did I have a little tiff say with my sister, but we were both really tired and irritable. We would say I am tired and irritated and we would laugh and hug. I would never deem to tell an adult friend how I thought they should live, how late they should party, how much they should drink, who they should date or sleep with etc. That’s why I wouldn’t have them as guests either at my home for the weekend. Maybe it’s true, and they believe we need to be entertained with some made up argument.

      • Michelle

        I have 4 girlfriends I’ve known since I was 7 years old and we’ve argued badly most of our lifetime. We decided to spend our 50th birthday together. As “elderly” women it wasn’t any different. A huge argument erupted and two of them no longer speak with each other. That was almost 6 years ago…….it was only a week long and it was tense for a lot of the time until the big argument. 5 strong,opinionated, mouthy women who easily call BS. I think Bethenny and myself and my girlfriends need to keep the flap trap shut occasionally!