Dorinda Explains Why Bethenny and Carole’s Comments Hurt Her


Dorinda Medley is taking to her blog to reveal she has some issues with some of the comments Carole Radziwill and Bethenny Frankel made about her home during last week’s episode of the Real Housewives of New York City. Dorinda explains why the comments made her feel angry and hurt.

“I want to begin by saying that I am so devastated by what happened in Orlando. I feel ridiculous even writing a blog in light of the Sunday we all just had. Even with the Tonys last night, it was a dismal day, and I’m writing this from Ptown, where the sadness is more palpable than I can describe. Words cannot ever really express how sad and horrified one feels when these things happen, but we have to do something about this already. For what it’s worth, my heart goes out to all the victims, their mothers and fathers, their friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives, children…just think of how many lives are affected by this tragedy. If there was ever a wakeup call against toxic hatred, here it is again. At this point, I send LOVE and HOPE more than anything else. We can no longer continue to blame mental health, skeletons in the closet, religion, culture, bias, ghosts in one’s past, or the media. There’s one common thread here…it’s hate. It has got to stop.

So now, speaking of “ghosts of one’s past,” I have to touch on last week’s episode, however pointless it is in the grand scheme of things, because this is what we do here. But I’ll just touch on one particular issue from last week’s episode that’s hurt me and angered me, to be honest. There a few things I would like you to know. Richard and I bought our home before we were even married. It was sort of a wedding gift to us and a place we could really make our own. I shut the house down for almost three years and set it on a journey of restoration and renovation, mainly to restore it back to its 1904 glory. Richard basically gave me a paintbrush and a blank canvas and told me, “This is your canvas.. go for it.” And I think it’s fair to say that I did. It took me three years to get it “just right,” and every time I walk in, I’m so proud, so excited, and ultimately so grateful that I can call it HOME. It’s not just a country house, or a house in the country…it’s HOME in every sense.

(Here’s a featured article in this month’s Berkshire Magazine about Blue Stone Manor and the Housewife who calls it home.)

I wanted my home to be a sanctuary — a place I could go to, to escape. A place visitors could escape to and explore. A place all of us could escape and experience a weekend in the country in the classic sense. It’s set on 18 acres, so it really is like that far-off country house set back in the woods or on a hill with lots of rooms, a billiard room, a study, a music room, a porch, and a special surprise in every room. Isn’t that the kind of place we all dream of going to when we’re growing up? Isn’t that what princesses dream their castles to be? Yes, it is unique and each room is different. I wanted people to feel that element of surprise when they walked into each room. I got a few calls after these episodes aired, and mostly from friends and people who worked on the house and that was nice… I didn’t realize we basically hired every mason, painter, plumber, electrician, and artisan in town. People who worked on it feel a true connection to it, and we’re almost like a family that crafted this project out of love and passion and the creativity fueled by both. Just another reason to be proud of good ol’ Blue Stone Manor; so I had a bit of a problem, to say the least, with what Carole said about the house, and what Bethenny suggested was the problem that weekend.

The way they both acted had nothing to do with my home. They could have been anywhere and acted the same way. To be honest, I don’t think they had any intention of treating my house with respect. And don’t believe the excuse that my house brings out something negative in Bethenny. That’s ridiculous. I could use the excuse that the TWO times I visited Bethenny’s house — first for after-dinner drinks in her pool house and the next for her birthday ho-down [sic] — brought out the worst in ME, but that would just be a silly, pointless, infantile excuse. And, yes, I’m above that. Whatever happened during those two visits was because of what was said and the actions of a few, not because of a home’s vibe or energy.

As for Carole’s unfounded accusation that my house is filled with the Ghost of Richard…wow, I was shocked she said that. If nothing else, it is so so so hurtful. I have a beautiful picture of us on our wedding day in his office which sits proudly on his old writing desk. The rest of his belongings are in an attic that no one has ever gone into. I am saving some things that I have chosen to save for personal reasons that I have no desire or need to justify. I have never experienced anything negative or ghostly in my home, nor do I think her having her husband’s ashes in her apartment is weird or brings anything negative to her apartment’s “vibe.” It’s there because she once loved someone, and still does, and that urn serves as a reminder of a beautiful life once lived.

Look, my home is mine through and through. It is filled with art, with books, with pillows and chairs, knickknacks and collectibles, sculptures, pianos, candles, and beautiful memories. But most of all, it’s filled with love, and I love the way I have been able to express myself and open it up to friends and family. Whatever they feel about the “juju” that brings out those inner demons has nothing to do with someone’s home. It’s all about the demons they simply can’t control.”

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29 Replies to “Dorinda Explains Why Bethenny and Carole’s Comments Hurt Her”

  1. Dorinda…. I love your house. This season seems to be all about Carole and Bethanny and their ugly thoughts. I know this is tv reality but I would find it hard to believe that Bravo asked these two ”ladies” to spew their thoughts out like a vomiting drunk. Both Carole and Bethanny are two nasty rude inconsiderate bitches who think their shit doesn’t stink… well it’s really smelling things up. Sorry for the cuss words…. But I don’t think it is necessary to be rude and intolerable to be relevant on this show. Bethanny is reuining her brand – I now walk past her products – Carole – I’m sorry I bought your book. I don’t support fools….

    1. You said it perfectly! And what a hypocrite Bethenny is, dating a married man! She is truly psychotic. I feel like the 3 evil, unattractive, witches (Bethenny, Ramona, and Carol) are walking all over Dorinda like a door mat. They are trash, and yes, I walk right pass Bethenny’s crappy, overpriced, products. I don’t want to put one dime into such a disgusting person’s business. Team Jason.. hope you win!!

    2. ITA. Shame on Bravo for making every housewife franchise now all about nasty bitchy rich women who bully one another. I thought it was supposed to be about watching rich beautiful women having fun and traveling and fabulous clothes and trips that we would all be jealous of NOT this trashy mean girls fiasco. Ugh. Fire Andy and let’s start over with the way it’s supposed to be. I don’t enjoy watching anymore. I want to be envious not nauseous when I watch. Bethenny and Carol need to go. They bring everything down to a nasty level. Ugh. I know why Jason raises the girl full time at least he is pleasant and not a cynical nasty mean spirited selfish hateful soul like her. Can you tell I’m done with her meanygirl self. That should be her brand NASTYgirl. It fits her better. Can you tell I’m so over her and Carols queen of mean plus 1 routine?!

  2. ps…. these two are bringing out the worst in me – and if I don’t stop with the nasty comments then I’m no different.. So I apologize for such a negative post… there was no delete button so I am stuck with the above!!!!

    1. OH my Gosh Cin, don’t worry about posting your opinions or feelings. That is what drives these shows and the purpose of this blog. Quite frankly, I’ve always believed that has been the lure of reality shows. We see in people and storylines, things we can relate to and things that piss us off. You are commenting on what was shown on camera, and the last two episodes have irked most of us, so feel free let it out. I promise that is what Bravo had in mind while editing 😀 I’d worry more if you thought that Carole and Bethenny’s behavior was totally on point and socially acceptable. Hehe…It was appalling, and while Bethenny has owned her behavior as atrocious, Carole still sits and waits to follow someone else to make her next move. (Yes I had to get my own two cents in about it as well) lol

    2. I have given up mainly because of Bethenny so there are a lot of us who feel the same as you Xoxox

  3. I love Dorinda’s house….and I understand her attachment to it. She has loved this old house all her life and its restoration has been a labor of love. Now that she has lovingly restored it to be everything she always knew it could be, she wants to share it with everyone. Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to leave their selfish, obsessive, egotistical, maniacal agendas at the door and appreciate her hospitality.
    But the good news for the Dorinda is the black funnel cloud that tore through her beloved home on the last two episodes has moved on to another venue, and Blue Stone Manor can return to the bright and beautiful home she created it to be. The bad news for Methenny and Igor is wherever they go…there they are. I just don’t know why anyone would include either of them in anything from this party forward.
    Seriously, would any of you invite Bethenny (and the barnacle stuck to her butt) to your home?

    1. I wouldn’t that’s for sure! Can’t stand these two this season. Why is Carol so up Bethenny? One of these days she will get stuck!

      1. Lol…she is paying a big price on social media for her alliance with The B. They both claim they don’t care what the viewers think (yeah…so that’s nice) but since both are becoming increasingly more and more defensive, I don’t believe it.

  4. I’m glad Dorinda did this list. It needed to be addressed. I love B, but she is too much this season. She is acting like she has the worst PMS ever.
    Carole, for her to make the ” Schizophrenia Decor” comnent to justify her,& B’ s rude behavior showed her lack of breeding. She may be a Princess, but definitely lacks the class of one.

    I, too, love Dorinda’ s house. Love the high lacquer walls,& doors . ( That’s my favorite part). It’s elegant,& illuminates the rest of the space. I like walking into a home that has a collected over time look. It shows the home has true character.

    1. I love Dorinda’s house as well. It’s part of the reason we watch these shows and imagine how beautiful it must be in person. Carole of all people to make a joke about an ex-husband’s ghost THAT DORINDA WILL SEE…. Shows how immature and insensitive she is anymore.

  5. As I have stated many times, Dorinda’s home in the Berkshires is my favorite home of all of the homes of all of the housewives past and present. What Bethenny and Carole did and said was awful. I am so incredibly disappointed in both of them, and I sincerely hope they both offer her a true apology that might comfort her hurt feelings and anger in some small manner.
    I think, had I done something so despicable, I would go to some serious lengths to make it up to her in many ways. I have done a few things in my life that to this day I feel a stab of guilt for every time I think of them. I hope these are like that for both of them.
    Dorinda, please keep the faith, and if you ever read these posts, I want you to know from the first time I saw it, and I know I am just another fan, that it was a wonderful surprise to see a home with so much character. I started writing that in my posts from that day till now. I had no idea until then that any housewife, minus maybe Lisa V., had the guts to make their house a home that depicted their own style. It shows how colorful, gutsy and plain beautiful you are. It is a representation of those things, from here in my kitchen anyway.

  6. Wow! Dorinda, you finally get it that Bethenny and her sidekick Carole are the true spoilers. Not just get your head out of Betenny’s arse and put her in her place. You are better than this! They are a couple of trouble makers who make fun of everyone and their boyfriends or their homes. If you had left those two spoilers home for your Christmas Party and invited Sonja instead, everyone would have had a great time. Stop catering to the B. She is mean and nasty and now the true hypocrite! Dating a married man of one of her childhood pals.

    1. From your mouth to Dorinda’s ears. She is the only one left who I think can handle Bethenny…and unlike with Heather…and Jill Zarin, the timing is right this time.

  7. how sad that you have to even comment on your home and its contents. widowhood is difficult enough without having to justify your actions. betheny is out-there….completely arrogant, irrational and vicious. her husband had reasons to act as his did. good for him….he took her on. carole is the biggest hypocrite of the group. constantly trying to appear above it all and the voice of reason. she is the sneak….totally untrustworthy and pompous. for her, as a widow, to even breathe the words she did about dorine’s house is inconceivable. trash….both of them.

  8. Well thought out blog by Dorinda. Agree with most everyone on this posting. Bethany and Carole’s behavior suck eggs!

  9. Dorinda’s home is a fairy tale. I cant even imagine the value. I love it so much. Dorinda knocked herself out decorating and cooking for them and Bethenny acted like an animal. I wouldnt act like that in a pool hall let alone an elegant mansion like that. Carole’s comments were stupid, senseless. I wouldnt bother with them if I were her.

  10. Dear Dorinda I love your house.

    Dear Carole I have loved you long before there was a RHONY. But this year I am so disappointed in you. Please be a friend to Bethanny because she needs a good friend but please DO NOT emulate her rudeness and bad behaviour. I truly think you need to apologize to Dorinda, the friend who went with you to collect your husbands ashes.

  11. I’m not liking these two this season either. They have gone from my favourites to my “the’re no different to the bunch of ’em after all” pile. 🙁

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